Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Today is a day well worth celebrating!

Do you know why????????

I'll give you a hint. No, in fact I'll just tell you. It's because this very day 202 years ago one of the most funny, witty, well-written books ever was published.
 It was called Pride and Prejudice by a certain Miss Jane Austen. :) And who is a very distant relation of ours, who we call our very dear cousin.
Now, seeing as it on our calendar as our official Jane Austen day we've put together some things we're going to do.

1. Pick a scene out of the better-than-best '95 version to act out and hopefully film
2. Complain about how we want to go to Brighton
3. Take a turn around the room
4. Go for a walk to Meryton (So just a walk down our driveway)
5. Thump out a P&P sounding tune on our pianoforte (Umm *cough cough* keyboard)

6. Read some parts out of the book in different voices for fun.
7. Do embroidery
8. Make a display of Jane Austen books
A picture of Mr. Darcy because he is amazing
9. Make pound cake
10. Make tea
11. And most importantly have them while we watch one of the greatest mini series of all time.

And don't forget:
“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

God Bless


Monday, 26 January 2015

What I've been reading, listening and watching........lately

Hi everyone.
Well, holidays are almost finished here. Which means that next week we're back to school. In some ways I'm happy and in other ways I'm sad. I'm glad that we'll have a routine more so than we have had in the holidays. But I'm sad because the holidays are really slow days which actually go quickly. :) Anyway, that wasn't the reason I'm writing this post so I'll just get to the point. I'd like to share what I've been doing, as the title suggests, so here we go.

I haven't been reading that much,. *shock gasp horror* I know, it's just that I've been watching a lot of stuff. The few things I have been reading are:

Return of the King. This being only a little bit. I'm up to the 'Field of Cormallen' but as I've said I have only read a tiny bit of it. I'm so proud that I'm going so well with it. :)

Castaways in Time: The After Cilmeri series book six. This is another time-traveling book which is highly enjoyable. It is what I would term more lighter reading. Still, if you are in the mood for medieval times, welsh characters and an interesting story-line I then  go for it! It is a bit more adulty though, here and there. My favourite is still Prince of Time, but any of the series is good. :)

 Heroes of Olympus: The Blood of Olympus. So this is probably the one I've been focusing on most. I don't know how many of you remember Mabel, but she finished House of Hades and then she said she reckoned she'd finish it before I did. And being the none competitive person that I am, I agreed. NOT. So now I'm pretty confident I'll finish it before her. :) It's true I'm enjoying reading it, it's better than the Lost Hero but it still cannot beat Son of Neptune or Mark of Athena and the reason I'm saying it is not better than House of Hades is because there are actual Percy and Annabeth points of view in them whereas we have in Blood of Olympus:
Jason = Dull
Piper = Alright
Leo = Funny
Nico = Good
Reyna = Good.
Whereas if we had Percy's point of view I'd rate it as:
Percy = Awesome. :)
It's a good book it's just not as enjoyable because Percy gets shoved to the back as a secondary character. And because it needs to be said: Percy Jackson is way better than Jason Grace. Seriously, he is. :)

What I've been listening to.
So Autumn showed me this video the other week and so now I have it on my I-Pod and I've been listening to it a lot.
It's called 'I'm so Catholic'. You won't get it unless your Catholic though. Oh, and I can sing some of it, too.
But recently as in since about Thursday I've been listening to two other songs more, they are:
Hooked on a Feeling
Come and Get Your Love. Honestly if I didn't have Hooked on a Feeling off GOTG I'd say that it was junk. :) I'm just loving listening to these two, I hope that the sequel has more of these kind of songs (as in the Awesome Mix 2).
Weird Al Yankovic. He is so funny with his parodies. The one that I've been listening to the most is:
Ode to a Superhero 
Anthem Lights. Saxon got me the album 'You have my Heart' and my two favourtie songs of it are
Dear Hollywood and Closer than the Angels.
'Dear Hollywood' just seems so true to life and 'Closer than the Angels' makes me feel happy. :)
I've added a healthy dose of Brandon Heath and then yeah, that's what I've been listening to.

