Tuesday, 14 July 2015

On Love...

...let the little children come unto Me.♥

Sometimes I find it depressing going out to town to shop and things. It might sound strange but I do.
Why do I though? Why would I? Because I look at people while I'm out.

 An old couple taking their grandchildren shopping because there parents are working or too busy to look after them. A person who looks like the world is going to end or like they don't have a purpose in life.
 Just the other day when I was out shopping a young family was shopping for clothes in K-Mart. They were a sad family. Not because they themselves seemed down in the dumps, exactly. But because they didn't seem to actually BE happy. The mother swore at one of her children and then said to that child they weren't having lunch and she then proceeded to tell her husband that she was done and she just wanted to go. The children were tired. The little boy was hungry. Sure sometimes kids are naughty in shops. But this is usually because they are hungry or tired or just plain bored.
I felt emotionally sorry for the children and for the parents.
A little while later we went to a different part of the shop and from there you are very near the check-out. This same family was at the check-out and the little boy was hanging off the side of it. I think he was still saying he was hungry. They paid for their things and left. A little while later a little boy in K-Mart was calling for his Dad who he had seemed to have lost in the shop. A K-Mart person was noted and I hope they found his father for him.

These two most encounters made me so sad. I forgot about it but then was reminded of them again, later when we were at Aldi's. There was a mother and her twelve or so year old boys. She was looking at something and one of the boys was trying to touch whatever she had. She told them in an irritated voice to stop that. However, when one of the boys said. "We're just trying to help." Her reply was "I know but you aren't really." It was the way she said it!!! She said it with gentleness and kindness. How a mother SHOULD talk to her children. I had been rather unhappy earlier hearing the other family in K-Mart but this exchange lifted my spirits a lot. Can you guess what the difference was?

It was love. Love is the most powerful and wonderful thing in the universe. Maybe that first mother hadn't been shown any love or proper substantial kindness in her life, maybe she was only doing as she had been taught growing up. If so it was a very poor upbringing.

Food for thought. 
In today's society we will find many people who are selfish or are very-short tempered. Even to their own children. This is NOT how children should be treated. I don't know about you, but I've always wanted to adopt all of the unloved children in the world. It might sound like a totally absurd and strange thing to think but the truth is that a lot of people aren't loved at all in their lives. And that is a tragedy. Children deserve love and kindness. If they don't have them growing up, they won't be able to show this as adults.

So to all those people who look after children, who talk to the children with love. I thank you. Love is a free gift yet for some, it's seem like the most expensive and hard to give gift in the world. NEVER FORGET TO LOVE!!!

God Bless

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

What I listen to......

I've always been a big fan of listening to things. Audio-books, music, anything really.
Since getting an I-Pod Touch for my birthday which I named Mr Reese (Person of Interest) and the case that I have for it is Sherlock, I've been enjoying being able to listen to a lot of stuff, without having to ask Mum if I could use her I-Pod.
One of the coolest things about having my own I-Pod is that I can get podcasts! It's really exciting. And one of the stations I've been listening to a fair bit this past six months or so, is a Catholic Radio Station called 'Catholic Answers Live' 
This was first found by my brother Saxon who began to download some of them and I started to listen to them.
Catholic Answers is an amazing radio show with an awesome website which I have not really looked at that much, but has thousands of articles on varying issues. Their talks are excellent and top notch and they broadcast every day except Sunday which is awesome. I love checking my I-Pod in the morning to see what interesting Podcasts have been added. :D
Their slogan is to 'Defend and explain the Faith'.
They do many different broadcasts. The thing is though, that they have different people from different backgrounds ring them up and ask questions they are always respectful and kind and try to do their best to help the caller. I've learnt a lot from listening to them. I've enjoyed learning more about my faith, and also to be more respectful towards people of different religious backgrounds. Yes, I'm proud to be Catholic, but that means that sometimes I'm a little full of myself and can be rather judgmental of other people. It's a very big failing of mine. :(
Some of the podcasts I skip and some I listen to. It really depends on what I'm interested in listening to. Some of my favourites are the Street Evangelisation broadcasts as they are really interesting.
I even have favourite apologists. Tim Staples is a definite favourite as is Brant Pitre. Trent Horn is becoming a favourite, too. At least some of his :)
Catholic Answers' radio has been going for as long as I've been on this good earth. They've done an excellent job of facing various issues with both compassion, respectfulness, and the solid truths of the Catholic Faith.
I think that a lot of the time people who aren't Catholic hear a lot of misconceptions about Catholics. That's why Catholic Answers is such a great website, it's there for anyone. Catholic, Protestant and non-Christains alike. If you ever had any query about the Catholic Faith I would most strongly advise you to pop over to the website and type in what you are confused about. They have anything and everything on there.
Catholic Answers makes me proud to be a Catholic though in a proud glad kind of way, I love listening to people who actually know what they are talking about and who know that really the Catholic Church is an amazing thing. So pop on over to their website. You have no idea what you'll be missing out on! :D
Thanks be to God for Catholic Answers!

