Sunday, 25 November 2012

Of Seminary, Life, and Reading

Things have been different since we moved here to Wagga.
There is this thing called 'socialisation' which we had never been used to as we've never really had it before now.
Its kind of strange. People are interested in us and want to get to know us. We have become friends with another family the L's who are also a family who converted to Catholicism  They were originally Anglican just like us which is really strange but its even stranger that they were originally from Tasmania as well!
We've been to the junior Legion of Mary several times which is pretty good.

I celebrated my 14th birthday yesterday though it was actually on Friday. The thing is, I was sick from Thursday night onwards to Sunday morning with a really horrid bug! I was so unhappy but my brother Braedon bought me a birthday present on my actual birthday (the 16th) and called it my 'birthday present 'cause your sick in bed present' and he said Anna-Lisa had organised something else for me as well. What he got me was a nerf gun. A HUGE nerf gun. type=text
Isn't it pretty? :D And I managed to lose two darts and other people who have generously decided to take it off my hands for a little while and lost another four darts.
When we celebrated my birthday it was on the Monday and guess what I got for it besides my usual books I like. :D

And I've been listening to it lots. I got the deluxe edition, just like my Speak Now album I got on my birthday two years ago. I had to have the deluxe edition. :) Starlight is my favourite song, though I do like Begin Again, Red, Stay Stay Stay, and Holy Ground.

The church/chapel we've been going to mostly is the Seminary's Chapel at Vianny College.
It is a really pretty Chapel and everything is just so nice and people are reverent and pleasant.
The Seminarians are also very friendly and kind to people. The Rector, who's name is Fr. Thompson is an elderly priest, but his sermons are always very thought provoking and he's not one of those who is worried about what people think of him. When one Sunday one of the things we read about in the Bible was about divorce, and he talked about how it was wrong.
The seminary also has incense and the Seminarians all sing and be the choir, they all have very nice signing voices and they are sometimes accompanied by an organ at the beginning of mass but Mum thinks that they don't need it as they sing so nicely. The only thing is we're not used to very early masses and the seminary is a 9:00 am mass, compared to before we moved and the morning mass was at 10:30 am instead. It takes about 20 minutes to get there, from where we live so we leave (or try to) leave at about 8:30 am. I like that it is a earlier mass as we are able to achieve more on Sundays now.

Next Sunday we are all going down to Wangaratta to Braedon's and Anna-Lisa's engagement party, Kynan \is coming down from Quirindi and we have to find Braedon and Anna-Lisa a Engagement present!

The start of Advent is also next Sunday which means that we will begin to cook, read advent books, finish presents, listen to Child of the Promise and other Christmas music, put the Christmas tree up and decoration as well. Advent is always a very busy part of the year for us and always leads up to Midnight Mass and the feast afterwards which we always have.

It is getting warmer every day. We are now having days where 30' C is average and that means more pool time! :D Speaking of the pool, we've all been going really well with learning how to swim. We haven't learnt how to swim at all except for Kynan. The other day Braedon jumped into the pool clothes and all after coming home from work! It was very amusing. I can do laps now which can be exhausting but I think we are all improving and getting better every day. Mum bought a beach ball the other day and we've all been playing in the pool with it and trying to grab it off other people. :D It is fun. I don't really like holding my breathe under water but I'm getting better at it and diving is so fun!

I've been enjoying reading my books I got for my birthday and writing for NanNoWriMo. I passed my word-count of 10,000 and I think next time I do it I'll make my word-count a little bigger. :)

I'm getting very excited for the Hobbit! Do you know that it only comes out in Australia on Boxing Day?!

It's really terrible and annoying and I still have not read the Hobbit! I think from the pictures my favourite Hobbit will be Kili. One of the Hobbit's has a very interesting hair-style.

Today is the feast of Christ the King. We aren't doing very much except maybe some word puzzles and colouring pictures and making a cake of a sorts. We'll also play pin the crown on Jesus.

Hail to our King!!!

So yes, that has been mainly what has been happening around here lately guys!
See you soon!
 God Bless

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Warning: Humongous spoilers so I would not advise you to go reading if you want to spoil Spider-Man if you have not yet seen it. :)

"With great power comes great responsibility."- Ben Parker.

I was staring at the cover of Spider-man all week befire we watched the first one. I was waiting to watch it. Braedon kept on telling us that it was boring. But I waited and after watching it I had formed my own opinion.
I liked it! I really did like it! :) It can't compete with Thor or Captain America or the Avengers but it was very interesting to watch.

The next morning after watching this movie Mum said when I asked her, that the thing which makes Spider-man different from other Super Heroes is that he's a bit of a geek and he's normal.
I didn't really have a favourite character but I did like Peter and the Green Goblin.
Peter was very different from any Super Hero I've seen. I couldn't work out why after the spider bit him he didn't just kill it with his boot. We were also getting a little 'itchy' when the spider was getting near Peter and than when it bit him. Most of us hate spiders and some of us have aracni phobias to spiders. His transformation into Spider man the next day was very amusing when he came down the stairs and ran on the wall. :) I think another reason Spider-man was different from the other super hero movies I've seen was also that he had to mature and realise that his powers weren't meant to be squandered but used for the good of other people.

The turning point was when Uncle Ben died.(Did I mention how much I love uncle Ben?)After Uncle Ben died you notice in the movie how Peter focused on helping other people.
Mary Jane drove me nuts! She was very confusing and her character was hard to work out. I just found the idea of her going out with some many different guys (in the first and the second, bad liking harry AGAIN in the third) and not realising she loved Peter and almost getting married was pretty dumb.

