Sunday, 27 October 2013

Choices, choices!

Heroes do exist

Hehe! Here's another poll for you: 'Who is your favourite Avenger?' And you can only choose one! Obviously I'm voting Thor of course. And while I'm here I found these really interesting pictures yesterday off someone's Pinterest. I'm gotta say, they are rather amusing.

Texts From Superheroes: Thor and Loki

"Thank you for pointing that out, dear"


This is why I love this guy...

Enjoy voting! :D
God Bless

Friday, 25 October 2013

Why I am disgusted with House of Hades, by Rick Riordan

NOTE: Some of what I am going to mention in this post is not appropriate for all ages. I would not recommend people under the age of fourteen reading it. If you would like to know what this blog post is about, then please as a parent or someone who's judgement you trust to see if you can read it.

Okay, so what you may or may not know is that House of Hades by Rick Riordan, the fourth book out of the Heroes of Olympus series was released early this month. I have gradually been reading it, but now I've stopped. You see, I am disgusted with the author, and with one of my absolute favourite characters.
My Mum told me that some of her mother friends actually had decided that they were not going to let their children read this book. And seriously, that's not a bad idea.

Okay, so it started off, switching from a few characters at a time, which gets annoying, and something that actually really annoyed me, before the major thing, was how SLOW it was! I mean it's like the author was just like 'hmmm, what other boring catastrophe should I add in to make my book just a bit longer,' and that's all they were, boring things that just made me groan and want to bang my head against a tree.
But the thing that really ticked me off, made me feel disgusted and betrayed by, was the fact that he mentioned Homosexuality, and he seems to think that it is absolutely okay, and Nico Di Angelo, one of my favourite characters, liked Percy Jackson, (please excuse my I get some peanuts and throw them at a picture of Rick Riordan, and I might need a sicky bucket, because this whole thing grosses me out). And here's another thing, Jason thought it was okay! Just like that, another character was destroyed, though he was never one of my favourite characters it still was still terrible.
And just like that, Nico Di Angelo, one of my all time favourite characters, was destroyed. The cool son of Hades, has been transformed it a really wacko guy. I don't think I'll ever be able to read any of the other books which were before this one, even the Percy Jackson books, without remembering how disgusted I am. And that never makes for pleasant reading.
Okay, let's get something straight, there can be friendships between guys, just as there can be friendships between girls, but the kind of love he was talking about, is reserved for a married husband and wife. And if you don't know that, you're nuts.
I am actually working on another blog post which goes into a more in-depth opinion on this subject, but it is quite long so I have no idea when it will be posted.

Who knows, maybe one day, I'll be able to pick up House of Hades and finish it. I do want to finish it. But I am not interested currently. I am reading Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren and her good male characters aren't crackers, and her female characters are strong examples of good young women. Let me just say, it's a much better book then House of Hades. And I have a major crush on Marcello and Luca. :)

God Bless

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sherlock Season 3 release date!

Go to this article:
I can't wait! It's going to be so awesome! Also this is a good excuse to put a Sherlock picture up as well. :)
Now, all we have to do is wait and ask ourselves, 'How'd he do it?!'

God Bless

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Who cares about May day when there is something much more important going on....

Okay, just a quick blog post here guys. Something amazing is going to be happening in May next year, and no, I couldn't care less about May day. And seeing as its a quick post and I'm being rather lazy, hop over to my Mum's blog, and have a peek:
Okay, then tell me what you think! I myself, well, I can't wait! :D

And yes, I'd prefer both.

God Bless

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sir Gadabout: The Worst Knight in the Land

Sir Gadabout, the Worst Knight in the Land

On Saturday night, after going to confession and picking up Eden from work, she mentioned the idea of going to the video shop and getting the Thief Lord for the little kids. So we drove to the video shop, went inside and began looking for it. As it turned out, they didn't have it. Which was very disappointing! But we ended up coming out with one or two, or seven or eight movies. :P Yeah, of the movies we got was called Sir Gadabout: The Worst Knight in the Land, which we had seen at the S's when we went four our Holiday in 2011 over for the Deb. Gee, that was a long time ago! Anyway, we'd only seen the first two and so we begged Mum to get it, assuring her that yes, she'd probably hate, and yes it was really, stupid. But the important thing: It was funny!

