Friday, 22 June 2012

Games I like to play.

One of the things that is very popular in our house is to play board games with each other.
Now, we actually play a lot of the same board games over and over again.Just thought I'd do post of some of the board games in our house which are played lots and we really like to play.


We play Risk by our own rules because if we played it the normal way it gets very boring very fast.
I usually get bribed into playing it with Rogan and Saxon if they give me two whole continents the idea is to conquer the world.
Don't Panic is a lot like another game we have but is more fun. It goes for seen whole rounds and the quicker you answer the questions the more points you get on the timer. It's also very fun to play with little kids.
Scrabble is another good game though I prefer up-words but its a good game to play anyway because it exercises your spelling skill. You get points for the amount of letters or the harder letter like 'Z' to make up a word.
Rum Rebellion is a very long game but is enjoyable. One of the fun things is choosing your figure and if you are smart you choose your figure for the rum corps and not the convict the crime also differs as to what colour you are. If you are green, for example you are sent to be a convict for political uprising in Ireland. Consequently, that is why Mum usually wants to be the green figure. You get higher up on the board the more barrels you get. The point of the game is to get elected the Governor so you also have to buy votes. 
Candy Land is a very nice fun game it's made for little kids but that hasn't stopped any of us older kids playing with the younger kids. Its also very cool to just look at all the 'lolly places'. 
Greed can get boring if you play it over and over again and can get tedious but its fun so long as you don't play it ALL the time. You have to 5,00 points with different dice combinations and rolls depend on what points you get. 
Pictionary is a very easy game and to win you have to guess what the other person on your team is drawing, it can be a word or a thing or anything.  We also have a picture 'Aussie' but we haven'tit. Sometimes its jut fun to look through the 'Aussie' words and say "Is that Aussie slang? Wow!" It's a fun game but Idon't win 'cause I'm not that great at it. 

One of the most prominent games which usually Saxon, Rogan, Me and sometimes Eden play is Star Wars Monoply which is a very involved board game. We've never actually finished a game of it except maybe once or twice though we start games of it on lots of occasions. I think one time we bankrupted the bank because we were playing by our own improvised rules. We have two versions of it one which I own which is the one which we play most of the time. The other one we have I remember always trying to get the property 'Anakin's Room" 'cause it's Anakin's room and so it's cool.
Uno is a very addicting card game and is by far one of my favourites its a card game so its easy to set up and its easy to play. My younger sister Moran and I are the people who love it the most I think.

Anyway hope you enjoyed the list!

God Bless

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Royal Diaries.

We have a series of books in our home which are called the royal diaries. I have read only a few of them and my favourite of them all is Isabel of Spain. But perhaps I should elaborate. The royal diaries are diaries written (fictionally of course) about one of the princess of various countries in different time periods. For instance we have Queen Elizabeth the First. I didn't finish her royal diary because I didn't like it very much.
I remember when Mum has some double copies of a few of these books and I wanted to own the double copy of 
Anastasia because I was fascinated by her now after owning her book for ages I still haven't read it all the way through and have been trying unsuccessfully to trade my Anastasia book for Eden's double copy of Isabel which she scored which i really want because Isabel is my favourite as I mentioned above.
The books were are out of print but we have most of them and out of the whole series I've read Catherine:The Great Journey. A diary of Catherine the great before she became the ruler of Russia which is a very good diary though it is a little sad as well. I have read Mary Queen of Scots: Queen without a country. Another which I read which is one of my favourites is Eleanor: Crown Jewel of Aquitaine. Mary Queen of Scots, Catherine and Eleanor probably all come in second
Mary I felt sorry for. Her Mother couldn't be with her because she was busy in Scotland and I thought that she was a very cool person. Catherine de Medici at the end was so touched. Made me smile.
Eleanor is a nice one to read though I find she's a bit of a flirt. But it's in Medieval times and so yeah, its cool. 
I really, really want to get Kristina which sounds so cool! The Girl King, that is such a cool title. :)
I am not as enthusiastic about the Chinese, Japanese, African, islands, diaries because they have confusing dates and I usually find that very irritating but I was happy to read 
Jahanara because she was interesting it was very different though anyway. 
I tried to read 
Sondok but I got very easily bored with her story. 
Isn't that a delicious collection?
Catherine is one of my most favourite of the favourites! It's sad though how her Mother doesn't really care about her but her royal diary is a very fun one to read. Her mastering the Russian tongue is another of my things I liked about reading her diary. Her future husband seemed very boring though. 
Isabel is my absolute fav! Absolute indeed! Her whole thing with getting betrothed to the wrong guy is so fun to read about and her organising her betrothal to Ferdinand is cool as well. I really like the Archbishop in it as well. He seemed kind of like a nice old Grandfather. It's sad how her brother died. You can tell in her diary that she's Catholic so thumbs up!
I started to read Elizabeth and than stopped, she gave me a bad vibe.
 And seriously she is very irritating. 
Marie Antoinette was good which surprised me. I liked her mother lots though there were some times when I thought something she did wasn't good. The whole French court made me shiver the hygiene and the stupid ceremonies strike me as a waste of time. No wonder the French Revolution came about. 

