Friday, 6 January 2012


You know that wonderfully inspirational/loud/electronic/instruments type stuff?
Have you ever had when you are cleaning up dinner and you turn up the music really loud and everyone just starts you know "Partying"? Like jumping about and grabbing kitchen utensils for microphones and running round the bench and making up strange new dance moves and yelling along or not without the song. :D
Have you ever had that?
All our family are music lovers even Dad although he only likes the it down low and it has to be soft but some nights (like tonight) we just start dancing and going crazy. One of our newer things we've been doing is putting Tea-Towls on our heads to give ourselves "The 80's look" if you wanna see why we like the 80's watch this:

See what I mean and we have a lot of 80's songs on our I-pod like Eddie and the Cruisers and Bon Jovi and that sort of stuff.
And just because i love these songs:

Ahh, such a beautiful song :D

The actual song on the CD is better because it actually has talking in it which makes it comical which is why we like it a lot. ;)

LOVE Taylor!!!!

and there are some other music videos which I'd love to share except my internet is being stupid. S I'll see you all soon!!
God Bless


  1. Taylor Swift and Bon em' (Which is kinda' funny, cuz' there two totally different kind of


  2. 80s music FTW! :D I like 50s, 60s and 70s music also. But my favorite is movie soundtracks like Star Wars, LOTR, ect.


  3. @Laura, thanks for your comment and ?I agree Taylor is like LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
    I like Bon Jovi as well but not as much as Taylor. :)
    Thanks Think Gr.... I like the picture as well.
    Hey James, I don't like soundtracks but LOTR and POTC soundtracks I really do like. ;)


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