God Bless

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Let's Talk About Some Glass Slippers....

Hi everyone. How have you all been? Today I am finally getting around to reviewing Disney's live-action version of Cinderella. I am so glad I got to see it at the movies! :D
Scroll down to the end if you don't want spoilers.

So where do I begin? I really really wanted to see this at the movies. Seriously I watched the trailer about a million times and got really hyped because of it. But I wanted to wait for Autumn and Eden to come home from college to watch it with them. Also, it was getting close to the end of lent.
Anyway, as it turned out, we all ended up going to see it! Including Mummy and Daddy and Braedon and Anna-Lisa and Balian! His first movie at the movies I think. :D
It was so much fun!

Okay, just so everyone knows, I think that Cinderella is way better than the new adaptation of both Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Both of those are a lot darker and I enjoyed Cinderella's story and characters much more. Because of how both Snow White and Maleficent had been so different from their originals I had also expected Cinderella to be so. So I was a little disappointed in that area. But honestly guys, it was also such a great movie!

It follows the animated Disney very closely but also it added other things in like Ella's mother (who was awesome!) and lots of Kit hem Prince Charming!

'Have courage and be kind' This was such a wonderful quote from Ella's mother and also something that can be used in the every day. And Ella truly does live it. She was a warm-hearted, loving character. Even though the mice in the movie didn't actually talk I loved it how she set them up a table for them to eat on. She was very courageous, always remembering what her Mother told her. I was actually a little surprised when her fairy Godmother showed up and she said that there was no such thing, or something along those lines! After all her mother talked to her about all of that before she died, and I thought that she believed that too. 
 She had some beautiful clothes. I mean I would honestly love to own all of her dresses. Even her every day one! Although I didn't her original dress for the ball. Her ball dress was fantastic!!! But I think that out of them all I loved her wedding dress the best. I know it sounds weird, right?  
I really liked it how she was miffed at Kit when she worked out that he was actually the Prince. Because he HAD told her the truth. :P The part where they went to the garden and there was the swing was lovely! And then when she is found at almost at the end, singing up in her attic, that was nice, too.

Kit was my favourite character. He was a strong character and it was really awesome how he actually respected his father. And he talked! Prince Charming talks? Never! I loved it how he used Ella's words when he is speaking to the Grand Duke. 'Just because it's done doesn't mean it's what should be done.' And then he does this little grin thing. :D I think that my favourite bit with Kit was when his father was dying, and you see that deep down inside he really is just a boy compared to his father, and he just lies down beside his father as he is dying. That honestly I have to say, was very emotional for me, :) It was my favourite bit out of the entire movie. :) I also enjoyed how he became the King because usually, in fairy tales, he's only a Prince. Being King seemed really something more mature and I liked that. Oh! And he totally liked Ella from the moment he met her. Just saying! 
I was really glad that he didn't actually stay behind at the castle when the Grand Duke went about on his quest with the glass slipper. I asked my six-year-old sister Arwen what her favourite bit was and she said. 'When he was disguised!' I liked that he went out and found Ella himself. Kit was awesome. I had expected more of him, but I must say that he did do a very good job anyway. :)

It doesn't exactly say carriage...

The Fairy Godmother was funny! The day after we went and saw it Rogan and Autumn were making me laugh saying. 'I'm your Hairy Dogfather.' Although to be truthful, Rogan was laughing about it first and he made me laugh, too. That line was pretty funny! If I had to use only a few words to describe the fairy Godmother I would use 'eccentric' and 'kind' because she was both in bucketfuls! She also was very amusing. It was nice how she still kept Ella's original dress, but put her own twist on it. And her dialogue when finding to find something that really said 'carriage' was also quite funny.