God Bless

I like Bird's...

If there is one thing I really like about living in Australia it's some of the wildlife we have.
One of my favourites is the bird which is called a Kookaburra.
Because we live on a block that has bush on it we got quite a few Kookaburra's we usually see the male and than when he departs sometimes a glimpse of the female.
Kookaburra's have a really cool noise they make which would be classified as a 'chuckle' or 'laughter' and a lot of the time it seems as if they are laughing at you. I'm one of those people who laughs back at the Kookaburra's most of the time they laugh at me, I laugh at them and we're square :)
We've had Kookaburra's come onto our basketball net and our washing line and really they are really cool birds, you can always tell when a Kookaburra is in a tree because they are large birds in comparison to a lot of the others I see every day.
God Bless

Thursday, 14 June 2012

I have succeeded!

Yes, I did it! I finally did it! Veni,Vidi, Vici in the words of Julius Caesar.
I finished reading Pride and Prejudice on Tuesday night and I was very pleased with myself. :) It was a good book.
I had had it in my book basket where I keep all my books I am reading at the time for a while and had been reading it and than hadn't and than finally had and finished it.
A little of the time I couldn't work out what they were saying don't get me wrong Jane Austen was a great author but at one point where I thought Bingley had left the room and he was still there I was surprised.
At other intervals I just continued down the page and worked out what was going on.
It was a great book although if you go reading it all in one hit you'll get pretty bored of it and have the reaction of 'read it, it was boring, don't remember anything about it really.' I understand how it got to be a classic and though there are other Austen novels out there I think that P&P will always remain my favorite if ever I read any of her other novels.

It was fun to say 'I'm going to go and read this book from my dear cousin' just before I was about to sit down and read P&P because actually I am distantly related on my paternal side to Jane Austen. ;) Really.
Yeah, so that was fun to say. Would you believe I really didn't mind Lady Catherine De Bourgh the first time Lizzy meets her? No, I didn't mind her at all but when she came and told Lizzy off at almost the end of the book I was thinking 'mind your own business.' kind of thing. You get the idea.

The first proposal was so nice and yet so heartbreaking and when Lizzy was reading the letter from Mr. Darcy  and than it was lights out for me and I was really annoyed because it was one of the best parts.
Mrs. Bennet was just as she was in the BBC version, several of her lines and things she said made me laugh out loud. Lydia was just as stupid and loud-mouthed as she was in BBC and I think that she was as usual the Lydia I have always known. She deserved Wickham. I liked it how it says at the end of the book that Kitty, who was no longer under Lydia's influence became a very nice person.

