Wednesday, 27 November 2013

What I hope to see in Season 3 of Sherlock.

Now, what you all may or may not know is that BBC's Sherlock is my absolute favourite T.V. series of all time! After that comes Hogan's Heroes and Little House on the Prairie.
Sherlock introduced me to the character and stories. True, I had watched The Great Mouse Detective years ago and I still do now and then but I never really registered that Basil was SUPPOSE to be Sherlock Holmes! I sort of got the reference but I knew next to nothing about Sherlock Holmes.
Early this year we got the first season of Sherlock out from the library and suffice to say that we were hooked!
I started reading the Sherlock Holmes books starting with 'A Study in Scarlet' then 'The Sign of the Four', 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' 'The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes' and I have almost finished 'The Return of Sherlock Holmes'.
So if it wasn't obvious, I'd say that I am very dedicated to Sherlock Holmes and may take the title of Sherlockian. A rather nice one, too.
The other day I asked Jamie who blogs over at Throughtwoblueyes if she was going to be doing any new Sherlock Holmes posts and I suggested that she might do what she wants to see in Sherlock Season 3. Arda had asked me this a few weeks ago and that thought sprung to mind at that time. I also said that I'd probably do was as well, and so here I am.
Summary for Season 3:
Our multi-award-winning drama Sherlock‬ starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, returns for an eagerly awaited third series of three, 90-minute films this Christmas.
In episode one of this new series, two years after the devastating effects of The Reichenbach Fall, Dr John Watson has got on with his life. New horizons, romance and a comforting domestic future beckon. But, with London under threat of a huge terrorist attack, Sherlock Holmes is about to rise from the grave with all the theatricality that comes so naturally to him. It’s what his best friend wanted more than anything, but for John Watson it might well be a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’!

So the first question that all Sherlock fans want to know is 'How on earth did Sherlock survive?!' I mean how do you survive a drop from a hospital building and later on you are just watching your best friend pouring out his heart at your grave and then it ends! And apparently Season 3 is going to have an even worse cliff-hanger. Note to self: Read His Last Bow before Season 3.
So, besides the obvious that we all want to see how he did it. What other things do I want to see?
Do you think John is ignoring Sherlock here?
1. What is  John's reaction to Sherlock 'coming back'? Apparently John of the T.V. show is not as forgiving as Watson of the stories. Could prove to be very interesting to see.
2. Okay. Now, something I really want to see is Donavan's and Anderson's reactions to Sherlock coming back. And Lestrade will probably be rubbing it in and saying like' Oh, yeah, I told you so!' It would be awesome if Sherlock just sort of walked into Scotland Yard and Lestrade knew already that he was not a kidnapper or anything like that and Donavan and Anderson are trying to arrest him and Lestrade walks in and says something along the lines of 'he didn't do any of that.'
Is it just me or does Mary look a little loopy?
3. John Watson getting married to Mary Morstan. Now, this should prove to be very interesting! John getting married, and with a moustache, too! I am going to assume that they get married in episode two, The Sign of Three. I don't know how they are going to meet maybe because Mary came to get Sherlock's help like she does in the book, or maybe Mary and John meet each other before Sherlock comes back and suddenly she needs both of their help? I have no idea but I hope that Sherlock is the best man.
4. Seeing some more of Molly. Molly is by far one of my favourite characters. And it looks quite obvious that she helped Sherlock fake his death. Sherlock and Molly are supposed to be doing some more stuff together (non-romantic however much all of us who ship Sherlock and Molly want otherwise) and also it has been said that she will tell Sherlock off. Goody! That will not be something to miss at all.
5. Picking up on all the references from the novels. After having read the first two novels/stories and the Adventures and Memoirs I picked up on a few of them, and also my Sherlock Files actually tells you where all the references are from.
6. Basically enjoying another season of Sherlock and being part of the waiting, from the start for the fourth season instead of discovering it about ten months before it is released, which is what happened to me last time.