Braedon described the Green Goblin as 'corny' after watching it with us and though he was excessively corny I found him rather amusing. The best part with him in it is the part with 'the itsy bitsy spider' :)
He was stupid to transform himself into the Green Goblin though. :P A Gollum double does occur and his laughter was pretty creepy. When he kidnapped Peter I was like 'seriously you just let him go away? That was stupid!' And than the final bit with him and the whole "Peter, it's me." Was like so annoying!!!

End of opinion on Number:1.
Number 2 is the least of my favourites out of ANY of the Spider man movies. Peter acted so stupidly "I'm Spider-man  I'm not spider-man  I hate being spider-man  I love being spider-man  I want to be normal like everyone else, I don't want to be like everyone else, I like Mary-Jane, I don't like Mary-Jane, She likes me, I have to protect her, I'm confused, I don't know what to do, I can't see without my glasses, I can see without my glasses, I need to save the city, I don't want to save the city, the city is junk, I like the city and blah, blah, blah blah. :P
The bad guy was so lame!! I didn't like him very much. It was really sad when Rosa died though. I felt sorry for him than but he was a little creepy with his tentacles and stuff. Aunt May was one of the best characters in the second. She is always offering advice and being so loving and kind to Peter.
The best part was where Harry was, with the knife, that kind of thing though the outcome was kind of disappointing. :(
We had watched the trailer and I thought it looked really cool. And than finally at the end MJ fins out that he's Spider-Man and that really would of helped if you had told her sort of thing.
THERE WAS WAYYYYYY TOOO MUCH SCREAMING!!!!!!!!! Pretty much every second scene it was 'ahh!' and than ' ahh'
It drove me mad. I still can't work out why everyone thinks the second is the best.
Harry was kind of disappointing
The many different death of Uncle Ben really got annoying and was sort of like 'can we pleaseeeeee have the actual picture of the scene. That would be very helpful thank you.
The newspaper man was always in all three very amusing. :) He helped to lighten the mood. "Doc Oc." And he talked real fast but it was amusing instead of annoying.
End of opinion on Number:2

Number:3 is one of my favourites mainly because there was lots of Harry in it and he turned good at the end. It was great when he lost his memory and was just having the time of his life. It would have been helpful if the stupid butler had told Harry that his father was actually killed by his won glider. That would of been really helpful, buddy. (^^^)
The whole, slime thing, was really weird and strange all at the same time. Venom was really scary especially his teeth. But if it hadn't been Peter's fault for being so stupid and going out with the girl who Venom was going to marry was really sad. Mum said the best part about it was when he was 'trying' to be cool. That was sort of like *hiding face behind hands, sort of getting embarrassed' that kind of thing.
I felt sorry for Sandman and how he couldn't be with his daughter and all that. The transformation of him into sandman was a little strange and I couldn't work out what was going on.
MJ was as stupid as always and Peter was a bit stupid as well.
Aunt May was good as always and her wisdom and advice for Peter would have been better if he had listened before.
Every time Peter looked at the two suits and I was thinking and saying 'put on the red one." bad than when he did I thought 'it took you forever!'
He should of told Aunt May who he was beside Peter Parker. :(
The best thing about the third movie was the fact that Harry became good. He died at the end though and that was kind of annoying.

The Amazing Spider-Man or number: 4
The amazing Spider-man was my favourite Spider-man movie.
I liked the new Peter better and he didn't seem like such a goof. He was more of a computer geek rather than photographer and you still had the whole thing with what happened to his father whereas as it is not explained in the first movie how he ended up living with his Aunt and Uncle.
Speaking of Aunt and Uncle I liked the other Aunt May and Uncle Ben instead of the new people. Aunt May didn't look old enough and Uncle Ben was choker-block full of wisdom like the other Uncle Ben.
It takes longer to get into this movie but I thought it was worth it.

Gwen was so much better than MJ and a whole lot smarter. She didn't drive me nuts like MJ did on various occasions.
See what I mean by creepy?
The Lizard was a little creepy and strange. He was very big and Spider-Man (in any of the movies) have a habit of knowing who Peter is, even if they don't know he's Spider-Man.
There wasn't any Harry in it but unlike in the other movies I liked this Peter a whole lot more and he made up for Harry not being in it.
I liked it how Peter sneaked into Oscorp and they had the actual guy that was suppose to eb there being taken out of the building. It made me laugh.
I loved the scene with the car thief which I saw before I saw the whole movie. I really like that part.
Gwen's dad was a caring father and I liked him. It was pretty cool how they were all trying to arrest Spider-Man and than how he knew who it was adn than made him promise.
There was a bit of language like in any of them but more so, I'd say and the part where he started using his powers was a little embarrassing but funny as well and he's apologising the whole time. :) That is funny.

The Amazing Spider-Man equals the words: AWESOME!!
I hope I can go and see the second at the movies when it comes out.

And now I must be off, it is pretty late and I am tired.
Hope you enjoyed the post and see you all soon!! :D

God Bless

Monday, 5 November 2012

For Jessica.....

Jessica is a young lady blogging over at Safirewriter. I love her blog and she's really nice.
She is in the process of publishing her book and would like some people to publicise it.
It looks very cool.

And I can't wait until it is published so that I can get a copy!!!
So head on over there to learn more! :)

P.s. sorry I haven't been posting. I've been really busy. I'm doing a Spiderman post, and also working on one about what's been going on.
See you!!! :)
God Bless


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