Sunday, 10 November 2013

This and That

So as you know Mum has not been well these past few days. Friday saw her and Dad going to the Doctor's for her to have a check-up as she was experiencing stomach pains and other symptoms which were very worrying. Please if you have not already done so, offer up as prayer for her and the new baby. We are all so very worried and anxious. We have been praying but being patient is hard. And if you have already said a prayer, then please, continue to do so.

I have been reading the 'River of Time series' which I highly recommend. Like seriously, these books are amazing. I've got a blog post in my drafts for when I finish Torrent and Bourne and Tributary. And seriously Marcello looks kind of like a goof if that is him on the front of Torrent. Tributary on the other hand. *sighs* seriously

Luca Forelli just looks awesome. :) I actually think this is one book series where I actually like the main guy more than the secondary guys. Surprise, surprise! I was expecting to like Luca the most but as it turned out Marcello comes first. Also Rodolfo Greco is such a complicated character and yes, I think he is great as well. And poor Fortion and I hate the Rossis. Anyway, if you haven't read these books, then you really, really need to!

It's six days until my birthday and I am getting very excited! Six more days and tomorrow five then, yeah you get the idea. It is getting really annoying with everyone posting Thor: The Dark World blog posts as I'm not looking at them as I haven't seen it yet. Hopefully on my birthday that will change. :)



Anybody else slightly disappointed that they didn’t give Benedict a dragon onesie for this picture?
Saw this yesterday. I love it. :D
I am very, very excited for Sherlock season 3! So long to wait, and the after three episodes we'll have to wait some more. :P Such is life. Arda sent me these two pictures which I pretty much burst out laughing

There are so many funny Sherlock/Hobbit crossovers. :D And this one:



"man i miss sherlock so much"

'John, look to your right.' LOL
Hellooooooo, have a look around. :P
So yeah, I'd better go. Please, if you could all just continue to pray for Mum and the baby, that would be awesome. :)

God Bless



Hello, please do comment won't you.? :)
I enjoy reading every single one, though I might not reply to them very quickly, be assured that I read and enjoyed each one.
God Bless! :)


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