Madam will do! 
I suppose I should also mention the Stepmother. She was a good bad guy, but I do think that she could have been a little bit better. I think I was expecting a bit more of a back-story as to why she was like how she was. That probably would not have worked, however, because the focus would have been taken off Ella and her story. She was funny though, with how she basically forced two gentleman to dance with her daughters. And how she was mouthing at them from across the dance floor to 'project'. 

The stepsisters. I honestly didn't think that much more their performance. They were there because they were part of the story, but I didn't think they were fantastic.

Negativities: Okay so I'm just going to spell out a few things I would have liked better/wished they would have done. 
1. Had a bit more on Kit. I know the story is about Ella but anyway. :P
2. A litte more of a back story on the stepmother
3. Perhaps a little bit more different from the scource material.

I just don't want anyone to think that I thought this was the best movie ever, but neither do I want it to sound like I didn't like it at all. I want to be as honest as possible. :)

So to end this post: I really enjoyed Cinderella. It was a visually stunning movie, with great effects (like the lizards and goose) good characters and I'm sure I will like it even more when I watch it again. True, it did leave me wanting a little more in the story, just a bit, but it was really good! 
Well done Disney!!! 

God Bless

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Little Letters....Maze-Runner Style.

NOTE: Do not read if you want spoilers. Because you don't.

Dear Thomas....Thank you for being such an awesome, relatable character. You stand up for what you believe in, you're kind and forgive even though the person might have done something like kill one of your best friends. You know it wasn't his fault.You are my second favourite after all. Thank you.

Dear Teresa......I don't understand you that much at all, to be honest. I think I liked you best in the first book. After that I began to feel a little like Thomas, resentful towards you. What you did however in the end showed that no matter how strange a character you might have seemed, you still possessed the knack to be a hero.

Dear Minho...seriously you made me laugh sometimes! Your sarcastic snarky comments would probably in real life make me find you more than a little irritating. You are a product of your background, and being stuck in the Glade for an extended period of time certainly can make you like that. Thanks for sticking up for Thomas. Oh! And what you did to Jorge in Scorch Trials? I totally loved that. :D

Dear Brenda.....I liked you a lot. Thank you for not disappointing me in book three when I was confused about your intentions. Your relationship with Jorge I really enjoyed also. Oh, and Thomas totally deserved you. :)

Dear Chuck.....Oh my gosh, Chuck, you are so adorable!!! Thank you for being there when Thomas didn't seem to have any friends whatsoever. Thank you for helping him along, and being his friend. Thank you for being just so adorable and cute, even when you're trying to act tough. Thanks for playing that trick on Gally.

Dear Newt....Okay,,,,,I'm already feeling a little melancholy. Seriously Newt, you are my all-time favourite out of the entire trilogy. I loved it how you were the only one who called Thomas 'Tommy'. Though pretty much every sentence you said I had to edit out a word as I went along, I still loved you. I loved the fact that you were the glue, it made so much sense. I loved it how you, Thomas and Minho were together at the start of book three taking a stand, you guys had me laughing. :) I really hate the Flare just in case you were wondering! I guess I should have seen the signs, you're my favourite character, your're blonde, and that usually means for guy characters that I like, that you die. You did not disappoint on that score.

Dear Aris, as a secondary character I liked you, but then you teamed up with Teresa and I didn't like you that much. It would have been nice if there had been more of you in book three.

Dear Gally...Honestly in the first book I didn't like you one little bit, but when we met you again in the third book and when you decided to go with Thomas and save the other Immunes I liked you a lot more. You aren't by far a favorite of mine, but I'm glad you ended up on the good side.

To Ava Paige...At the end I liked you. Still the end does not justify the means.

To Rat Man....I hate you. 'Nuff said.

