Saturday, 26 May 2012

One of my role models.

After my two patron saints I have a few very special holy people who I like to pray and ask intercession from. One of them is Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
Mother Teresa is a very inspiring person for me, a role model. I love it how she went to India and looked after little babies and children without homes. I also love her quotes (and she has lots I can tell you)
This is actually the very picture I have
She was against abortion and the picture I have of her is blue-tacked onto the side of my bookcase.
It shows her holding a child lovingly, looking like a very happy person.
No, she isn't actually a saint (yet) she's a blessed. She needs to do another miracle before she can be canonized as a saint.
I actually know a priest who saw Mother Teresa which is just totally awesome for me. :)
Mother Teresa had her doubts of faith just as I have as well sometimes. She just kept on praying no matter these doubts and that is the key.
she helped a lot of poor people in India and her love of children especially the abandoned was sort of her way of imitating Jesus "But Jesus said to them: Suffer the little children, and forbid them not to come to me: for the kingdom of heaven is for such." She tried to imitate Jesus in his love for children. She was a great woman and one of my principle role models.

"There are many people who can do big things, but there are very few people who will do the small things." ~ Mother Teresa

“By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus." ~ Mother Teresa

"Abortion is murder in the womb...A child is a gift of God. If you do not want him, give him to me."~
Mother Teresa. (Mother Teresa and I have a lot in common on the subject of abortion.)

"Humility is the mother of all virtues; purity, charity and obedience. It is in being humble that our love becomes real, devoted and ardent. If you are humble nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are. If you are blamed you will not be discouraged. If they call you a saint you will not put yourself on a pedestal." ~ Mother Teresa.

God Bless

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sixteen minutes ago one year ago this day...

In exactly sixteen minutes one year ago my little baby brother Trahaearn was born.
He was an over due baby and I remember that day well. It was a bleak day (much the same as today) we had watched Tangled like we are doing so again and were in an agony of waiting. I had flicked through the RA series had been increasingly annyoed at the phone calls that kept coming which weren't from Dad and had just gotten permission to play a computer game on Braedon's computer when the phone rang.
That was also when I rushed down stairs It was Dad it had to be Dad. And it was Dad on the phone.
We tried to get so Kynan who was away at college could also hear Dad's announcement but he wasn't able to but we still waited until everyone was quiet and than Dad he started talking he said  we had a new baby brother. His name was Trahaearn Archer Wulfran (insert last name) that he had been born precisely at 3:00pm a Divine Mercy Baby, Mum was fine and we could go and see them at six o'clock.
Trahaearn a little while after being born 23rd of may 2011
Now, we place bets whenever Mum is expecting a baby wether it is a boy or a girl and most of us had thought that this new baby would be a girl on our official piece of paper. But I was pretty sure in the last few days before he was born he was a boy. Also none of us kids ever know what the baby is going to be called and Mum and Dad never tell us and always keep it a secret until Dad rings on the phone.
I didn't want to wait that long to see my baby brother but we did.
We got ready and than we all got into the cars and drove to the hospital.

Unlike last time Mum wasn't in her own room but in a large room which was curtained off into people's area's Mum was near the windows of the hospital and I remember seeing
Trahaearn asleep and Mum looked happy but tired. I asked Braedon the baby's name because I couldn't remember it and Braedon told me I always have trouble remembering the little baby's name in the first few days.
Trahaearn in April 2012. Isn't he cute?
We all got a turn to hold you Trahaearn and I remember holding you, seeing you asleep and you were so cute how I wasn't even looking at the camera but looking at you for the first camera. You were just so cute. Of course the inevitable leaving Mummy adn Trahaearn came round and out in the parking lot we said goodbye to Bernadette a dear friend of ours who had stayed the whole day with us.
And I feel asleep that night knowing that I had a new sibling to cherish and that we were no longer the 11 O kids but the 12 O kids.

Happy Birthday Trahaearn you are a special little man even though we aren't celebrating your birthday I am saying it "Happy Birthday"
Love your big, sister and on of your Godmothers,
God Bless

Thursday, 17 May 2012

People in Movies who irritate me.

Mrs. Olson
There aren't few episodes of the little house on the prairie where she isn't poking her nose into other peoples affairs or trying to prove that her children are the 'best in the whole school blah blah,' usally starting with the line 'My Nelly or my Willie'. You get the picture She's also a bit of a busy body and doesn't let Mr. Olseon discipline their children. I like the end of the episode after Mr. Olson has been away and she tries so hard to make a nice dinner for him. Most of the time she really irritates me but than there are those times where I feel sorry for her when Nelly is living in the city with Percival for instance and she feels heartbroken because of that  and how Mr. Olson tries to help her. So yeah, she's pretty irritating but she has her moments.