Oh, and just wondering, but has anyone seen Sherlock's new scarf?
l-to-r. S 1. S2. S3. Arda suggested that it might be a very bright blue because he is getting a bit happier. That sound like a nice idea! :)

And the new trailer which I have not seen yet. Hopefully will today though. :)
So, there you have it! That is what I want to see in Sherlock Season 3 and I can't wait.
Now, all to do is find somewhere on the internet to watch it from, as we don't have T.V. connection and find out the release for Season 3 in Australia.

God Bless

Friday, 22 November 2013

My Birthday...

So my birthday was an amazing, wonderful day, which was everything that I had hoped it to be.
It started out a wee bit earlier than I had intended it to be. I went to be at 9 and put my light out at ten. Then I slept until 3:30 am when a gorgeous little brother of mine asked me if he could hop in my bed. I told him no and instead he hopped into Eden's. But he had woken me up and after going to the toilet and getting a drink, I still couldn't get back to sleep. Hence I spent the next hour trying to get to sleep, then decided I couldn't be bothered as I had planned to Skype one of my friends from the U.S. at 5:00 am. So I got up. I Skyped my friend which was really fun! She had seen Thor 2 on her birthday which is just a few days before mine. We talked about a lot of stuff. After that I watched Sir Gadabout with the little kids, went outside and then watched a bit more of Sir Gadabout. After that it was present opening time! I got all the books I wanted plus, the Sherlock DVD's. :) Saxon gave me a card with an announcement that he would be taking me to see Thor: The Dark World. Eden gave me a blow up mattress for going on the pool and twenty dollars (she loved giving presents and is very generous) and Autumn gave me earrings, which I was very happy about. :)
I had my breakfast and then we left for the cinemas. I wore my birthday crown all the time we were in town. :) After the movie finished we came home and I spent a while up in my room having a look at my books. Reading mostly 'The Sherlock Files' which is basically a visual guide to the series. :)
Braedon and Anna-Lisa came and brought Eden home from work as well. They also brought me two presents. Or two different lots of presents. One being a headband as Braedon had been fiddling with one of mine and had accidentally broken it, so they gave me another headband and two cute little guinea pigs. :) A boy and a girl. Anyone like some guinea pigs? Because I am going to have a LOT to give away! They're Abyssinian Guinea Pigs I think and their names are Olga da Polga and Percy. :)
Dinner was very nice. Beef Stroganoff with potatoes and my favourite vegetables. It was interesting not having to do any of the jobs and just being able to sit there and watch everyone while I read.
Then we had dinner and cleared away for my cake. Can you guess what it was? A violin for Sherlock Holmes. Can I just say that my Mum is so talented when it comes to making cakes? After that we had it, I took some of the little kids to bed, and then came down stairs to watch 'The Reichbach Falls' with Mum, Eden and Saxon. Then I went to bed. By the time I put out my light I had been awake for twenty hours, and I was pretty tired. And I was fifteen.
Some pictures:

My painted saint for this year: Saint Anthony.

My season's table

My birthday bag with my presents within

Watching Sir Gadabout with the kids. :)

Waiting for my presents! :)

All my beautiful gifts.

The Guineau Pigs in their box.

Olga da Polga and Percy. This was their home until Dad and Rogan made them a hutch. 
Dad and Rogan late on Sunday night/Monday morning. Great bonding time for both of them. :)

My completed Guine Pig hutch the next morning. Thank you Daddy and Rogan for making it! You did a stellar job!

My awesome cake. :)

Yummy dinner! Lots of beef! I do love my beef. :)


Another picture of my cake

Saxon sticking his head in because he can. 

More 'sticking heads' in. :)

'Happy Birthday to me!'

 A close up of my books and air matress for the pool down the bottom. 

Earrings up the top. Then Sherlock season 1&2,  Sherlock Holmes complete box set which are really nice books, harcover and the edges are gold. I don't know the term for that. They are pretty small books but I lvoe them all the same.
Under that Princess of the Silver Woods, the third and final instalment in the Twelve Dancing Princesses series by Jessica Day George . Under that, the Sherlock Files by Guy Adams, very good stuff. It also had, besides stick notes of Sherlock and John's opinions, says wher such lines as 'You see but do not observe' are from, as in which stories.
Under that Waking Rose, an awesome book
Tuesdays at the Castle another Jessica Day George
The Thief Lord which I have wanted for quite some time. It or Inkdeath are the best Corneila Funkle novels in my opinion. 
Thank you Mummy and Daddy for getting my presents, and Eden, Saxon, Autumn, Braedon and Anna-Lisa thank you all so much for my gifts as well.
So I had a very good day, and am now read for all the toils and triuphs that fifteen will hold. Bring it on!

