Monday, 30 January 2012

King Arthur: The Movie

On Friday night I watched "King Arthur" I had been waiting to watch it for a few days and the others had watched it recently and I was waiting and waiting. It is the first MA movie I have watched (I pretty sure in some countries MA is actually the R ratings) we had to skip one scene but besides that it was pretty awesome.

There was a lot of blood and red on swords and that sort of stuff and a bit of language but it was good and unlike "The A-Team" where I left the room because the movie was just like language, language and lets not forget MORE language I stayed. It also proves my point that I can watch movies with violence in them but not bad language which is continuous.

The story-line actually isn't the classic "King Arthur and his knights in shining armor, blah, blah, blah," it was more what King Arthur actually could of been like.It is a lot different from all the books I had read and thus, I was happily surprised although he others had told me that it was different.

Trystan and

Lancelot were my favourite characters and I think the coolest guys out of the movie I mean Lancelot has two awesome swords and Trystan has a bow. Although Bors was rather funny and I was really disappointed at the end that they both die. :( *sniff, sniff* SAD!!

Keira Knightely in the role of Guenevere was terrible she was just like "Ahhh, she's scary!!! Or she's sooooooo boring!" She looked really weird at the end. And Merlin lets get started on Merlin "CREEEEPPPPPPPYYYYY!!!" Like seriously creepy.

The battle at the end was really cool and I liked the quote the bad guy says "Finally, a man worth killing!" The bad guys were a little creepy and (oh, surprise?) bad.

Arthur was alright and at first I really liked him but than I was like *sigh* "He's being boring again. Whats Lancelot and

Trystan doing?" :D Get what I mean. The other knights were cool as well just not that cool.
I highly recommend King Arthur expect however, one skipped scene, gore and lots of blood and some bad language. Also a lot of the people in King Arthur are pagans and King Arthur is the only Christian out of his knights. And the priests are weird and bad not how priests should be at all.

 God Bless


  1. I liked the movie. In my option it is better than other King Arthur movies. And it is rated PG-13 in America. :)

    And there is an award for you on my blog. :)


  2. This is one of my favorite movies of all-time. I LOVE it. Lancelot, Trystam, Gawain, Boers - and I'm so sad when Dagonet dies! I mean, serious, the big guy with the soft spot for a little boy... *weeps* Anyway, yes, I love it. =) Then again, I'm a sucker for almost anything King Arthur.
    ~ Mirriam

  3. I guess I not alone when I say that I loved, loved, loved all of the characters (except Guinevere). But my favorite, by far was tristan. This character has made me have an obsession with the actor mads. The other knights were amusing, inviting, fun and a tad bit scary when they needed to be. All in all... I would love to have been hanging out with those men on their "down time". But, the way they interacted with each other is what made this movie for me and has made it my favorite movie of all time!


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