Armand St. Just (from the movie)
Armand's an idiot nuff'said. No, not enough said! I understand him the book but not in the movie. I mean Percy promise that he'd get Jeanne (yes, using the girls name from the book) out of Paris and than he has to come dashing back and seeing if she's alright even though he promised to do whatever Percy told him in matters of the League.
THe gets Percy caught because of his stupidity though, he doesn't seem so stupid in the book and I like him better but still, he can't compare with Percy. :)

One word: Creep
We recently watched "Puss in Boots" and I found it very dissapointing compared to all the Shreck's (besides the fourth I hate that movie as well) Humpty totally was like 'Oh, my gosh I hate you you are such a crummy bad guy and you are an egg as well? Oh, pleaseeee. 
All this was about revenge on Puss? What a (yes, I'll use it again) crummy motive. He also gave me the creeps with the whole 'egg' thing and he was happy to destroy a town once again just to get the better of Puss. SERIOUSLY!

C3-PO is a annoying character. I much prefer R2-D2 than C3-PO he is such wimp "We seem to be made to suffer. It's our lot in life."  See what I mean?
when it comes to fighting and he's not that great at helping with anything including trying to fix R2 he's a worry wart and he ALWAYS blames R2 when things don't turn out the way he wants such as when he goes off alone by himself on Tatooine and he claims R2 tricked him. He likes to lame people when its suits him and he very much so annoys me.
One of the only smart things he does is say this line:"They're madmen! They're heading for the prison level! If you hurry, you might catch them!"to distract Stormtroopers 
For all of that he is always very polished at the end of any of the movie. (I think)
Darrin Stephens from bewitched it a very irritating person. I know yes, he's wife a witch but he seems to overreact. Like Mrs. Olson he has his moments however and he'll always be the actual 'Darrin' unlike Dick Sargent. Sorry, he's not THE Darrin and he probably can't do as well at overreacting either. :P 
Darrin seems al-right but he sometimes drives me up the wall with his GR kind of moments with "No witch-craft' and stuff like that. Also the fact that I find Samantha's Mother Endora really funny has something to do with bit as well. And the fact that I'm not that big on watching loads of episodes of Bewitched. 
Galadriel is a very boring character and a pretty irritating character as well. 
She hardly says anything and she's a goody-two shoes. Probably one of the reasons I really didn't like her was that she already appears at all in the movies and everyone thinks she's so great.
Her whole thing with 'Quest will claim his life" thing which you hear several times in the trivial pursuit got on my nerves as well.
We actually nick-named her 'Old croaky' because not really anyone in our family likes her.  
Elizabeth Swann in one word: irritating.
Lets examine shall we? You broke Norrington's heart you have a very irritating voice saying 'Jack Sparrow' we sometimes call her a parrot because that's what she sounds like. She becomes a pirate forgetting all about being a lady, drinks rum, pretends to like Jack, be's all civil to Norrigton when he's still trying to be a gentlemen and yeah, my big thing is that she really hurt Norrington and that's why he's a pirate mostly in my opinion and I could go on. 

Oscar from Shark Tale has no other name except idiot and liar.
He tells lies just so he can be popular? SERIOUSLY! Besides the fact that Shark tale is not an awesome movie I have a big problem with a character who just 'want to be popular so I'll just say I killed a shark blah blah" sort of thing. He wants to be cool. He doesn't care about his friends just about being cool and like I said before popular. He bets on things even though its the only money which he has which he was given and he doesn't care if he hurts his friends feelings. Bad move.
Haldir; probably the reason I don't like him is the same reason as Galadriel everyone seems to like him but let me ask you a question. What's he actually do?
He's in about three scenes tops in all the movies including the extended edition and he hardly speaks and another thing what makes him more interesting than Legolas? I know Legolas doesn't talk that much or is that interesting but Legolas is in MUCH more of the LOTR than Haldir. He gets killed in the battle at helms deep commanding the archers but you don't actually get to see what he's like on the inside he's just a plastic figure on screen to me. I admire people with depth to their characters and Haldir is not one of those guys. Plus, to me he looks stupid. :P But hey, that's my opinion.

Little John from BBC Robin Hood is a most (yes, most) irritating person.
He hardly speaks he's a disappointment to the classic Little John who's not suppose to be a "I don't talk very much 'cause I'm so boring." kind of guy. He is always in the background and he seriously looks a little grubby. I love pretty much everyone else from the TV. show except John I love Allan if anyone is wondering but John? Give me a break.

That's everyone for the moment but hey, I might do another post about other people that irritate me soon. :)

God Bless

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

We saw it!

This post was published on Monday but somehow or other it got mucked up and stopped being published thanks to my awesome Mum who fixed it it is fine now. :)

WARNING: This post will contain spoilers

We saw the Avengers yesterday at 4:00 pm in the afternoon. Eden, Rogan, Saxon, Mum and I went to see it. And to anyone wondering why  didn't post yesterday after we got back it is simple enough to explain: Other people had the computers also the fact that I have a bed-time. Anyway back to the story:
We arrived there at about 3:00 pm and walked very fast or more like we ran to the front doors of the cinema and walked inside and...there was a line up. Yes, that's right a line up I was starting to get a little 'ah they might be here for the Avengers too!' kind of thing and because the best seats are at the back of the cinema and we always tried to get them we tried to hurry as much as we could. we got two jumbo popcorn's and we had brought our own fizzy drink (or soda whichever you like) and some chips in bags.

