Thursday, 30 September 2010

Singing Chipmunks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the Chipmunks singing Burnin' Up by Jonas Brothers. I think its pretty funny Hehe

God Bless

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Robin Hood!

Guess what we watched last night. 

.........Robin Hood BBC series! We watched the 2 first episodes.YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Braedon got them while he was on the mainland on holidays on a little black box which has tons of movies on it! It dosen't connect to the tv though so we have to watch them on the computer. I loved the 2 episodes we watched! I loved

Much and

 Robin the most though. So far they are my favorite charcters.There's even a Robin Hood wiki! Now me and Rogan are arguing over which is better Merlin or Robin Hood. I think at the moment that Robin Hood is a teensy wee bit better than Merlin. Hopefully we can watch the next at least 2 episodes tonight. Even as a littler I loved listening and hearing about Robin Hood.

In sort I love Robin Hood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless

Wednesday Photo.

 Here is my Wednesday photo.

Grace is the judge this week go over to her blog for details.

God Bless

Sunday, 26 September 2010

 Hi everyone I just wanted to tell you that all of this week until Wednesday I will be posting on my theme blog
 on lotr. :D for lotr week.  :D
Thanks everyone.
God Bless

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Happy Birthday Bilbo and Frodo!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to thee
Happy birthday to thee
Happy birthday dear Frodo and Bilbo
Happy birthday to thees

Well happy birthday Bilbo and Frodo
Bilbo's turning eleventy-one! And Frodo's turning thirty-something.
Anyway Bilbo's speech:
Bilbo: "My dear Bagginses and Boffins, Tooks and Brandybucks, Grubbs, Chubbs, Hornblowers, Bolgers, Bracegirdles and Proudfoots. Today is my one hundred and eleventh birthday!"

"Alas, eleventy-one years is far too short a time to live among such excellent and admirable hobbits I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. I, uh, I h-have things to do. I regret to announce — this is The End. I am going now. I bid you all a very fond farewell. Goodbye."

Hopefully when we celebrate we won't end up looking like this though:

Also my Theme blog is now ready for posting. If you weould like to go to it click here   My first theme I am doing on it is Lord of the Rings. Daniel is the blogger who had this wonderful idea go to his blog here for details  for the Lord of the Rings week. It starts today I think.

God Bless

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Suprise Suprise

Hehe haven't I got news for you.
Cupcake has had Kittens! On Sunday while most of us were at mass (the sickies staying home). she had them. They are adorable. Here are some pics.

Cupcake and her kittens.
The sweet kittens asleep together.

But I have more news for you.

Come on guess, guess, guess and guess only after you've had a guess scroll down. Oh! And no looking at comments until you read this post.

Mummy's gonna have another BABY Due may 10th 2011 
  I'm happy oh so happy happy happy. Please prayer for a safe delivery.

God Bless

Jack Jumpers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever got bitten by a jack jumper? I have twice!!!!!!!!! I'm obviously not allergic but let me tell you how it happened. Well yesterday I was sitting on the hill in front of the rabbit hutch holding Nutmeg (Rogan's bunny). And stroking her. Well anyway I felt this pinch and presto! A Jack Jumper was digging it's fangs into my leg. Anyway I flicked it of, put the bunny back in the hutch and went back to the house. Dad was walking down the stairs at that very moment and I said quiet calmly:"I've been bitten by a Jack Jumper." Then I went and told Mummy and after looking at my kneecap (Where I was bitten). Discovered that not one but 3 jack jumper bites were on my leg. But wait there's more. This morning seeing as Rogan was sick (and still is).I went up to feed the Bunny's with Arwen and pull the bunny hutch to a grassy place. So then I feel this prick and find YET! Another Jack jumper! Rogan's allergic to Jack jumpers and every day he walks up to the Bunny's and feeds them. So he would've died! We are going to move the bunny hutch now though seeing as that whole place is covered in Jack Jumpers. Thank you God for not making me allergic. Here's a picture for you.

 Oh also my brother Braedon is now in Victoria staying with friends. He went early this morning and is now almost at their place.

