Monday, 30 January 2012

King Arthur: The Movie

On Friday night I watched "King Arthur" I had been waiting to watch it for a few days and the others had watched it recently and I was waiting and waiting. It is the first MA movie I have watched (I pretty sure in some countries MA is actually the R ratings) we had to skip one scene but besides that it was pretty awesome.

There was a lot of blood and red on swords and that sort of stuff and a bit of language but it was good and unlike "The A-Team" where I left the room because the movie was just like language, language and lets not forget MORE language I stayed. It also proves my point that I can watch movies with violence in them but not bad language which is continuous.

The story-line actually isn't the classic "King Arthur and his knights in shining armor, blah, blah, blah," it was more what King Arthur actually could of been like.It is a lot different from all the books I had read and thus, I was happily surprised although he others had told me that it was different.

Trystan and

Lancelot were my favourite characters and I think the coolest guys out of the movie I mean Lancelot has two awesome swords and Trystan has a bow. Although Bors was rather funny and I was really disappointed at the end that they both die. :( *sniff, sniff* SAD!!

Keira Knightely in the role of Guenevere was terrible she was just like "Ahhh, she's scary!!! Or she's sooooooo boring!" She looked really weird at the end. And Merlin lets get started on Merlin "CREEEEPPPPPPPYYYYY!!!" Like seriously creepy.

The battle at the end was really cool and I liked the quote the bad guy says "Finally, a man worth killing!" The bad guys were a little creepy and (oh, surprise?) bad.

Arthur was alright and at first I really liked him but than I was like *sigh* "He's being boring again. Whats Lancelot and

Trystan doing?" :D Get what I mean. The other knights were cool as well just not that cool.
I highly recommend King Arthur expect however, one skipped scene, gore and lots of blood and some bad language. Also a lot of the people in King Arthur are pagans and King Arthur is the only Christian out of his knights. And the priests are weird and bad not how priests should be at all.

 God Bless

Thursday, 26 January 2012

My Heroes

I've been working on this post and although the title sounds a little shall I use the word dull and if you haven't heard of any of these characters than yeah it'll probably be dull.
This post will have a lot of fan girl geekiness on these guys which I have so boldy named: My Heroes

King Edmund
King Edmund: the boy who was once would've  betray his own brother and sisters.
The thing I like about Edmund is that he's the one who was being bad and yet, he became good again. He was the one who was trying to knock some sense into Peter and told Caspian and Peter to just stop it. He doesn't have the arrogance which Peter had at the start and middle of Prince Caspian no, he always stayed just the same and that's probably why he got his title "King Edmund the Just" does anyone else love that quote in Prince Caspian when Miraz says "Prince Edmund..." and whatever else he says and than Edmund says "King." And Miraz goes what and than Edmund says "Peter's the high King and I'm just King Edmund, I know, it's confusing."
I like Edmund a lot. I don't think I liked him as much before I actually saw "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" at the movies and after seeing Prince Caspian that I decided that Edmund was better than Peter. I love his dark hair and boy, does he look good in his armour along with that cool scene where he bests Trumpkin with a duel. Edmund matures but, there's always that little bit of childishness like in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader where he doesn't like Eustace

The Fire-Eater Dustfinger. This, guy is shrouded in mystery plus, he's from another world. He's a fire-eater drawn from his own world by words, words uttered by Silvertongue. He tries and tries to get back and finally he does. This guy is really impressive Dustfinger.....
I like him best in Inkdeath and what he does, he defeats Basta in it he protects Mo and is really close to him. I love him. In Inkheart he's one of those tortured characters who just want to be left alone but people won't just leave them alone. He only has one wish: to go home to the Inkworld. He doesn't want to hurt anybody, but, if someone stands in his way of doing whatever he's doing he removes him. No, not kill them though. That's not Dustfinger.
Just read the 3 books Inkheart, Inkspell and Inkdeath and you'll see how awesome he is!!! :D
Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker.........some people like him, some people don't like him and some people hate him. But than there are some people who love him. I'm one of those people. :D Probably one of my top reasons my he's always been my favourite guy from the ENTIRE Star wars saga was because my brother Saxon and I would play star wars and he was always Obi-Wan and I was Anakin. Now, don't get me wrong, I hate it when Anakin whines seriously, I do. But I think I like him better in the Revenge of the Sith instead of Attack of the clones for that reason and the fact that he's hairstyle, to me, is way cooler. I love Anakin's and Padme's relationship and I HATE Palpatine!!! Couldn't of George Lucas made the most awesome guy out of star wars not the bad guy? Huh? Aw, well, anyway he's awesome without the whining and his black clothes *sighs* so cool!! Plus, his lightsaber is cool as well. (cooler than Obi-Wan's) :P