As you can see I've just finished reading the Maze-Runner trilogy. They were really good books! I enjoyed them, although I did find them a bit depressing. If you've seen the movie, read the books! As always the books are better, I hope you'll agree. :)

God Bless

Friday, 6 March 2015

"That icky-sticky stuff is only fit for Heffalumps and Woosels"

Okay. No it's not but it certainly deserves a big fat overrated label on it! Do you want to know what I'm talking ranting about. I'll tell you:
Honestly guys, I just don't get it! It's a spread that's SUPPOSE to go on wait for it BREAD! Why is it when I search on Google for things like cheesecake, or anything sweet they always have a recipe that contains peanut butter. Why would you want to have that?! It's not sweet!
Now, assuming your American and totally love Peanut Butter you may be asking the question. "What is she going on about? Peanut butter is amazing!" Okay, Yeah I know. But let's search for a minute....................................................................................................................
See what I mean?
But wait there's more:

And more

So you get the picture, right. I don't understand how you could put peanut butter in things like cheesecakes, cookies, cupcakes and all those sweet kinds of things.
Yes, I know that there are a ton of recipes that DON'T have peanut butter in them, but I'm just having a bit of fun ranting about this. :)
Don't get me wrong, I love to have peanut butter. Just not in sweet stuff. On bread. :P To some people that must sound really strange, but it's true. In fact, I wonder if my peanut butter is different to what you guys have.............I have no idea honestly.
I made a caramel slice a while back and it said to use quite a large amount of peanut butter. Then it was sort of like this:

Hhhm. Yeah, so I didn't like it at all.

NOOOOOOOO Don't ruin the oreos! 
Anyway, that's pretty much all I'm going to say on the subject. It was fun to do this blog post. :) I'm sorry if there are any typos or accidental bad spelling. I haven't really checked that. :)
God Bless

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My many identities..........

Now, if you know me in real life you might be surprised at some of the nicknames I have, some have been around for ages, others are used only occasionally and some aren't really used at all anymore. So here is my list:
Porthos-Probably the fattest and most jovial out of the three Musketeers. So we have this young readers version of The Three Musketeers which has a cool cover of the three musketeers and we always said that I was Porthos. This originated from my older siblings telling the story of watching a version of the Three Musketeers at our Grandparents house (I don't remember me watching it) and Porthos was the one who was eating drum sticks or something and he was really funny. That's how it started anyway, but now if we even start talking about The Three Musketeers I'm Porthos. I've seen three different versions of Porthos being: The Three Musketeers (1993) which I got for Christmas because I really like it a lot. The Three Musketeers (2011) and The Musketeers ( T. V. series 2014-) My personal favourite, and who I think really is the best version of Porthos is the 1993 version. I would also add that probably from book to movie it is not the most faithful, but it sure makes for a great story.

I probably don't get called Porthos that much, but I've played Halo online with Rogan and Saxon and Eden (their respective characters being Aramais, Athos and D'artagnan) and my Steam profile is Porthos. :)

Legolas/The Elf- If any nickname is common out of all of mine, this is the one. The name 'The Elf' which eventually included Legolas as well started with my brother Saxon rhyming peoples names with different things. For instance, Eden was Eden of Sweden ect. So my name rhymes with Elven so Saxon began to call me Vellvin Da Elven. In fact my Instagram profile is that! :D Once I became Vellvin Da Elven it quickly became Legolas. I've gotta say I really like this nickname. I find that as a character Legolas is better int the Hobbit as he actually talks a lot. But I like LOTR better than the Hobbit, hence the reason why the picture is LOTR. :)

Flea- Okay, I know what you are thinking...What a weird name, right? Who would want a nickname like Flea? Well, really how it started is a bit of a long story.
A few years back, Mum bought this cartoon DVD series which was Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales. Now, I am honestly not an expert on Fairy Tales but there is one of the stories which we watched called 'The Professor and the Flea'. And it's about this Professor and his performing Flea. They get stranded on this island where there are cannibals and the flea manages to safe them by amusing the spoiled Princess who is in charge. Autumn and I find this very amusing indeed. And we have a habit of being a bit stupid, both of us, as sister are from time to time. :) And Autumn found that whatever I was doing was very funny. The Princess in the story says. "You amuse me, Flea!" And that is exactly what Autumn said. So in other words I'm the Flea and she's the Princess. :) I told you it was a long story. :)

