Monday, 9 February 2015

In which I tell the story of my accident.........

Hello everyone. How are you all? I'm pretty well besides living on the lounge most of the time. :)
You may ask why I am spending most of my time on the lounge. Truthfully, I wish I wasn't. But I suppose I'd better start from the beginning:

I've been lounge-bound since Sunday of last week. This was because I had a panic attack on the way to mass and jumped out of the car. Thankfully the car had only just started up again, and even though my foot went under one of the wheels, I am pretty okay. Even so, that Sunday was really, really, difficult. I felt emotionally shattered. I had grazes on my upper legs, knees, feet, one on my side and two on my lower back. Goody. NOT!!!!
 The pain for the first few days was quite a lot. Today I"m feeling much better. I'm just annoyed that I can't go around doing stuff, like I normally do.
On Monday I went to see the Doctor and he said that everything should be fine, beyond some bruising and a bit of pain. The nurses bandaged me up and we went home.

 On Tuesday I went to see our family Doctor and she said that I would need to get X-rays just to be sure. So that meant having to go to another place, wait around for half and hour or so, and then get x-rays which were extremely uncomfortable because I needed to move this way, or that, and my knees were quite sore still, even though they were bandaged. Anyway, after that Mum and I went home.
By Thursday which was when I was going to see our family doctor again, I was actually walking around the house doing stuff, although I still was getting tired more easily. But guess what!!! The Doctor told Mum that the x-rays hadn't been clear on my left foot, and they weren't sure if I had a broken bone in my foot! I know it wasn't the Doctor's fault but it was still irritating. :( Which meant that I needed to have crutches until I could go for a CT scan. Which is today. I"m hoping that there is no broken bone.

 I've been on the lounge most of the time since Sunday of last week and I've gotta say, that it is losing it's charm. I've done quite a bit of reading, but just sitting and reading all day has gotten rather dull. I know, that sounds so weird! Me, being bored of reading?! Never! It's more the inability to do anything else. So yeah. There was one book that I started on Friday and finished on Saturday, which I was very proud of.

 It was called the Crystal Snowstorm and it is one of a series! :D I really enjoyed it! And then Anna-Lisa  and Balian came over on Saturday night and I got to hold Balian for a bit, even though he was crying, and that was nice. She also brought chocolate, which is always a plus. :) And we watched the Maze Runner which was really good, if somewhat confusing. Hopefully I'll be able to write about it in a few days. :)

So to end this post: Being lounge-bound is irritating but it does have it's perks. My CT scan is this afternoon and I"m really worried that I'll have a broken bone. I'd really appreciate any prayers that it is not so. Because I just don't want to spend anymore time on a lounge then I need to. And I'm also seeing a nurse this afternoon to look at my grazes. I'm not really worried about that as Mum knows what she's doing when it comes to that. She really is a great Doctor.
Jesus I trust in you. 
So yeah, if you guys could pray for me, and for a good outcome, that would be awesome. :) I'm also sorry if this post rambles a bit but I'm sort of just getting the facts out. :)
God Bless


  1. Oh gosh Vellvin that sounds awful! I hope you get better really soon and you'll be in my prayers!

    1. Thank you, Arda. :) I've been to the CT scan but we won't find out until either tomorrow or Thursday if my bone in my foot is actually broken which is really irritating!! I just hope it isn't. :)

      God Bless,

  2. Oh Vellvin! I'm so sorry. I hope you feel better soon and that you haven't broken anything. I'm praying for you over here.
    BTW though, isn't the Crystal Snowstorm amazing? I've read the whole series and they're all epic. A definite favourite:)

    1. Thanks so much, Kat! I won't know until tomorrow or Thursday but I sure hope that it isn't! :)
      YES!!! It was awesome! I want to read the next one as soon as possible. :)

  3. Ouch! That must hurt. I will pray for you and I hope your foot isn't broken. It sounds like you had a bad week. I am dying to know...what is it like to jump out of a car? you don't have to answer. get well soon.

    1. It did. Thank you for your prayers Benjamin.
      It happened in a rush really, I just felt like I needed to get out and next thing I knew I was on the side of the road hurt. So yeah, that something I want to do again. :)

  4. Hey, easy there. Accidents do happen when we least expect them, but they shouldn't be a burden that only you should bear. You should have a better sense of the larger picture on that, so that you would truly track the factors and prevent it from ever happening again. In any case, I hope that you are faring better. Take care!

    Jerry Brady @ Lambert And Williams


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