Will Treaty
 Will Treaty:
Ah, now this guy has been one of my all time favorite guys since pretty much when I started reading thicker books. Will is a kind, dependable, awesomely cool character. I love it how he can be a very nice person to have on your side....and a very dangerous enemy. In the first of the Rangers Apprentice books by John Flanagan you meet Will, he's the person nobody knows anything about, the orphan without a background, and the one none of the craft masters would take him on the choosing day.....until Halt. Will grows in his character in each book and I especially like his optimism and how he's ready to sacrifice himself in The Burning Bridge. I love his friendship with the Skandians and how friendly he is. In short he's awesome!! Oh yeah, and you gotta love that hair he has!! :D

The guy with problems and the guy who has struggled to always find his place in the world. The guy who's world is always is shattered so many times. That's the guy I'm talking about.
First off I really didn't like Murtagh until I had actually read "Eragon" instead of listening to the abridged audio book and I was sort of like "Wow!! This guy is so cool!" Sort of thing. Everyone pretty much in my Family who has read The Inheritance Cycle loves Murtagh although, I actually really liked Eragon before I read the book but after I read it Murtagh was tops followed just that tiny bit less by Eragon. I don't really like Roran though. :P Murtagh  has had a pretty hard life and things don't actually get nice when he finds Eragon and they go to the Varden first, the Varden imprison him and than once he's gained their trust the Twins kidnap him. Than he gets broken by Galbatorix and Thorn hatches for him and GalbatorixEragon and being the nice kind of guy he is he lets Eragon and Saphira go. And than at the end he doesn't end up with Nasuada but leaves with Thorn. i was very sad when I was reading this part.
The thing with Murtagh is that he has his good moments and his bad moments, he's not as main as Eragon and yet, that makes his appearances in the books that much more cherished for me.
He's an excellent swordsman, a great magican, a caring person in his own way and when Galbatorix doesn't tell him not to and he tries to be as nice and kind as circumstances allow.
Yeah, he's awesome.
Note: My apologies for not having a photo here but I couldn't find a very good one at all that wasn't from the stupid movie!

Fish/Ben Denniston:
Note: Because I don't have a picture of Fish I got the picture of this T-shirt instead which (by the way) I would love to own!!!
Some day my Fish will come Shirt by reginadoman

I love Fish (well he wouldn't be on my heroes list if he I didn't :P) he's not that main he's the guy more in the background with a wry sense of humor, and he's interesting. It's interesting how Rose first meets him, in the park when she's so angry about Blanche not being asked to the prom and she was and she is trying to make up her mind what to do. He gives her his opinion and than leaves! Than you don't hear anything about him until about at the climax! It is quite annoying that IO can't read Waking Rose because that is the book which has the most of him in it but Mum says I'm not old enough to read it yet. :( He can get a little annoying with his treating Rose like a kid and he has more of an idea of what he wants to do with his life more so than Bear.
Fish actually got replaced once by Alex from another of Regina Doman's books but than Alex got booted out instead. :) I can't wait until I can read Waking Rose because than I can read more about Fish and Rose!!! :D :D

From Dragon slippers by Jessica Day George. He is my newest addition to my heroes list and I was really annoyed that the library didn't have he last book of this trilogy so I could read about him and Creel.
Luka is a interesting and fun kind of guy and he can be serious but than he can be happy as possible and he's not like his brother Miles although Miles turns out alright but he was a bit of a snob when Creel asked him the way to the cloth district. Whereas Luka helped her and checked up on her and all that sort of thing. He worried about her hopping on the dragon's although Creel knew that they were fine and he's rather nice. I like it how he acts like a brother to Creel and shields her from his father: the King.
He also is pretty funny and has a sense of humor. :D 
And now I really need book three which is called Dragon Spear which they don't have at the library!!! 

Jadev is a character from Liz Patterson's self-published book: The Mark of the Star" he is a happy and clowny guy at the start of the book but, some sad circumstances really change him. You don't know if he's the bad guy or not and that is what is really questioning about his character "Is he good or is he bad?" He's not actually that interesting a character or he that main in the book more like Murtagh, where he just shows up and than he's gone again and that part where *Gasp* SPOILER: Orion stabs him in his back!! I was like "AHHHH!! That can't happen!!! I LOVE Jadev"
I really wish you'd write a second book Liz!!! I need to read about Jadev!!!! :D 
He's just got this mystery about him and everything and well, you don't know if he is good or bad until the end of the book and what happens and I'm not going to tell anything about it otherwise it would ruin the story-line Mwhwhwhwhahahhahahaha!!!! :P

And that's the end of my list hoped you enjoyed it and well, if you don't than you don't have to read it again. :P
God Bless


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