Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Anyone feeling hectic?

Is anyone else starting to feel hectic like, "Oh, my gosh! It's 11 days until Christmas and I haven't done this, this or this and I need to finish this!!" Anyone feeling like that at the moment? I am.
Always during Advent we are always rushing and trying to finish our Christmas presents for everyone before Christmas day oh, and lets not forget the St. Andrew novena. You know that one you need to do fifteen times a day and trust me, I am not kidding.
I haven't been posting much lately pretty much for those reasons. We've been doing a lot of Christmas cleaning and preparing for two guests who are staying for Christmas and one of them is Anna-Lisa :D We are celebrating St. Lucy tomorrow and Our Lady of Guadalupe today because the feast days were actually on the days we were cleaning. :P So yeah, we didn't get around to that until today.
We start doing our Christmas cookies very soon along with our Gingerbread house, shortcake and our fudge with Candy Cane on top yum!!!
Mum says she's never met anyone who celebrates Christmas like we do.
Run-down of our Christmas day each year:
Christmas eve go to bed, get woken up a while later to get ready for midnight mass, try to get there early to sing Christmas carols have mass come home take a family photo, have the midnight feast which consists of: Our gingerbread house, eggnog, fruit, and our 12 kinds of Christmas cookies and than go to bed sleep get up at the time (which we are allowed to get up at) on Christmas day sing Christmas carols outside peoples door (us younger kids) and we don't do it every year. Get everyone up, open our Christmas bags each of us taking turns, go to the tree same procedure have our baked lunch which is more of a afternoon evening kind of thing then spend the rest of the day doing whatever.

Yeah so that's what going on at the moment. Better go and do some more Christmas presents. :P
God Bless

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  1. OK, again, this is NOT JT, but I don't have an account, so...we are 'sharing' (not his idea, of course, I don't even know if he realizes how generous he's being yet.)

    Wow, I guess you are busy! I think it would be cool to go to midnight mass, but, as Mom pointed out, "What if we came home while Santa is shooting back up the chimney?" Besides, we stay up pretty late decorating the tree on Christmas Eve. Speaking of 'Santa',
    my little brother and I have made up some...let's say fanciful tales about that jolly old elf. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that in includes a ray gun.

    (JT's little sister)


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