Sergie- This is once again a nickname that Saxon gave me. I don't know how many of you guys ahve seen Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. I actually haven't even seen all of it. I fell asleep in it. :P But at the start of it the main guy is locked in a prison, and his team breaks him out. But he also helps one of his cell-mates out of the prison as well. This other prisoner calls him 'Sergie' even though his name is not that. So Saxon got into the habit of coming home from work and saying 'Sergie' to me. Of course this one hasn't been used in a very long time. :)
This is Balian and I the other week. 
Belvie- This is my oldest nickname ever. Well, technically what it was suppose to be is 'Velvie' but the littler ones never actually said the 'V' at the start of it, but instead added a B. I think it will be really sad when they are bigger because it means that they will no longer refer to me as Belvie. Which will be really sad. :( When I'm talking to Arwen and Trahaearn I usually call myself Belvie. Trahaearn is the one who says my name like that the most.

So there you have it. Those are some of my nicknames/identities. What do you think?

God Bless

Friday, 13 February 2015

To let you know....

Hello everyone! How are you all? I am much better than I was on Monday. Guess what! I can walk!! :D :D The CT scan showed that I had no broken bones. *clap clap clap* My bruises and grazes are healing nicely, which is a relief and I've been able to do some of the stuff which I couldn't do while being lounge-bound. :) Thank you so much for all of your prayers. I really, really appreciated every single one of them! :) I'm sorry that I didn't update you all sooner, but I've been really busy and yesterday I spent a majority of time cooking. :) I made pound cake which was great! :) And strawberry cheescake and yeah, it was just really good. Thank you for praying for me! :)

God Bless

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Maze Runner (A Review)

Hello everyone! :)
So anyway, as my foot trouble is going I've heard nothing new, Hopefully I'll hear something later today, anbd I pray, that it is a good result! But today I'm not really talking about that. Today I'm talking about the movie I watched on Saturday.
Now, just so you know, I have no idea how good from book-to-movie this is. I hope to read the books soon. :)

The Maze Runner is a movie which is very interesting. Don't get me wrong. I really enjoyed it. It was a good movie, but if you want a clear-cut plot then you'd better go and find something else to watch. :)
Basically it's about a colony of people who live in a glade in the middle of the maze. They get sent new supplies and one new person each month, and each and everyone one of them only remembers what their name is. They have no idea who they were before the maze. And no idea why they were sent to the maze, either. They've been trying to chart the maze for three years, trying to find a way out of it, but with not very much success at all. They have a few people who go out into the maze each day, charting it, and they are called Maze-Runners, but they always need to get back to the glade before sun set as the maze blocks the entrance to the glade at that time. No one has ever survived a night in the maze. Ever.
 Thomas (the main character) is sent to the maze and is more determined, and curious then most others, thinking and trying new ways to get out of the maze. And he becomes a Maze-Runner. That's all I'm going to tell you about the plot. :) Otherwise it would ruin it all. :)

The characters I want to cover:
Thomas: Thomas was a good main character and seemed different than the other people in the glade. Which obviously meant that the plot went forward nicely. It is hard to formulate how much you like a character if you don't have much back story, but he was still a good lead.

Chuck: Okay, he was just really cute. I feel really sad that he has no idea who his parents were. 'sniff' He is so much younger than everyone else, which makes him stand out more. And I don't want to say very much about him because I'm trying to avoid spoilers.

Newt: Newt was probably one of my favourite characters. He certainly knows how to look out for people and is wise enough to see that Thomas is the one they need to follow.

Gally: Honestly he was soooooo irritating!!! And stupid!!! He was also hard to think of as a different character than Eustace. I mean he just looks like Eustace!

Minho: Okay. I think Minho was my other favourite character. He was a strong, good guy. The leader of the runners he knows more about the maze than anyone else and he follows Thomas's lead. I just really liked him. :)

Umm, who else? Oh! Alby he wasn't that interesting, and Teresa was really not that interesting either. I'm sorry if this review is quite short, but I'm just being quick today. :) And most reviews take me quite a while, but this is easier. :)
In short the Maze-Runner is a interesting, different movie. And the ending? I have no idea what to think now! I hope I can read the books soon. Rogan and I are already talking about going to see the second when it comes out this year! :D

Anna-Lisa and Balian came over on Saturday and she watched Maze-Runner with us. Trahaearn was the only little one home and he wanted to hold his nephew. It was so cute! :D

God Bless

Monday, 9 February 2015

In which I tell the story of my accident.........