God Bless

Thursday, 21 November 2013

What I thought of Thor: The Dark World

NOTE: This post has spoilers all over. Don't read if you have not seen the movie, you don't want to spoil it, I assure you.
So my present from my brother Saxon, was as I had been hoping for some time, a ticket to go and see Thor: The Dark World. Me and Saxon had joked about how they should name the next Thor film The Dark World 'Rises' and how Thor, should have been Thor Begins. :D We amuse ourselves.
Love this!
Anyways, Thor: The Dark World. Does it deserve it being the lowest rating out of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe? The answer to that is absolutely not! Seriously, it was better than Iron Man 2, probably better than Iron Man, Captain America: The First Avenger, and it's predecessor. I'm not sure where it stands with Iron Man 3. It doesn't outrank the Avengers, though. The Avengers has its very own level of Super Hero awesomeness. I think after I watch once it comes out on DVD my views might change a bit, but it was a great sequel, and I highly recommend it!
I loved how we got to see more of the other realms. I loved the whole medieval feel with them. :)
The start was good with the narration of the Dark elves and I was actually expecting Thor and Sif and the others fighting the bad guys at the start to be at the end of the movie. I was seriously disgusted with Erik Selvig, I mean dude, you soooo totally shouldn't have throw away your medicine, you definitely needed it. That has got to be my biggest complaint, it kept going back to that! And we didn't need to be reminded about it!
They totally look like they trust each other, right?
We got to explore the relationship between Thor and Loki some more, (awesome stuff!) and got introduced to some new characters (Ian) and some which did not have very much in the previous Thor film such as Darcy and Thor's Mum.

Thor was very impressive. As always. :) It was nice to see him on his own home turf. He has indeed grown from the spoiled, self-centered boy, that he was in the first Thor film. I loved how he had matured, you could see that by the way he treated Odin instead of telling him how he was 'an old man and a fool!' as he did in Thor 1. He was not entirely gone with his rebelliousness, he still has a streak of it. He wouldn't have left Asgard unless there was no other better way for helping Jane, which there obviously wasn't. His relationship with Loki was interesting. When he went down to Loki's cell and told him to 'stop pretending' or whatever the line was and we actually see Loki as he is. He obviously has had enough of Loki's trick and is wary of it.
He still has that Thor characteristics as in the first film, like him hanging up his hammer on the hat rack and is still not that comfortable with modern things. He may not understand how the scientific things work, but he has faith in Jane and her abilities.

Jane was a bit better than in the first film. She is not my favourite Marvel lady, it has to be admitted. Pepper Potts holds that. She should have had a bit more character depth to her. But she did play her role well. And like James pointed out she did have more of a reason to be in the film than in the previous film and wasn't just a love interest. I couldn't believe when I first saw her that she was actually on a date! Seriously! Aren't you waiting for Thor?! I know it's been two years and all, but you stoop to the level of a guy like this? Not that he wasn't nice, but he's not Thor. She is rather brainy when it comes to science (she's a scientist) my favourite part with her is when the Asgardian nurses? are examining her, and she asks if something is what she thought it was, and they're like n, its not, and they use a different name for it and she just like yeah it is. :) Watching her punch Loki was good as well.
This bit. Starts laughing! 
Loki was at his best in this movie. Dare I say that I loved him? This was his best role out of Thor, The Avengers, and Thor: The Dark World. I loved it how he didn't seem to care that they were attacking Asgard, but kill his Mother and you are all dead meat! It was nice to see him and Thor (mostly) working together. It was great when he tries to introduce himself to Jane and she just punches him. :) Good times. And back-seat drivers are very irritating. The best part with Loki, besides the Thor and Loki vs. Dark Elves showdown, was when we had him morphing into other people, and Thor was Sif. I laughed so much when he turned into Captain America, even after that I was still chuckling about it. :) I think I was pretty upset about his 'death'. He wasn't all bad. He's just not Thor. And how does that work at the end? Did he kill Odin or what?