Now onto watching.....This is fun. :D

I've started watching Sherlock with Rogan as he now has permission to watch it! He really likes it. :) We've only watched 'A Study in Pink' and 'The Blind Banker' so far. Hopefully we'll be watching 'The Great Game' tonight. :) He can't decide if he likes Sherlock or John better. :) And he loved the whole John-being-Sherlock-mix-up in episode two.
I've also watched some Gilmore Girls but now after some thinking on it, I don';t want to continue watching the series anymore. Just a bit more than I want as once again, it's a bit more older. Oh, and can you guess what I've mostly been watching?

THIS! TADA!!! :D I am just so totally loving it! I think I might like it better than Sherlock. :) Or at least there even. It's been so much fun watching Person of Interest because My Dad likes it and Rogan can watch it too, which means that we've all been watching it together. :) And the characters are now so dear to me. John, Harold, Carter and Fusco. And we're just on season 2. And John rescued Harold and Root is such a good bad guy and I have no idea what is going to happen next! Oh and we haven't heard anything from Elias in a while and what is Kara doing back and Fusco and Carter know they're on the same side. And John and Harold are really good friends and John's got a dog and Harold's reaction to it was so sweet. :) It's all just, so very, very, good. And as you can see I'm fangirling. :)

Anyway I'd better go. :)

God Bless

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Guest Post! Kat on How to get your blog out there!


Hi everyone how have you been? So yeah I've been AWHOL a bit but I'm here today to share a guest post that the lovely Kat over at Almost Completely Mad wrote for me. Thank you Kat! :)This is my first ever guest-poster and I'm very excited! 
Hi readers of Vellvin’s blog! I’d firstly like to thank Vellvin for letting me guest post here on her awesome blog.
Now, onto what I have to say! I thought that I might write about some of the best things you can do to get your blog OUT THERE!
One. My biggest tip is to visit other people’s blogs! I know this seems like a no brainer, but really it helps a lot. If people see your nice comment on someone’s blogs, they’re likely to go and click onto your blog and visit. Remember to leave a comment though, just following doesn’t do much help unless the author of the blog is always looking at they’re follower’s bar!
Two. Leave a link to your blog in your comments. It doesn't matter if you’ve visited that blog before or if you don’t want to push your blog in people’s faces, leaving a link in a comment is a great way to get people to pop over to your blog. Just seeing your name might not be enough! If you want to learn how to leave a link in a comment, feel free to pop on over to my post over at my own blog, (Almost) Completely Mad.
vines <3

Three. Write often and with good content. Let’s just say that people don’t want to read a blog if they’re nothing to read. But that doesn’t mean you should write three times and days and extremely long posts! It just means make sure you write regularly, at least three times a week, and that you take some thought over what you write. Ask yourself if you’d read it or if this is the best way to write your post. It’s all about how it’s written.
Four. Have good post titles. A post title is the first thing a person sees of your post, make sure it’s good. I’ve clicked on posts simply for the title before! But if someone just writes ‘untitled’ or leaves the space clear, then I don’t feel like reading so much!
If you’re writing say a fashion post or a lifestyle, something catchy like, ‘Where I Blow Up My Mum’s Hairdryer’ is intriguing, but if you’re writing a tutorial post or a list like this, just write what it is, like, ‘Five Ways to Make Time to Reply to Comments’. That way people know what the post is and they’re sure you are actually talking about that!
Five. Reply to your comments. People are less likely to stop by on a blog whose blogger doesn’t reply to comments. They feel you don’t care if they read or not. By replying to those comments you sound friendly and they want to know you better.
Six. Don’t go overboard on social media. I know everyone says social media is important to blogging, and it is to some extent, but don’t do what I did. I joined everything and couldn’t keep up with it all. Instead, just join a few things and be active on them.
Seven. Show good spirit. Sounding friendly and interested is the best way to get people to like you! Trust me. Everyone wants to know the person who leaves jokes and comments on your blog sounding like they care about what you’ve written, but no one wants to know the person who moans and laughs at what you say. Remember that!
Eight. Be yourself. Enjoy blogging and what you write. Don’t copy, write your own things. You’re unique and so act it!
I hope this helps you get your blog out there!
If you’re interested, you can find me over at my blog, (Almost) Completely Mad, or twitter where I’m normally writing really random things that have nothing to do with anything!