God Bless

Monday, 13 September 2010

Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang!

Well, I was going to post this ages ago but it ended up being posted today. Sorry guys.

Nanny McPhee and the big bang was Awesome! We all watched it and thought it was great. The next day Daddy and Braedon bought it from Kmart!

Spoiler do not read if you don't want to spoil anything!


On a farm in Britain during World War II, Mrs. Green is driven to her wits end by her hectic life. Between trying to keep the family farm up and running and her job in the village shop, aided by the elderly and slightly mad Mrs. Docherty. She also has three boisterous children to look after, Norman, Megsie and Vincent. All of this she has to do while her husband is away at war. So when her children's two spoiled cousins,
Cyril and Celia are sent to live on their farm and another war is being fought between the two sets of children, she is in need of a little magic. She hears a mysterious voice telling her that she needs Nanny McPhee and to her astonishment, Nanny McPhee appeared on her door step one stormy night.

Nanny McPhee arrives to take matters into her own hands. At first, the children do not listen and carry on fighting, but after a bang of Nanny McPhee's stick, they soon realize that they cannot go on fighting, and the two eventually learn to tolerate each other. For instance, Megsie gives Celia some of her best clothing when the ones she brings are ruined, which had made her resort to wearing their mother's wedding dress. Meanwhile, Mrs. Green's brother in law,

Uncle Phil has gambled away the farm and is being chased down by two

hit women. He desperately attempts to make Mrs. Green sell her half of the farm, using many mean and spiteful schemes to make Mrs. Green have no choice but to sell the farm. His plans include digging a hole so that the family piglets can escape. Mrs. Green takes all the children on a picnic during which an ARP Warden, Mr. Docherty warns them all about bombs and how he imagines a pilot might accidentally release his bomb in the remote area in which the family lives. At the end of the picnic Uncle Phil delivers a telegram saying that Mr. Green has been 'killed in action' in the war. Mrs Green believes the telegram, along with everybody else. But Norman says that he can "feel it in his bones" that his father is not dead. He tells this to Cyril, who at first says it is just because he is upset, but then agrees to support and help Norman to determine the truth. So the two boys decide to ask Nanny McPhee to take them to London to the war office where Cyril and Celia's father works.

They travel to London with Norman and Cyril ask Cyril's father Lord Grey (Ralph Fiennes), who is very important in the War Office, what has happened to Mr Green. At first he scoffs at Norman when he tells him about his disbelief of his father's death, but after Cyril angrily informs his father that he knows that his parents are getting a divorce, Lord Grey goes to check what has happened. While he is gone, Cyril tells Norman that he and Celia have been sent away because their parents will be splitting up, and Norman asks where Cyril and Celia will live. When Cyril replies "with Mum I suppose, not that it makes much difference, she only ever really sees us when she wants to show us off", Norman tells Cyril that he and Celia are welcome to go and live on the farm with the Greens. Cyril's father returns and tells Norman that his father is not listed as K.I.A, but M.I.A and that there is no record of a telegram ever having been sent to Mrs Green.

The boys then leave and Norman works out that the telegram brought to his mother by Uncle Phil was in fact a fraud, the meanest of all Uncle Phil's attempts to get Mrs Green to sell the farm. While the boys were at the War Office, Megsie, Celia and Vincent were trying to stop Mrs Green from signing the papers and selling the farm, Just as Mrs Green is about to sign the papers, a huge bomb is dropped, but does not explode and is sticking out of the barley field. When Nanny McPhee returns with Norman and Cyril, the children go out to watch Mr. Docherty dismantle the bomb, but he falls from the ladder and faints, and Megsie takes over. She succeeds with the help of the other children and Nanny McPhee's putty eating bird, Mr. Edelweiss. Nanny McPhee then helps to harvest the barley, with a little magic, and she and Mrs. Docherty, who seems to be familiar with her, watch the family celebrate. During their conversation, it is revealed that Mrs. Docherty is, in fact, baby Aggie from the first film; Mrs. Docherty says to Mr. Docherty "Nanny McPhee hates 'goodbyes', I remember from when I was young' and she then holds the rattle she had as a baby seen in the first film. 'Nanny McPhee lives by a rule 'when they need her but do not want her, Nanny McPhee must stay. But when they want her but no longer need her, Nanny McPhee must go.' As Nanny McPhee walks away from the now happy family, the children and Mrs. Green chase after her, determined to prove they still need her. However they discover that they in fact do not, as they round a bend to see that their father is descending from the hill, passing Nanny McPhee along the way. Mr. Green in army uniform and with an injured arm, runs to the arms of his children and wife and rejoices in the discovering that after leaving three children to go to war, he has returned to find five.