We got a tickets and rushed up the stairs (yes, it was a day for rushing) and found that the cinema room for the Avengers wasn't even opened and that we were the first in line to it. ;)
We waited there until about fifteen minutes before the movie was about to start and then we were allowed in. We ran to out back seats (yes, ran AGAIN) because there was the biggest line-up of people there we had ever seen. And more people came later the cinema was packed! 
And than the movie started.
Loki, see what I mean? Just look at his eyes. 

Loki was a little creepy (okay more than a little) but he was good as a bad guy he's not one of those bad guys who I'd say have really style like Barbossa from POTC or maybe it just was the fact that he didn't have very many cool/funny lines. His little 'magic wand' thingie was sort of like when he is controlling Hawkeye and the other guys it is sort of 'okay creepy and strange' sort of thing.


Hawkeye. I'm pretty sure that this was the first movie from Marvel which had him in it, but hey, I might be wrong. I thought he was cool when he was fighting and I liked it how he told Thor to 'get in line' fro revenge on Loki but he didn't (I think) have real depth to him, conviction like Captain America has for an example or maybe it was just because he was under Loki's control until Black Widow hit him hard on the head literally. :)

Iron Man was better than I expected he had some really funny lines and yes, he was fine. He was the same kind of 'hero' I would call some of the other guys in the film, he just seems alright. After the movie Mum said he was much better in the avengers than in Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Did anyone else like he he flies in to help Captain America and he has his own music? I did.
The Hulk. He was fine as a human he seemed interesting and nice, but his transformation into the Hulk was a little strange and after that he wasn't as interesting.
Black Widow

Black Widow. She was pretty cool her fighting style was awesome and at the start where she says she's 'working' and than how Coulson is just waiting on the phone while she dispatches these guys was funny and cool all at the same time.


Although Coulson isn't a super hero or anything I think he should go on this list anyway. It was so sad when he died in the Avengers *sniff* you really get to like him more in the Avengers and him being a big Captain America fan was nice as well.
And of course we should mention Nick Fury what'd I think of him? Well, he wasn't very main and well, frankly I didn't think he was awesome AT ALL. Nuff said.

Thor wasn't very main at all which I was very disappointed about he had an cool line but you know he takes a while to come in and than he runs away with Loki. It was nice to see that he still cared about Loki yes, that was nice and he was still as cool as ever with his hammer. I just wish he'd of had a little more screen time was all. :(

Captain America

Captain America. He was my favourite character from the Avengers by far. I think in his own movie you don't get much of a depth of him but in the Avengers you understand him and probably get to know him better. The only problem with him is his dorky helmet and that's it. I liked it how at the action near the end he was the one who was in charge he sent the other Avengers to do stuff and he tries to break conflict wherever including with Iron man and Thor fighting each other. I think my favourite quote was the one he said "There's only one God; and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that.

It went for over two and a half hours but it was worth it and I really wasn't paying much attention to  the time The Avengers was one of those movies that took your breath away made you feel like you were in the movie and kept you spell bound there were hardly any boring scenes and for a action movie it had a nice lot of good lines including the one above said by Captain America and....:

Thor: He's my brother
Natasha Romanoff: He killed 80 people in 2 days
Thor: ...He's adopted

Thor: Listen well, brother -
[Iron Man flies pass them both and snatches Thor]
Loki: [Leans close to where Thor was] I'm listening.

Steve Rogers: What's the matter, scared of a little lightning?
Loki: I'm not overly fond of what follows.

Thor: We on Asgard pretend that we are more advanced, but we, we come here battling like Bilchsteim.
Agent Phil Coulson: Like what?
Thor: The Bilchsteim, you know; huge, scaly, big antlers. You don't have those?
Agent Phil Coulson: Don't think so.

And now I must be off and by the way if your wondering what my absolute opinion of the Avengers is it takes one word to say it: AWESOME!!

God Bless

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Trust in Him who loves you.

Sometimes in life we take certain things for granted. But the fact is things won't always be the same.
Two years ago my two biggest brothers Kynan and Braedon hadn't left home; Trahaearn wasn't born and I had just developed the idea of getting books for my birthday.
But the thing is two years later I'm here. I'm the fourth oldest at home though I'm the sixth oldest in all us kids.
I have learned to knit since then and have learned to be a bit more responsible and I am now in charge of one of the bedrooms in our house being the oldest in the room. I didn't expect last Christmas to be knitting five or so elephants for people for their Christmas presents, or anything that has happened in the last two years. I think I think about change more because of how different it has been these last two years with Kynan first not being here and than Braedon leaving this year to work in wagga.
Thing's change but then so do people but the thing is to treasure the moment, to not think or worry about tomorrow and not to grieve about yesterday enjoy the day you live right now. I think that is something that we all worry about, about tomorrow and what will happen the fact is, someone else is always there ready to help you through the change the differences the joys and the pains that whatever change brings you can be strong. That person is

Jesus, he is always there to help, to love you, to care for you, and to listen and guide you through the changes you will come across.
I think these thoughts are going on in my head because I have experienced a lot of change these past two years. Some points have been harder to accept than others but Jesus has always been there and that is all anyone really needs. Be thankful for everything no matter what it is. And trust in him!

"Cast thy care upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee"
God Bless


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