something wonderful

Thanks so much for guest-posting Kat! I really need to work on five. I'm pretty bad when it comes to that. :) Oh and I love eight! :D
Kat is the lovely writer of 'Almost Completely Mad'. Where she blogs about anything under the sun. She loves Dr. Who, (Why when Sherlock is better. :P ) is a bit of a geek and a voracious readed. She is a catholic convert just like me! She also lives in Australia which is a big plus. :) 

God Bless

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Person of Interest....Our current obsession.

Hello guys how have you all been? I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and new year. :) I did.
Anyway, I don't know how many of you remember but a while back I did a blog post on the Disney themed birthday party I went to, it was my friend Mabel's actually. And I've been at her house the past few days doing stuff together because it's holiday. :) And that has included watching 'Person of Interest' which we have both decided is awesome. I introduced it to Mabel and she likes a lot.
Mabel is blue I'm red.

Say hi Mabel! :) 

Hi everyone :)

So today we're talking about Person of interest which I think is probably my favourite tv show after Sherlock. And yeah, that's what we're doing. 
And yeah lots of spoilers btw. 

So far we've only watched 8 episodes, but they've been amazing!!! 

Two words. Jonathan. Nolan. Basically the guy who absolutely adores putting twists in everything. True story. :)

It's basically about a ex army/special forces guy, named John Reese (and he's supposed to be dead).

And his association with a guy by the name of Harold Finch. (Don't tell him I told you that he's a very private person. :P ) (And he's supposed to be dead too. 

So, Mr. Finch built a machine that would find potential terrorist attacks so that they could stop them before they happened. But it started picking up not only on terrorist attacks that would happen but also anyone involved or about to be involved in situations that would threaten someones life. Finch separated the names into two different lists. Relevant and irrelevant.

So the relevant list was only for potential terrorist attacks but the irrelevant list was for anyone involved in criminal intent, perpetrator or victim.

And the authorities don't do anything about the irrelevant list, in fact they don't even know that Finch still has access to it, but seeing as he built it he made himself a back door. And the irrelevant list haunts him, because he can't do anything about it by himself.

So Finch finds Reese and hires him (after freaking him out a bit). to save the people on the irrelevant list. Finch also helps Reese with info on people and hacks places for the information they need at the time

Anway, in the first episode just before Reese meets Finch he ends up at the police station in trouble for bashing up some guys who were being really rude and irritating :) And he's marked a duhduhlah! Person of Interest. :) 

Which sets Detective Carter on his trail. Now, Carter becomes totally obsessed with finding this vigilante (in a suit) who tends to interfere (help) with some of her cases. She's a by the books person too, but still a good character. 

Meanwhile Reese gets an inside man, Detective Lionel Fusco. Who Reese blackmailed into giving him info on police reports and anything else he can think of, and keeping an eye on Carter for him.
Lionel Fusco was a crooked cop, he worked for and with fellow crooked cops in drug dealing, lying in court, ect. he's weak and easily manipulated, although we believe that under it all he has a good heart (as he shows in episode 5) 

A new gang comes to town and nobody knows what the leader looks like, all they know is that his name is Elias. We do now! Mindblown! :D

Each episode there's new characters, which keeps it fresh, and interesting. :) 

Basically if you haven't watched this T.V. show your missing out on soooooooo much! I'm already starting to obsess over it and I've only watched eight episodes so far. 
What do you think, Mabel?

Well you know how quickly I start to obsess, but this is quick, even for me!! 

And there is four seasons 'hint hint nudge nudge kick kick shove shove' 

Yay, something for me to watch while I wait for Sherlock season 4! 

Totally agree. :) Okay, bye guys! and remeber what we said, watch it. ITSSSSSSS GOOD!! :)


God Bless,
Vellvin and Mabel


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