Hello everyone. How are you all? I'm pretty well besides living on the lounge most of the time. :)
You may ask why I am spending most of my time on the lounge. Truthfully, I wish I wasn't. But I suppose I'd better start from the beginning:

I've been lounge-bound since Sunday of last week. This was because I had a panic attack on the way to mass and jumped out of the car. Thankfully the car had only just started up again, and even though my foot went under one of the wheels, I am pretty okay. Even so, that Sunday was really, really, difficult. I felt emotionally shattered. I had grazes on my upper legs, knees, feet, one on my side and two on my lower back. Goody. NOT!!!!
 The pain for the first few days was quite a lot. Today I"m feeling much better. I'm just annoyed that I can't go around doing stuff, like I normally do.
On Monday I went to see the Doctor and he said that everything should be fine, beyond some bruising and a bit of pain. The nurses bandaged me up and we went home.

 On Tuesday I went to see our family Doctor and she said that I would need to get X-rays just to be sure. So that meant having to go to another place, wait around for half and hour or so, and then get x-rays which were extremely uncomfortable because I needed to move this way, or that, and my knees were quite sore still, even though they were bandaged. Anyway, after that Mum and I went home.
By Thursday which was when I was going to see our family doctor again, I was actually walking around the house doing stuff, although I still was getting tired more easily. But guess what!!! The Doctor told Mum that the x-rays hadn't been clear on my left foot, and they weren't sure if I had a broken bone in my foot! I know it wasn't the Doctor's fault but it was still irritating. :( Which meant that I needed to have crutches until I could go for a CT scan. Which is today. I"m hoping that there is no broken bone.

 I've been on the lounge most of the time since Sunday of last week and I've gotta say, that it is losing it's charm. I've done quite a bit of reading, but just sitting and reading all day has gotten rather dull. I know, that sounds so weird! Me, being bored of reading?! Never! It's more the inability to do anything else. So yeah. There was one book that I started on Friday and finished on Saturday, which I was very proud of.

 It was called the Crystal Snowstorm and it is one of a series! :D I really enjoyed it! And then Anna-Lisa  and Balian came over on Saturday night and I got to hold Balian for a bit, even though he was crying, and that was nice. She also brought chocolate, which is always a plus. :) And we watched the Maze Runner which was really good, if somewhat confusing. Hopefully I'll be able to write about it in a few days. :)

So to end this post: Being lounge-bound is irritating but it does have it's perks. My CT scan is this afternoon and I"m really worried that I'll have a broken bone. I'd really appreciate any prayers that it is not so. Because I just don't want to spend anymore time on a lounge then I need to. And I'm also seeing a nurse this afternoon to look at my grazes. I'm not really worried about that as Mum knows what she's doing when it comes to that. She really is a great Doctor.
Jesus I trust in you. 
So yeah, if you guys could pray for me, and for a good outcome, that would be awesome. :) I'm also sorry if this post rambles a bit but I'm sort of just getting the facts out. :)
God Bless

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Today is a day well worth celebrating!

Do you know why????????

I'll give you a hint. No, in fact I'll just tell you. It's because this very day 202 years ago one of the most funny, witty, well-written books ever was published.
 It was called Pride and Prejudice by a certain Miss Jane Austen. :) And who is a very distant relation of ours, who we call our very dear cousin.
Now, seeing as it on our calendar as our official Jane Austen day we've put together some things we're going to do.

1. Pick a scene out of the better-than-best '95 version to act out and hopefully film
2. Complain about how we want to go to Brighton
3. Take a turn around the room
4. Go for a walk to Meryton (So just a walk down our driveway)
5. Thump out a P&P sounding tune on our pianoforte (Umm *cough cough* keyboard)

6. Read some parts out of the book in different voices for fun.
7. Do embroidery
8. Make a display of Jane Austen books
A picture of Mr. Darcy because he is amazing
9. Make pound cake
10. Make tea
11. And most importantly have them while we watch one of the greatest mini series of all time.

