Monday, 29 April 2013

Iron Man 3....It's not out yet, Oh wait in Australia it is!

Last night I went and saw Iron Man 3 at the Movies.
"You're not a man. You're nothing more than a maniac. I'm not afraid of you. No politics here: just good old fashioned revenge!"- from Iron Man 3
I actually was't that interested in watching it but I can most certainly say that after watching it that it was just that cool!
I haven't been able to have much internet access recently and right now I am on my Mum's pc hopefully I will be able to be back a bit more to blogging as we've set up a computer of ours which will suffice once Saxon's installed Chrome. (How can we live without chrome, I honestly?) The reason I'm telling you this is that I have seen Iron Man ( we skipped one scene) and Iron Man 2 very recently, I even have a draft post on them but because like said having computer difficulties I wasn't able to post about them, I watched them about ten days ago, one night after the other. Iron Man 3 left both of them way behind.

I don't like Iron Man as much as I like Thor, (I'm talking characters here) he just sort of got on my nerves a lot. Actually the other night I was thinking of the quote from Spiderman "With great power comes great responsibility " and I was thinking how this applied to Super Heroes. So basically I fit them into two different catorgories:
NOTE: Though I can't say that I've seen Batman this is just my opinion on him okay, and what I've heard about him from Batman Begins.
1# Lives this and knows this: Batman is defienetly in this class, possibly Superman as in Man of Steel. Not that they are perfect at it but they are defienetly better than some.
Captain America is also a prime example. He just needed the bigness to get started.

2# Needed to grow into this, and than lives it,
So Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman (both of the different versions though I've only seen the Amazing Spiderman once,)

So there is a difference.
Whoops! We are going off subject here though, sorry. :)
So Iron Man 3 was great. I'm sort of going to go along and compare good guys and bad guys and that sort of stuff.
So lets start of with the bad guy:

Killian: He was such a good bad guy! He was just so bad and so good at being bad. It was really hard to see that he was the real bad guy until after Tony tracks down the Mandarin, he was evil, clever and absolutely insane and a good mix for a bad guy. And after having two movies where the bad guys were fought Tony in suites we ha a whole new idea of fighting against Iron Man. I was wuite relived after he s finally dead! Goodbye Killian! He also insulted Thor so we can't like him now can we? I had also seen him as the bad guy from bed time stories but this was just such a different role that I couldn't quite take him seriously

Harley: Can I just say how much I love Harley?! He is just such a cute little boy and the way he helps Tony is great! He's resourceful and smart and loves the fact that he can help Iron Man. I mean, not every kid can have such an awesome thing to do now can they?! I was glad that they had at the end about how he got all this stuff from Tony/the Mechanic including the new limited edition of Dora the Explorer, I didn't notice it then but I was told about ti after the movie when we were discussing it afterwards. I that he will somehow feature in the next Iron Man. Oh, yeah and when Iron Man is about to drive off and he tries what I like to call the cuteness factor and Iron Man goes anyway. Now, that was really funny! :D

Col. James Rhodes:
I like James. He's a loyal friend but he can also be a bit stupid. Like when he gets caught in Pakistan. He also knows his duty and he does it too. Two thumbs up for you James! You deserve the medals we see you wearing at the end!

Pepper Potts:  First off, I should say that my favourite character out of Iron Man 1 & 2 was Pepper Potts. Comparing her to someone like Mary Jane (who I think is pretty stupid) is very difficult because of the fact that Pepper is so resourceful and she is also very smart. Like when she hid the computer chip from Obadiah in the first Iron Man.
She wasn't that main in Iron Man 3, or not as main as she was in the other two previous films. But I still think I liked her, maybe not as much, though. And she should've maybe been a little more smart with Maya y'know (beside the fact that I thought she was a good guy too).

Tony Stark/Iron Man:
I didn't mind Tony that much in Iron Man he certainly did act a hero at the end, but my respect for him went wayyyyyyyyy down in Iron Man 2. He just seemed to be so stupid and irresponsible. My respect for him went back up, probably higher than before after finishing Iron Man 3. I really did like how he cared about Pepper so much. When the bad guys were attacking his house and he put the suit of Pepper instead of himself made me feel good. "Things are different now, I have to protect the one thing that I can't live without. That's you."
 He was much more sacrificial in that regard. I loved how he challenged the Mandarin "It's just good old fashioned revenge." And how he sent Pepper phone message and apologised! Tony Stark apologising? Never! And yet he did. I also liked it when he got caught adn he kept counting and telling them that if they'd just go and sit down and tie themselves down on the chairs he woulnd't hurt them. That was really funny. It was good not to mention really clever how he broke into where the Mandarin was as well. So yes, way higher up on my list! :D