Basically that's a lot of what we've been watching since Saturday night. I love Sir Gadabout. Yep, that's right. It's funny, (hysterical in fact) lame, stupid, ridiculous, and some rather interesting story-lines. Yes, I know that to some people they are really repetitive and yes some of them are very hiding-behind-hands-because-it-is-so-embarrassing type way. Like Eleanora's Betrothal. :)

On Sunday night we sat down and watched the three last of the episodes (there were only five on the disc! Five mind you!) and we all laughed very hard. Even Mum found it funny.
Then me being the awesome person that I am (and not too modest about it :P ) found some more on YouTube which was great.
Now, apparently it's suppose to be based loosely on the King Arthur legends. Now, what it actually means is VERY loosely based. King Arthur is a dimwit, and is obsessed with his hair ('Do you think I should try scrunched?') Gadabout is a loyal, but bumbling, Knight of the Round table. Who always calls King Arthur, 'Majesty.'  Joining him at the round table are: Sir Lancelot (who I hate and I really enjoy it when something bad happens to him) Sir Gestion, Sir Real, Sir Prano, Sir Tificate, and Sir Prise, who obviously do exactly as King  Arthur tells them.
Also in there are Will, Sir Gadabout's squire who wishes to be a great knight one day, Merlin, (who does absolutely nothing) Princess Eleanora the daughter of King Arthur who has a lots more brains than people think she has and is the mysterious, but ever helpful, Sir Knight. Rancid and Nanny, a comical version of Mordred and his aunt Morgan Le Fay, are always the bad guys! And they are rather funny, too.

Will and Eleanora 
So if you are in the mood for a laugh, entertainment, and a rather interesting medieval story with a lot of dashes of modern day addes in, then please be my guest: watch Sir Gadabout, see how funny it is. And maybe we can go and talk about how funny it it! :D

God Bless

Friday, 18 October 2013

Treasure Planet

Treasure Island is one of the most copied stories ever. You only need to look at the amount of different books (sequels and such) to see. There are also many movies about it. Some rather close to the book, some not so close. Today, I wanted to write about one of these not-so-close to the novel, movies: Treasure Planet.

Treasure Planet is one of my favourite animated movies. I hadn't seen it in ages until we finally bought it along with another Disney movie Atlantis (which does not beat Treasure Planet by the way, :P) I remember that I used to hate the movie. Jim's hair drove me insane, but then I came to like it.
Treasure Planet is a very entertaining movie and it deserves its 68% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes if not higher. It's a gripping movie and combines most of the important plot and characters from Treasure Island, but in a new and different way.

I love the character: James Hawkins, the son who dreams big and finally gets to fulfill his dream, a reckless boy who matures into a strong young man. Okay, so his hair, everybody hates his hair at the start, then you sort of just accept it and ignore it. His relationship with Silver is really deep, and like I said: how he changes from a rash young boy to an affectionate, caring young man.
Silver the cyborg, an ruthless pirate, who devlops a soft spot for 'Jimbo' as he calls him. I like him. :)
Dr. Dobbler, a combination of the Squire and Doctor from the orignal story. He though not the most helpful of characters is still loyal, and tries as best he can to do whatever is needed. He is also Jim's Mother's good friend.
The Captain: Amelia. It is actually very strange and funny all at the same time to see Emma Thompson voicing such a role.

Amelia is the ship's Captain, brave, capable, and not exactly the nicest when it comes to describing people. She's witty and rather bossy at times as well. But I love her!

I just have one more character to add: Morph. The adorable pink shape-shifting pet of John Silver. He's soooo cute! I'd love a little Morph!

The other thing I love is the song 'I'm Still Here' which is in the movie. I love that song! It is also a great part in the movie with Jim and Silver doing stuff together.