And don't forget:
“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

God Bless


Monday, 26 January 2015

What I've been reading, listening and watching........lately

Hi everyone.
Well, holidays are almost finished here. Which means that next week we're back to school. In some ways I'm happy and in other ways I'm sad. I'm glad that we'll have a routine more so than we have had in the holidays. But I'm sad because the holidays are really slow days which actually go quickly. :) Anyway, that wasn't the reason I'm writing this post so I'll just get to the point. I'd like to share what I've been doing, as the title suggests, so here we go.

I haven't been reading that much,. *shock gasp horror* I know, it's just that I've been watching a lot of stuff. The few things I have been reading are:

Return of the King. This being only a little bit. I'm up to the 'Field of Cormallen' but as I've said I have only read a tiny bit of it. I'm so proud that I'm going so well with it. :)

Castaways in Time: The After Cilmeri series book six. This is another time-traveling book which is highly enjoyable. It is what I would term more lighter reading. Still, if you are in the mood for medieval times, welsh characters and an interesting story-line I then  go for it! It is a bit more adulty though, here and there. My favourite is still Prince of Time, but any of the series is good. :)

 Heroes of Olympus: The Blood of Olympus. So this is probably the one I've been focusing on most. I don't know how many of you remember Mabel, but she finished House of Hades and then she said she reckoned she'd finish it before I did. And being the none competitive person that I am, I agreed. NOT. So now I'm pretty confident I'll finish it before her. :) It's true I'm enjoying reading it, it's better than the Lost Hero but it still cannot beat Son of Neptune or Mark of Athena and the reason I'm saying it is not better than House of Hades is because there are actual Percy and Annabeth points of view in them whereas we have in Blood of Olympus:
Jason = Dull
Piper = Alright
Leo = Funny
Nico = Good
Reyna = Good.
Whereas if we had Percy's point of view I'd rate it as:
Percy = Awesome. :)
It's a good book it's just not as enjoyable because Percy gets shoved to the back as a secondary character. And because it needs to be said: Percy Jackson is way better than Jason Grace. Seriously, he is. :)

What I've been listening to.
So Autumn showed me this video the other week and so now I have it on my I-Pod and I've been listening to it a lot.
It's called 'I'm so Catholic'. You won't get it unless your Catholic though. Oh, and I can sing some of it, too.
But recently as in since about Thursday I've been listening to two other songs more, they are:
Hooked on a Feeling
Come and Get Your Love. Honestly if I didn't have Hooked on a Feeling off GOTG I'd say that it was junk. :) I'm just loving listening to these two, I hope that the sequel has more of these kind of songs (as in the Awesome Mix 2).
Weird Al Yankovic. He is so funny with his parodies. The one that I've been listening to the most is:
Ode to a Superhero 
Anthem Lights. Saxon got me the album 'You have my Heart' and my two favourtie songs of it are
Dear Hollywood and Closer than the Angels.
'Dear Hollywood' just seems so true to life and 'Closer than the Angels' makes me feel happy. :)
I've added a healthy dose of Brandon Heath and then yeah, that's what I've been listening to.

Now onto watching.....This is fun. :D

I've started watching Sherlock with Rogan as he now has permission to watch it! He really likes it. :) We've only watched 'A Study in Pink' and 'The Blind Banker' so far. Hopefully we'll be watching 'The Great Game' tonight. :) He can't decide if he likes Sherlock or John better. :) And he loved the whole John-being-Sherlock-mix-up in episode two.
I've also watched some Gilmore Girls but now after some thinking on it, I don';t want to continue watching the series anymore. Just a bit more than I want as once again, it's a bit more older. Oh, and can you guess what I've mostly been watching?

THIS! TADA!!! :D I am just so totally loving it! I think I might like it better than Sherlock. :) Or at least there even. It's been so much fun watching Person of Interest because My Dad likes it and Rogan can watch it too, which means that we've all been watching it together. :) And the characters are now so dear to me. John, Harold, Carter and Fusco. And we're just on season 2. And John rescued Harold and Root is such a good bad guy and I have no idea what is going to happen next! Oh and we haven't heard anything from Elias in a while and what is Kara doing back and Fusco and Carter know they're on the same side. And John and Harold are really good friends and John's got a dog and Harold's reaction to it was so sweet. :) It's all just, so very, very, good. And as you can see I'm fangirling. :)

Anyway I'd better go. :)

God Bless


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