Iron Man 3 has got to be the most violent Iron Man 3 movie. It was darker but it was really good too. It had   a few jump scenes and some funny bits. It had the most scary bad guys, seriously! Rogan, Mum and Saxin along with me went and saw it and Rogan said afterwards that he was a little scared of the bad guys which I don't think is a bad thing either. Because they really were.
It had a great plot and I wasn't bored pretty much from the start you needed a little bit of an introduction bit besides that it was great. The music was good too. At the end we stayed until the end of the credits. There were only about three other people who stayed for the post credit scene. It was also a very good credit scene too. We got to see the Hulk! :D

And thank you so much Saxon for taking us, it was so good! And for Mummy coming with us and driving there with us. <3 br=""> To polish this post off I simply going to say this  If you liked or loved the previous two Iron Man movies you will definetly think that Iron Man  3 is good too. If you didn't think that the two other Iron Man's were that good but acceptable this one will make that acceptance much higher and if you are just a plain straight Iron Man hater than you will probably think that this Iron Man movie is just as bad as the others. But if you began to say that Iron Man 3 was terrible, I've gotta say that I'd disagree with that!

Oh, yeah and I know what happens! :P
I'm sorry that some of the pictures were blurry, actually all of them pretty much after I put them at the size I wanted them to be.

God Bless

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Different words for different things

Listening to Rangers Apprentice: Halt's Peril and loving how cool and calm Will can be and how Halt say he's a 'wonderful conversationalist.' :D
Wanting to watch Batman Begins after Saxon told me the ENTIRE story-line. And I don't mind that he did and he loved telling it too!
Reading The Shining Company by Rosemary Sutcliff and really liking it.
Walking outside in the morning on an exercise walk
Plotting out more of my Robin Hood story titled 'Outlaw'

Being reminded of Samwise the Brave's words to Frodo Baggins: "That there's some good in this world; and its worth fighting for.
Enjoying doing some embroidery which I haven't done for a while
Missing my biggest sister at College and seeing that I need to also deepen the relationships with my Dad and Mum and siblings at home as well.

Regretting the fact that I missed wishing Pope Benedict Emeritus a happy birthday on his birthday. Happy late Birthday Emeritus, we love you!!! :)
Enjoying looking up the Battle of Trafalgar for school because I am doing a study on the British Navy for History. And just seeing how awesome the Royal British Navy was. Oh, yeah, and I want to see the Victory at Portsmouth one day. :)
Being sad because I realised that there is only going to be one more Rangers Apprentice book and thinking of a tribute post which I would like to do on October 1st when it comes out.
And the humour in them is awesome :)
 Also my day dream to have John Flanagan sign my books of his which would be just awesome. Yes, and I did mention Rangers Apprentice twice in this post but hey, who's counting?
Waiting, for the Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey to be released on DVD only about two more weeks! :D
Also I love this quote. :)
Planning blog posts like the best musuicals and stuff like but also because though I mean not to be offensive,
I am so sick of people misunderstanding the Catholic Faith and what it stands for that I am going to do a blog post (or a series of blog posts) on the Catholic Faith titled "An Introduction to Catholicism'

Finding things funny. Here is a funny story about Pope Francis and the Swiss Guard that was guarding his door:

The surprising greatness of this new Pope Francis is in the small things. For example, the ability to say, “Brothers and sisters, good evening,” instead of appealing to the centuries, the Scriptures or the universe to present himself to the world. To wear an iron cross of instead of a golden one. To wash the feet of the prisoners.

Or yet, to care for the Swiss Guard who guards the door of his apartment in Casa Santa Marta every night until dawn.

A few days ago, at dawn, the time the Pope wakes up, he came out to the corridor, and he found in front of his door the sentry, a Swiss Guard standing with his halberd at attention.

He asked him: “And what are you doing here? Have you been up all night?”
"Yes," replied the guard with deference and a bit surprised.
"On your feet?"
"Your Holiness, my duty since I took over from my companion."
 "And aren’t you tired?"
"It’s my duty Your Holiness; I should watch for your safety."
Pope Francis looked at him again with kindness, went back to his suite and after a minute he came out carrying a chair:
"At least sit down and rest." The guard rolled his eyes and answered: “Santo Padre, forgive me, but I cannot! The regulations do not allow that."
"The regulations?"
"Orders from my captain, Your Holiness."
The Pope smiled, "Oh, really? Well, I'm the Pope and I order you to sit down."
So, caught between the regulations and the Pope, the Swiss Guard (so much for the halberd) chose the chair.
The Pope returned to his apartment.
After a couple of minutes, the Pope came back to the Swiss Guard, still obediently seated on the chair, carrying “panino con marmellata” (Italian bread with jam) which he had prepared.
Before the soldier could say anything, the Holy Father, exhibiting his Argentinean smile, told the Swiss Guard, “With all the hours spent standing on guard you must be a bit hungry.”
The Swiss Guard had no time to object because the Pope right away wished him a good bite: "Bon appetit, brother."

 He is just such a nice Holy Father! :D

God Bless


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