Anyway, to finish off this post. i would just like to say that Treasure Planet is a great movie, set in space, a interesting re-telling of Treasure Island and a good story by itself.

God Bless

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My Favourite Authors Part 1: Two Authors Who Make Me Laugh Out-Loud


A series of posts about Authors who's stories have captivated me, and who I find inspiring.

1. John Flanagan. The Ranger's Apprentice series.
So yeah, if you've read my blog long enough you should know that I love his Ranger's Apprentice series to bits. I have yet to own all of them, I'll get them all eventually! One of the best book series ever! Humour, action, great characters! Most disappointing was however, his Brotherband series. The first was good. The second wasn't even needed and the third was just like he saw this plot-line that he re-used over and over again. And now we're just reduced to Brotherband, either he'll need to get some better story-lines otherwise I am going to be vastly annoyed. And one day a book signing, yep! Great idea that! Just need to go to Sydney, there is bound to be one there! My favourite characters are obviously: Will Treaty, Alyss Mainwaring, Halt, Selethen, Erak Starfollower and Gilan. And just so everyone knows I thought that Evanlyn and Horace were pretty pathetic parents in The Royal Ranger. My least favourite book out of the series is the Lost Stories as it was just a collection of short stories, with no main bad guy. The Royal Ranger was also a bit slow because you have to go through all the same training that Will undertakes in the first book. Also there wasn't as much Halt or humour. :)

2. Rick Riordan. Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus
Just this year, we discovered the movie. Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief, which though from a book to movie view is not the most loyal, was still a good movie. After that we discovered the books. The Percy Jackson series. Out of them all, I think my favourite would be the Battle of the Labyrinth. Strangely, I think that Percy Jackson and Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon, actually are very much alike. Especially in the first movie when Percy first sees Mrs. Dodds. Percy Jackson, Nico Di Angelo, Annabeth Chase, and Tyson. They are the best characters.
I pretty much died of boredom in the Lost Hero. Percy wasn't in it! The other main characters who you really like, aren't really in it either! The most interesting chapters were from Leo's point of view. I had guessed that Percy was at the other camp at the end of the Lost Hero, and I read the first chapter of Son of Neptune right away.
The Heroes of Olympus is very different from the Percy Jackson series. One is written in first person, (PJ) the other in third (HOO) but they both have the same flavour of adventure and fun. The best chapters are from Percy's point of view and Annabeth's. My least favourite characters have got to be Piper, Jason and Frank. Coach Hedge seems to be trying to be humorous but falls a little flat. The Mark of Athena is currently my favourite HOO book. I am currently reading House of Hades and getting a little worried as I think that Nico is going to die! Ahhh! Oh, and Camp Half-Blood beats Camp Jupiter

John Flanagan and Rick Riordan are two of the authors who make me laugh out loud the most!
For instance:
“Without thinking, Will spoke. 'Halt? Are you awake?'
'No.' The ill humor in the one-word reply was unmistakable.
'Oh. Sorry.'
'Shut up.' He pondered whether to apologise again and decided this would go against the instruction to shut up, so remained silent.
“Will'd barely been asleep a few minutes when Halt's voice woke him.
'Will? Are you asleep?'...
'I was,' he said, a little indignantly. 'I'm not now.'
 'Good,' Halt replied, a trifle smugly.
'Serves you right.”
-Rangers Apprentice: The Emperor of Nihon-Ja
""A Demigod!" one snarled. "Eat it!" yelled another. But that's as far as they got before I slashed a wide arc with Riptide and vaporized the entire front row of monsters."Back off!" I yelled at the rest, trying to sound fierce. Behind them stood their instructor--a six-foot tall telekhine with Doberman fangs snarling at me. I did my best to stare him down."New lesson, class," I announced. "Most monsters will vaporize when sliced with a celestial bronze sword. This change is completely normal, and will happen to you right now if you don't BACK OFF!"
To my surprise, it worked. The monsters backed off, but there was at least twenty of them. My fear factor wasn't going to last that long. I jumped out of the cart, yelled, "CLASS DISMISSED!" and ran for the exit. --Percy Jackson: The Battle of the Labyrinth
I hope you enjoyed reading this! I certainly enjoyed writing it!