Jane is just the same as in BBC sweet, gentle, always thinking the best of everyone and most of all loving Bingley.
Mr. Bingley has always been a favourite of mine in BBC and I wasn't disappointed in the book either he was still the same lovable character I had always know him to be.
I don't know if it was that Lizzy and Mr. Darcy were different in the books or what, but they WERE great and it was so awesome with how Darcy came to hold his pride in check and Lizzy her prejudice.
I was disappointed that Georgiana was only mentioned or actually in the book a few times because I really like her in BBC 'cause she's so nice!

And of course because I just finished reading P&P guess what we are watching us three eldest girls and Saxon when he wants to pop in? You guessed it P&P '95 the 'good version' as we call it. What can I say that has been the P&P which has always been around for all of us in my family and frankly in my opinion even if I watch all the other P&P adaptation's I think it will still be my favourite because honestly can any other P&P compete with it?
No, honestly none can. Me and Autumn were even blowing kisses at Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy, doing double thumbs up when we saw Lizzy and/or Jane we also gave Mrs. Bennet one thumb up 'cause she is rather amusing and Mrs. Hurst got a wave which means she's alright. WE clapped for Miss Bingley once when she warns Lizzy about Wickham and his so called story and gave Wickham double thumbs down and Lydia one thumbs down. So that is what I have been doing. We plan to get the 2005 P&P out from the library and than just be able to say how

terrible it is though we have seen it once a few years back. All I can remember is that Mr. Bennet was described by all of us as a guy who looked like a drunk. :P

God Bless

Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Video Game that is fun.

So, I wanted something to post about and I asked my brother Saxon for suggestions and he said "Do a blog post on Assassins Creed." So here I am writing this post.
You might wonder what Assassins Creed is well first of its a video game. Yes, that's right a video game....but a fun video game.

We first started to play this one day during holidays in January on our big brother Braedon's computer.
Saxon had been playing it for a little while and the day that the older kids convienitly went down to Hobart to visit some friends was the opitune moment to start playing this game. It is addictive. That much is certain the the first day we played it we stayed most of the time where we were playing it.
After that, we didn't play it as much and than Braedon left and took his computer and Assassins Creed with him.
There are four of them so far and we own the first two which we got about two weeks ago in a double pack. We have a computer which can run them now which is really awesome though we sent the second one to Braedon to check out as you never know if computer games are dodgy or not.
It's rated MA for violence you are in fact, an assassin and kill some people and yeah some of the graphics like shoving your into some guys ribs is a little graphic but yeah. You better check it out yourself, though we don't let the little kids watch it Rogan and up are fine to watch it.:)  Yes, that does sound rather extreme and not to nice but the story is that you and two other of the young assassins were reckless resulting in one of the two being killed and the other injured you are depremoted and have to do a series of quest you might call it to get back to the rank of Assasin that you were before. You also have to work out who let the templars in and yeah, this is all suppose to be memorys by the way, just thought I'd let you know. :) You can read more about it here
There are several cut scenes which are just full of talking which you CAN'T skip which is irritating but you can do some things.
Like save citizens.
Saving Citizens is one of my favourtie things to do when palying this; except in Acre of course, where it is pretty much you get killed trying to save citizens. Saxon always tells me how I'm not very reckless when it comes to playing this game like, for instance I won't usally walk up ton a guard amnd simp[ly slash him. Saving Citizens is very fun and you actually get to fight the guards because I usually like to be the person who is very inconspicuous. ;)

Another cool thing is to go and ride horses and yes, go to eagle points to unlock other palces in the city  which is really cool 'cause you an dive back down into a haystack which looks REALLY cool, trust me. :)

Templar's are the most nasty thing to fight absolutely because /I don't play it as much I don't kill them as much but one of the easiest ways to get rid of them is knock them off the rooftops or throw your throwing knives at them. 

The weapons you get in Assassin's Creed are a sword, your fists, throwing knives and two small knives which when you walk up to someone you can stab with, yeah,

bloodthirsty, I know.

And so that pretty much wraps up this post. 
God Bless


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