My fav charcters are:

Cyril and

God Bless

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Writer tag.

Fiona gave me this tag ages ago. I'm pretty sure someone else did to. I forget who that is now though.

Rules: Fill out the tag, and then add two of your own questions!

Biographies, I hate biographies, they turn me off instantly! Unless it is written with a little humor, then I like it.

Your favorite era in history?
Regency, Medieval and now.

What do you write your stories on?
On paper first then computer

What is your favorite kind of character?
Silly, witty, funny, nice characters.

When you’re asked what your story is about, what is your usual reaction?
It’s a secret *hehe*

What is your biggest writing pet peeve?
When I don't get a chapter just the way I want it.

What is the biggest turn-off for you when reading a book?
How do they manage to write soooooo many words.

How many words on average do you punch out in one sitting?
100 or more.

Are you a fast typist?
I'm kind of slow.

What do you do for inspiration?
Watch movies read books ask for advice.

The truest writing quote you’ve ever heard:

What’s your favorite genre to write?

Favorite font to write with?

Favorite Book:
Rangers Apprentice, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Inheritance Cycle, Shadow of the Bear.

Least-favorite writing prompt you’ve ever received?

If you published your first book, what would you do?
Run outside and scream!

Do you write a lot or just a little now and then?

Are your story's complicated or simple to writ?
Simple and complicated.

Now, I tag
Anna Lala
God Bless

I love listening to:

Well, I'll tell you. I love listening to Taylor Swift! Yep, I do. My fav songs are: Teardrops on my Guitar, Our Song and You belong with Me.
God Bless


Fiona tagged me for this tag which she made up. Thanks Fiona!

Who is your favorite movie character: Like tooooooooooooooooooooooo many to answer.

Who is your favorite book character: Ahmik from my story. Plus Will from Rangers Apprentice.

What is your favorite food: Does chocolate count?

What is the last thing you did: Left a comment on a blog.

When did you last go to a grocery store: I forget.

Do you like to dance: Yes.

Do you like to be a goof sometimes: Uh, yeah like a lot. :D

Do you do skits for your family: Not really.

Favorite dessert: Too many to choose from.

Favorite game: Star Wars monoply.

Favorite thing to do with your family: Going on trips.

What do you want to be when you grow up: A Mummy or a Nun.

Hats or Scarves: Hats.

Jeans or skirts: Jeans but skirts are good too.

Regency or Medieval times: Medieval

Hobbits or Elves: Hobbits definitely.

If you fell and broke a bone, which would you rather have, a broken leg or a broken arm: Well considering I've had both probably a broken leg.

If you could sing in the opera would you: Probably.

Favorite drink: Fizzy drink.

Paris or London: London.

Running or walking: Walking fast.

What is your favorite colour: Pink.

Favorite weapon: Sword and bow and daggers.

What is your favorite subject in school: History.

Is this getting to long: Nope.

(last question) Favorite place that you have gone in the world: Ummmm, well, I've lived in Australia all my ennnnnnnnnnntire life. So Australia=Australia. lol.
I tag and anyone can do it:

God Bless

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


 Well I think this is a awesome Give away. Go over to Lacy's blog  for details. Sarah's Rosaries are just absolutely STUNNING! Check out her website 
The winner is drawn on September the 3rd midnight. Anyone can enter so head over there if you want an awesome Rosary!

God Bless


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