Malkieth was not the best Marvel villain, I've gotta say. Yes, he was after power, as all villains are but he did not have the same back story, he was sort of just there. He was a good villain though when it comes to being creepy and freaking out everyone within a ten mile radius. He was just after power though, and did not really have an inner fury driving him like some of the other villains. He couldn't even hold his own against Frigga but needed his own body guard to kill her. Something which I will never forgive him for. Also I found the fact that he spoke in a different language most of the time, decidedly creepy. So yes, he was a good villain but no the best. A definition of Malkieth is that he is a creep.

Darcy was better in this movie. Maybe a little brighter perhaps? But not by much. :) I loved how she now has her own intern. Ian, who she just calls intern. It was great how she just is like 'Hey I'm Darcy' when Jane is out on her date. :) So she was better, but still the Darcy that we know and love from the first movie.

Frigga and Odin: Husband and wife. King and Queen.

Odin was really irritating in this movie. And a bit insulting too. Rather harsh when it came to Thor's liking Jane and his total unhelpful attitude with what to do with the Aether that was surging through Jane's veins. Of course it is probably a bit more understanding when we realise that he is rather grief-stricken with the loss of his wife. What guy wouldn't?

Frigga was awesome! I loved her! I really began to like her and then she died. :( But she fought Malkieth and triumphed! The funeral was good to watch as well, though melancholy.

Other characters: Erik Selvig, I seriously hated him in this movie! Seriously he was sooooo weird! Heimdall was better. I liked it how Thor always went to him and asked how Jane was. I also liked it how he saw the invisible Dark Elves ship thingie and climbed quickly to get rid of it. He also was happy to help Thor, even if it meant treason. Ian was an interesting, new character. He and Darcy compliment each other. They are both just as stupid. :) 'Did you just throw the car keys?'

Lady Sif had less screen time than I had anticipated. I would have liked to see more of her.

Also of the Warriors Three. I was glad that they had the final battle in England, a nice change from the American look, don't you think?

Favourtie quotes: All the banter between Thor and Loki was very entertaining. Stuff like this:
[Thor and Loki commandeer a Harrow] Loki: Look, why don't you let me take over? I'm clearly the best pilot! Thor: Is that right? Out of the two of us, which one can ACTUALLY fly?
[the Harrow takes out a building] Thor: Not a word..

 Loki: This is so unlike you, brother. So... clandestine. Are you sure you wouldn't rather punch your way out?
Thor: If you keep talking, I might.

 “It’s only because I’m worried for you that you’ve survived.”-Frigga

Thor: If you betray me, I will kill you.
Sif: If you betray him, I will kill you.
Volstagg: If you betray him...
Loki: You'll kill me? Evidently there will be a line.

 Jane Foster: Is that a quantum field generator?
Nurse: It's a soul forge.
Jane Foster: Well, does a soul forge transfer molecular energy from one object to another.
Nurse: Yes.
Jane Foster: Hmm. Quantum field generator.

 Loki: Let's have a delightful chat about patriotism, and justice, and freedom! God bless America! Cannot stop chuckling over this one. :)

 Loki: I think you missed a column.
Thor: Shut up!

 Loki: Well done. You just decapitated your grandfather.

 Loki: Now they're firing at us!
Thor: Yes, thank you for the commentary, Loki. It isn't at all distracting.


Anyway to finish this off. Thor: The Dark World is an excellent sequel to its predecessor. A movie worthy to be called a Marvel. And it was very, very cool, entertaining, a great plot-line and great characters and an all around excellent film. One thing though, they have got to have another movie with Loki in it! They have to!
And now, to wait for it on DVD.
What do you guys think?

God Bless

Saturday, 16 November 2013

It's kind of an annual thing.....

