Sunday, 8 September 2013

That thing, called feeling content. It's out there, y'know. :)

So Sundays are my favourite day of the week. I like Friday evenings, I like Saturday mornings, but Sunday wins, hands down. Okay, but I doooooo stress out before we get to Mass. I'm like that. I hate to be late.

Today was a beautiful day. On Friday we were invited to the baptism of a new baby girl by a family we know. We accepted of course and went to the baptism, and the mass after it. Both were in Latin and both were very nice. I actually managed to keep up with pretty much everything they were saying this time! I remember a few years ago I was extremely upset because I couldn't work out where we were up to in the mass book. I was actually like that a little bit a few weeks ago when we went to Latin mass but one of the best things about coming from a large family is that someone at least knows where we're up to. :)
After the baptism and mass, we chatted outside for a bit and got to see the little baby girl who's big day it was to be baptised. We also got to see another lady's baby who we hadn't seen yet, and another sweet adorable baby girl who is a yeah, absolutely adorable.
We were invited back to the special little baby's family's house and had lunch and everything like that. Great socialising and it was a beautiful day to be doing it as well. True it was getting a little hot in the afternoon but that's beside the point. :)
We stayed for about three and a half hours and I think that Mr and Mrs. (insert name) the Father and Mother of the little baby girl being baptised were wonderful hosts. And today was their wedding anniversary as well!
On the way back home I relaxed in the middle of the car. Listening to the I-Pod which was playing Eddie and the Cruisers songs. Some of them are so bittersweet. Like  'A Matter Of Time' but my favourite has to be

'Open Road' if you haven't heard these songs then go wash your mouth out with soap, cos they're amazing.

After coming home I grabbed Son Of Neptune and settled down outside on the grass, everyone was pretty exhausted and just went and did their own thing. I actually stopped for a little bit and did sword fighting with Arwen and Trahaearn. Arwen kept on telling me how we needed to just 'concentrate'. :) After it got too cold outside I went upstairs and put on a jumper and sat on my bed and read some more. I've got about 70 pages to go before I finish Son Of Neptune and move on to Mark of Athena, I love Ella, she is so adorable! She's a harpy, but she great.
And can I just say I love this quote that Mars says?
And let me just say a great improvement after The Lost Hero and all that stuff about Leo, Jason and Piper. I much prefer Percy, Hazel and Frank. Gaia is such an annoying character, and Mars saying that Frank is BETTER than Percy?!?! I'll punch him in the face for that. :P And on a side note, I've learned more Greek/Roman mythology from reading Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus books than anything else. Besides the fact that I hate Greek and Roman myths. The gods were also so immoral and had no standards.

But Percy Jackson I can do. :)
And so after having dinner I'm sitting here. Writing this blog post. Life's been busy. Enjoying Spring (nananananhhhh to all those people who hate colder months in your faces I'm having Spring. But don't worry, probably back in January I'll be complaining about the heat.

Mum's been reading us Big John's Secret, a book she read to us older kids years ago, but one the little kids have never heard. :) Crusades, castles, pages, swords, medieval= Pure Awesomeness. :) I can't wait to find out what happens next as I can't remember all of the story, only a little bit.

The Australian election was yesterday. I'm glad we kicked Rudd out but Liberal wasn't what I had in mind. I'd prefer DLP, for instance. Just gotta pray that its the right thing and they do a better job than Labour. Tony Abbott will be fun to draw on though, because we can add glasses, and rotten teeth, and ear piercings and stuff. :) And please tell me you actually have drawn on some politicians and just people in the newspaper and in magazines? Because it is so much fun.
This sound familiar.
Saxon sent me a couple of funny Assassin's Creed pictures on Facebook and we (Saxon, Rogan, a little bit of Eden, and I had a look. They are on a Facebook page but I wouldn't recommend the page as its got some language kind of stuff.

Speaking of Assassin's Creed has anyone seen any of the Youtube videos on Black Flag? What do you think of it.

 Edwards grown on me I've gotta admit. But he looks better with his hood off. :) Also got our Mum to play Assasin's Creed 3 last night for about ten minutes. We were sort of showing her everything. Like pick-pocketing people, killing peopel and throwing their bodies off the wharves into the water and that srot of stuff. She even killed a few innocent civilians. :) She did say she was getting bored, but I found that it was just sssooooooooooo funny!
Autumn was home for Friday even and all of Saturday, she left on the 12:30 am train and is safely back in Sydney. :)
Hoping for a productive week of school and (hopefully) having out awesome swing set finished on the weekend. Along with a visit from someone we haven't talked to much this year.

God Bless


  1. ROFL! Those Assassin's Creed pictures are hilarious! I have seen the videos of Black Flag and I believe the game should be a lot of fun. I hope they explain the terrible ending to Assassin's Creed 3 though, that was very disappointing. Just curious, but what did you think of the ending?


  2. HEY! Abilaine here. You commented on my blog so I decided to come over to yours and check it out. I LOVE IT!

    Am following now. :)

    God Bless,

  3. @James, thanks! I find them pretty funny, too! Yes, I've seen a few of the videos. I love the fact that you can put Edwards hood on and off. I think he looks cooler without it. :)
    I did see the ending but I was like 'yeah whatever' I don't really like playing Desmond's story very much but prefer to be in the Animus. But it gets you wondering about that creepy lady.....

    @Abilaine, Hi! Welcome to my blog! :D Glad that you like it and thanks so much for the follow! :D :D

    God Bless,

  4. Sorry it's taken me so long to comment (and email you - I'll get to that too)! That sounds like a nice Sunday. A baptism in Latin sounds cool, I've never been to one like that (or a Latin Mass for that matter...). I agree, Percy Jackson taught me a lot about Greek myths, but a lot of what I learned is that the gods are annoying and yeah, immoral. :P Hope things work out for you all politically - that can be worrisome. Swing set! That sounds fun. :D

  5. Arda, no problem! :)It was a very nice Sunday indeed! Latin Mass is good as long as you have a booklet to follow along with. :)
    Totally agree, Percy Jackson is awesome though! I hope so too. Praying, praying is good.
    The swing set is awesome! I'll have to do a post on it!

    God Bless,


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