God Bless

Sunday, 6 October 2013

A Recap on Life

Yep, just keeping praying because its the best medicine for busyness
So in some ways things had been very quiet, and in other ways its been rather busy.
Soooo, let see, what have I been doing?
We butchered one of the sheep/lambs as it had actually strangled itself, this was quite and interesting event, and we did have a few rather upset little kids because the lamb was of course a pet to them. :) Braedon was rather enthusiastic as I was the photographer at the start and I took a photo of him holding the severed head which I watched him thwack off with a cleaver. Anna-Lisa and her family have done this sort of thing before she was helping quite a lot with how we were to do it.
Last Wednesday(So not like, the 2 of October, whatever the Wednesday was :P) I baby-sat the three littlest of a family (who were asleep) and stayed there for about and hour and a half, I got paid $50 dollars, $28 of which I used to buy five second hand books. which included the Complete Father Brown, which I read a few pages of and will start to read more earnestly once I've finished The Return of Sherlock Holmes.
I love the fact that it says 'mega' it makes me so proud! 
Speaking of finishing books I finished the Royal Ranger yesterday evening. And that's it, that's the end of Ranger's Apprentice, and we are now stuck with Brotherband which less then half the greatness of Ranger's Apprentice, and yeah, I'm waiting for my own Will Treaty. :) I actually picked up a book that I read years ago, called 'Bows Against the Barons' which is a Robin Hood book, I think I'll flick through that, and then Robin will die, at the end and I hate it when he does that! :(

The poll that I put on my blog is as follows after it closed.
Sherlock VS. Doctor Who
Sherlock rocks! 8(61%)
Doctor Who is awesome! 5(38%)
I've never heard of either of them (0%)
They are both sooooo lame (0%)

And Sherlock is the winner! Woohooo! All those Sherlockians out there, you're awesome! And to all those Whovians, better luck next time. :P
This is awesome! Sherlock over Elementary! 
And while I'm on Sherlock I actually decided to delete the blog post with all the gifs of Sherlock and pictures for a few reasons. 1. Because it would just sit there, and sit there, and sit there, 2. It was taking the originality out of Sherlock, because I would go and look at the pictures and I would just get bored. and 3.Because if I have all the good pictures now, what will I do?

We finally went the Seminary again after not having gone since the day before the Wedding, it was awesome! I especially loved the hymn that we sang last it was to triumphant! And it was actually and Open Day at the Semianry and three of the seminarians were being made Lector's by the Bishop who was there as well. So we and lunch there, and sweets, and got a tour of the Seminary as we hadn't had one yet. :) A good time indeed!

Saxon recently got some new Christian music for us to listen to, one of the bands was called the Afters, and there music is pretty good. I highly recommend it.

Batman....I'm not sure if I 'll do a post on the Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises, what do you think?

Well, I'd better go, don't wants peace and quiet in the study, which means me gone, not tapping with the keyboard. :)

God Bless

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Calling all Narnian Fans, Calling all Narnian Fans!!! Silver Chair has a Greenlight!

It's coming!!! 
Woohooo!! Very Very excited they're doing it! The Silver Chair!!! :D :D This calls for an extreme amount of smiley faces. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) See what I mean?
So Eustace, and Jill and Puddleglum!!!! I cannot wait to hear more. I found out about it from another blog I follow who hadn't posted in quite a while! This is awesome! So awesome!
So more links on information:

Silver Chair is coming!! Now, to wait for more news! :)

God Bless

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dear Mr. Flanagan

Sorry that some of the pictures off my sidebars are getting onto this post. I'll have to see if my Mum can help me fix it up. :)

Dear Mr. Flanagan I can't believe that today the final book in your Ranger's Apprentice series is being released.
Dear Mr. Flanagan, have I told you how I hate book series ending?
Dear Mr. Flanagan, The Royal Ranger had better be good otherwise I shall be very disappointed
Dear Mr. Flanagan, Everyone knows RA is better than Brotherband,
Dear Mr. Flanagan, Did I mention I might eventually get my books signed by you? Because that would be awesome
Dear Mr. Flanagan, Do you know how many times I've laughed out loud when reading funny bits out of RA? Like this for instance:

Dear Mr. Flanagan, Did you know that I tried to read The Ruins of Gorlan two or three times before I could actually as I was just learning to read bigger books?
Dear Mr. Flanagan, bows are the best,
Dear Mr. Flanagan, that movie is sure taking a long time to be made,
Dear. Mr. Flanagan, where on earth can I get a grey and green mottled cloak?
Dear Mr. Flanagan, your books are one of the first I recommend for people to read
Dear Mr. Flanagan, the Ranger's Apprentice series is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
It will not end pleasantly for you. :)

Today is the day that the FINAL book in the Ranger's Apprentice series is being released. There are now twelve books in all. Twelve is a good solid number. It's good to have such a nice collection of stories about characters that you can relate to, feel for, and care for.
Dear Mr. Flanagan I just thought I'd let you know that after finishing the Royal Ranger I'll probably feel really, really unhappy. I lost my heart to Will Treaty at the age of nine.
“You've known him how long?" Malcolm asked.
"Since he was a small boy. I first noticed him when he slipped into Master Chubb's kitchen to steal some pies.
"So, what did you have to say to Will when you caught him stealing these pies?
"Oh, I didn't let on I was there. We rangers can be very unobtrusive when we choose. I remained out of sight and watched him. I thought he might have potential to be a ranger." Halt said.
Horace joined in "Why?"
Halt answered carefully. "Because he was excellent at moving from cover to cover. Chubb entered three times and never noticed him. So I thought that if he could achieve that with no training, he would make a good ranger."
"No" Horace spoke. "That's not what I meant. Why were you hiding in the kitchen in the first place?"
"I told you. I was watching Will to see if he had the potential to be a ranger."
"That's not what you said. You said that was the first time you noticed Will." "
"Does it matter?"
"Not really. Were you hiding from Chubb yourself and Will just turned up by coincidence?"
"And why would I be hiding from master Chubb in his own kitchen?"
"Well, there were freshly made pies on the windowsill, and you like pies, don't you?"
"Are you accusing me of trying to steal those pies?!?!"
"No, of course not. I just thought I'd give you the opportunity to confess."
After a pause, Halt continued. "You know, Horace, you used to be a most agreeable young man. Whatever happened to you?"
"I've spent to much time around you, I suppose."
-Macolm, Halt and Horace, Book Nine: Halt's Peril

The fact that you managed to blend humour, action, things like good always triumphing over evil. That's good. You are one of the best writers out there, and maybe just maybe, someday I'll get you to sign all of my Ranger's Apprentice books. I'll say how awesome they are. I'll tell you that your writing style is the one that I tried to emulate in my Robin Hood story. I'll tell you that your books were amazing, that they'll become classics. Then I'll ask if it was all really a story or if it had just one small grain of truth in it....And I'll wonder.
Close to. :)
Because if you've read Ranger's Apprentice you've tried to walk as quietly and silently as possible, you've tried to have the same quick sharp wit that the characters have, you've gone and watched while other people are beating carpets and you've shouted continually 'Put some energy into it, boy!' or 'You missed a bit on the left side'. You'll use the term 'form of highway robbery' whenever you get the chance. You'll laugh outloud and people will ask you what you are laughing about, and you'll just say something like. "Halt said something funny." Or "Will was being impulsive, as usual." Or "Halt was breaking rules, and doing as he pleases."
You'll want a mottled grey and green cloak, but most of all, you'll want a silver oakleaf to go around you neck, to prove that you are what you say you are: A Royal Ranger.
And Mr. Flanagan, please do not disappoint me. I've been a fan of your books for the past six years or so. I am expecting nothing but the best......and well, I'm not going to be happy how it ends, good or not. Because its the end of something that I've loved for more than half my life. It's part of me. It's a series to go back to time and time again and realise how much you love them every single time.

God Bless


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