Friday, 22 June 2012

Games I like to play.

One of the things that is very popular in our house is to play board games with each other.
Now, we actually play a lot of the same board games over and over again.Just thought I'd do post of some of the board games in our house which are played lots and we really like to play.


We play Risk by our own rules because if we played it the normal way it gets very boring very fast.
I usually get bribed into playing it with Rogan and Saxon if they give me two whole continents the idea is to conquer the world.
Don't Panic is a lot like another game we have but is more fun. It goes for seen whole rounds and the quicker you answer the questions the more points you get on the timer. It's also very fun to play with little kids.
Scrabble is another good game though I prefer up-words but its a good game to play anyway because it exercises your spelling skill. You get points for the amount of letters or the harder letter like 'Z' to make up a word.
Rum Rebellion is a very long game but is enjoyable. One of the fun things is choosing your figure and if you are smart you choose your figure for the rum corps and not the convict the crime also differs as to what colour you are. If you are green, for example you are sent to be a convict for political uprising in Ireland. Consequently, that is why Mum usually wants to be the green figure. You get higher up on the board the more barrels you get. The point of the game is to get elected the Governor so you also have to buy votes. 
Candy Land is a very nice fun game it's made for little kids but that hasn't stopped any of us older kids playing with the younger kids. Its also very cool to just look at all the 'lolly places'. 
Greed can get boring if you play it over and over again and can get tedious but its fun so long as you don't play it ALL the time. You have to 5,00 points with different dice combinations and rolls depend on what points you get. 
Pictionary is a very easy game and to win you have to guess what the other person on your team is drawing, it can be a word or a thing or anything.  We also have a picture 'Aussie' but we haven'tit. Sometimes its jut fun to look through the 'Aussie' words and say "Is that Aussie slang? Wow!" It's a fun game but Idon't win 'cause I'm not that great at it. 

One of the most prominent games which usually Saxon, Rogan, Me and sometimes Eden play is Star Wars Monoply which is a very involved board game. We've never actually finished a game of it except maybe once or twice though we start games of it on lots of occasions. I think one time we bankrupted the bank because we were playing by our own improvised rules. We have two versions of it one which I own which is the one which we play most of the time. The other one we have I remember always trying to get the property 'Anakin's Room" 'cause it's Anakin's room and so it's cool.
Uno is a very addicting card game and is by far one of my favourites its a card game so its easy to set up and its easy to play. My younger sister Moran and I are the people who love it the most I think.

Anyway hope you enjoyed the list!

God Bless


  1. I like Greed best. :] And then Rum Rebellion!

  2. Risk can be fun for a while, I once played a game all day long and didn't finish it. I haven't really played it since.
    Uno is really fun to play and easy to take places, that and Poker (never with real money) are my favorite card games. :)


  3. @Autumn yes, I know you like Greed a lot. :) Rum Rebellion is fun too though it is a hard game to set up.
    @James Yes, we get to the point where we've had enough of playing Risk for a while. Uno is soooo addictive!

  4. LOVE Candy-Land; LOVE Uno! :)


  5. I love all the CANDY things in Candy land too, Laura. ;) They are so nice to look at.


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