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My Favourite Saints: Part 4. The final one

Part 4 of my Favourite Saints.

St. Maximilian Kolbe.
I grew close to Saint Maximilian Kolbe when he was assigned as my patron Saint a few years back.
He was a Polish Priest. He is known as Mary's Knight. Because he taught many people about Mary. He was taken to a concentration camp, and even though it was forbidden, he heard all the men who wished to have confession, confessions.

He is a very great inspiration. Mary appeared to him when he was a young boy, with two crowns. One was white and one was red. She explained that the white one was a crown of purity, which meant he would be pure all his life, and the red crown was a crown of martyrdom. She asked him to choose which one he wanted. He chose both.

At the Concentraton Camp, he was beaten repeatedly, he was a skinny person, and he was not very strong. He took the place of a man who was sentenced to die by starvation with some other men, for punishment for one of the other prisoners escaping.
He was a brave men. He encouraged the men who were locked in the starvation bunker with him, to sing hyms. He was finally killed when he was the last left alive. By a needle with poison in it. He was a strong man to the last, doing what he knew was right. Even if it was forbidden.

St. Joseph. Okay, well there is no doubting that I love St. Joseph! He was foster father to Jesus and husband to Mary. He took the role of head of the Holy Family very seriously. He was a strong, brave, and just man. There are not many things that we know about St. Joseph. We can hang out though, because we are both workers. He's got two feast days, one being St. Joseph, and the other being St. Joseph the worker.
St. Joseph is the patron Saint of Families. So if you want gay 'marriage' (insert thowing up here and its not marriage by the way, its a gross misinterpretation of what marriage is, FYI) stopped, pray to St. Joseph. Because he's the patron of families And the Patron Saint/Protector of the Universal Church.
He's awesome! :D

Other notable saints:

St. Tarcisius, martyred while taking the most Holy Eucharist to Christians in jail. He's arms remained strong even when cruel boys tried to see what he held to his chest. His prowess in this is amazing. He prayed to God that his arms would not open to these boys. He was martyred because of this and brought back quickly by a Roman soldier who was a Christian to the Pope. And then, and only then, did he give Jesus to the Pope.

St. Dominic. If there is one saint people love naming their kids after its Dominic, my favourite thing about him was that he tried to get himself martyred, and because of this he didn't! Also he started the Holy Rosary as well.

St. Padre Pio. A strong, Italian priest. He had the stigmata and was a man who many asked for his help and prayers. Oh, yeah and his body is incorrupt.

The Saints you want if you need back-up: There is this story I remember, that a friend told me. Basically a women was being stalked by a robber and she was really frightened. So she prayed to her Guardian Angel to look after her. The robber stopped following her.

Later on, he was caught by the police and asked why he had not robbed her. He replied that two large men had been standing on either side of her, blocking him. Her Guardian Angel and another Angel.
Whenever I think of this story I think of an angel with a radio saying 'I need back-up'  And its good to have back-up so here's a list of Saints who are most helpful when you need more help than usual.
St. Benedict
St. Padre Pio

St. John Vianney
St. Catherine of Siena
St. Michael the Archangel

St. Raphael the Archangel

And thus ends this post and these series of posts. Unless of course I change my mind! :P
I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing them. :)

God Bless


  1. I shared your blog with all my friends..I'm hoping my friends will take the time to check out your lovely blog. I forgot to add St. Dominic is one of my favorites too! We have 2 Dominics in the family. My favorite uncle and my cousins baby boy is named Dominic. Even though we don't comment too often of blogs, I do love your's very much. Emily enjoy's following it too. I don't think she even know how to comment on your blog..I'll have to ask her. :D I'm so glad you girls are friends. You are such a dear girl and Emily gains so much from your friendship. :D God Bless you Vellvin! God Bless the entire Onions family :D

  2. These posts have been great! A really great reminder to be close to the saints and ask their help. I could really do that a lot more. St. Joseph!!! Love him. He's really special to our family. Mm, asking him for help with traditional marriage issues would be great. Awesome posts! :D

  3. @Mrs. S. Awww! Thank you so much! I feel so honoured. :) I'm glad too.
    @Arda Thanks! I had fun writing them! :D Yep, he's a great Saint in so many ways!

    God Bless,

  4. Saint Joseph and Saint Dominic are amazing <3 I love your blog! :)

    God bless!


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