Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Tintin: The movie

I went to see Tintin in 2D this morning at 10:00 am we had gotten some movie ticket vouchers and we all really wanted to see it.
The only people who stayed how were Kynan and Georgie (a friend) who had gone to see War Horse the previous day.
I liked the movie a lot, although it was different from the book up to a point it was great and they did a great job putting 3 stories in one.

After we had seen it Mum said it would have been a great movie to watch in 3D. I agree!!! And the animation was really awesome!!! :D
I really liked Tintin and Captain Haddock :D They were my favourites. Suprise? no.

Tintin was an excellent character, just like in the comics unlike the TV episodes that we own which are cartoon Tintin did talk in a proper accent whereas in the episodes they had him with an American accent which I couldn't stand. No offence anyone from America but, Tintin is European. :P
Captain Haddock was very very FUNNY!!! I was pretty impressed with Andy Serkis performance as a voice actor as I've only ever seen him as Gollum from LOTR and I loved his accent. He had some great lines, just like Tintin and it was great at the end where Captain Haddock gets emotional and instead of shaking hands he hugs Tintin....loved that!! :D
Tintin and Haddock were a great team and Snowy was just soooooo cute!!!!!!
A few of my favourite scenes were when the Thompson's find
Mr. Silk!! Really funny.
When Captain  Haddock starts remembering and he images it while thinking Tintin is Red Rackam. When Tintin is getting the keys off the guy: really funny and how Captain Haddock is telling him all about the guys mainly revolving around "Watch out for this guy..." All the scenes when the Captain is telling his story about Sir. Francis Haddock were cool and I liked the bit when
Tintin and Haddock are on the motorcycle with the awesome chase is really quite breathtaking in my opinion.
A lot of the scenes were funny and good.
Tintin was a very good movie, and I think that I would rate it 9 or 10 stars out of 10. Its a keeper and I think will be a great family favourite for all of our family.
It is perfectly child friendly and it is a even greater time if you have read the Tintin comics for years from being a little kid and so on.
My other favourite comics are Asterix comics and them and Tintin are the best. I wonder if anyone will make an Asterix. That's a good question. :D

God Bless


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