Me as St. Zita, All Saint's Day 2013.
It's kind of an annual thing, as the post points out. But it is also unique in it's own way.
Today I am turning the age of FIFTEEN! Today is my birthday, and the quote is from Tangled when Rapunzel says how it's the 'funny' thing about birthdays.

And it is really funny. This year I've learned a lot of things about being older. I was one of the principal helpers while Mum had to stay with Corbyn in hospital. I had a step up to more responsibility as my two elder siblings at home (Eden and Saxon) got jobs and so weren't here every day, from morning to night. I've struggled with some stuff, been a brides' maid at my brother's wedding. I've struggled with understanding why and how people make wrong choices, people who are even close to me. I have learned the meaning of the word 'loss' as we lost our beautiful little angel.
Me with Eden and Saxon one night when we went shopping with Mum and it took a fair while. :)

And probably with all of this, I have become more mature (I hope so) and more ready to face the evils of the world and to stand up for what is right.
Finally I'm fifteen. I remember when I first joined blogger (4 or so years ago) people were blogging who were fifteen. That was a GINORMOUS number, seriously. And now I'm here. And no I have not changed that much in that space of time. I've gotten older, yes, hopefully more mature, hopefully more gentle and kind. But I still have my teddy bears on my bed. I still say that things are 'awesome' or 'cool' I still blog. I still enjoy being an older sibling. I still get frustrated and annoyed, and yes, I still count down to my birthday. :P
Me and most of my family. :)
At 12:00 pm on Monday, 16th of November 1998 my amazing Mum gave birth to me. I was a middle sized baby in my family. A cute little girl with dark fuzzy hair on my head.
Who knew that when Mum and Dad first held this little cute girl that they were holding their most easily entertained child (seriously I find a lot of things hysterical which other people are just like 'whatever' with)
Who knew that this little girl was only half-way on the kids they would have come 2013

Who knew that this little girl was going to be a bookworm,
Who knew that this little girl was one of their children who hated change so much, who wanted everything to stay the same.
Photo: Pretty accurate. 

For more on Irish awesomeness -

Who knew that this little girl was going to have an Irish temper when it came to be passionate about things,
Who knew that this little girl would adore stories about knights and medieval times,
Who knew that this little girl was going to be the child out of all Mum's and Dad's children who didn't get stressed very easily, except getting ready for mass. I'm quite calm for most other things.
WHO KNEW! Well, God knew, obviously. :P And I want to always try, no matter how old I get to serve him the best I can.

I'm the age of fifteen, half-way to thirty, three more years before I could get married, one year till my golden, sweet sixteenth birthday. Gee I feel old, but I don't. If that makes sense. I feel the same age as I did when I was fourteen, and the number fifteen is going to take some getting used to as well.

So to end this: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!

God Bless

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A Conversation on the Phone

Autumn my eldest sister rang today on the phone. Mum talked to her and then asked me if I would like to talk to her. I said yes. It was great to talk to her. She said that Mum had told her how upset I was. How I'd spent at least half of the previous night in Mum's bed because I was feeling miserable.

She talked to me for quite a while. And that was good. She asked me if I wanted to talk about it, about losing the baby. I said yes. She asked me what I would miss most about not having this new little baby. I told her a couple of things and she said she understood. I told I found it hard to understand why God made such a thing come about. She said that sometimes, even though we don't understand, God has bigger plans in mind than we can possibly imagine. Bigger and more wonderful than anything we could ever hope for.
She said she thought I should spend some real quality time talking to Jesus. I agreed.
All of us girls Easter 2013. Minus the new baby who went to heaven who Mum thinks was a girl
She also said that I could borrow her teddy bear and cuddle it like I was hugging her. She said she wished she could hug me right there and then. She called me honey all through the phone call. I cried more than once while talking to her as it was hard to talk about the baby.

But she understood, she didn't get frustrated or anything like that. And then we talked a little bit about what she might get for my birthday. She couldn't believe that I was turning fifteen, truth be told, neither can I.
Sisters are one of the truest and most comforting people we can have in our lives. They will laugh or cry with us, and always understand. And to all my sisters, you are the best!

Us three eldest girls. l-r Me, Autumn and Eden. Easter 2013.
God Bless


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