Sunday, 25 September 2011

Guess where I am!! :D

Guess where I am!! :D :D

I am at this very moment in the S's study typing this bu here's the big thing : I AM IN VICTORIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, I truly am. :)
Well we boarded the ship on Friday night and found our cabin and recliners (I was in a recliner) and tha went up to the top off the ship (or as far as we could go) and waved. It was a little creepy seeing the ship sailing away from the shore but it looked like the shore was actually moving instead of the ship :)
Well we stayed up for awhile and then me and Rogan went to our chairs and fell asleep and Autumn woke me up at about three to see the start of Melbourne!!! Than I went back to sleep and woke up again as we were just almost landed and woke up Rogan.
Once we were of the boat we headed over to Geelong and went to the university Kynan is studying at. We stayed there for a while and than we went to the Geelong McDonald's and had breakfast.
After that we headed back into Melbourne and just as we were going out of the tunnel the car stalled.
Pretty freaky huh? Um, yeah. Picture this: Your driving out of the tunnel and suddenly the car stops and whoa!! You are right in the middle and there are cars honking at you right behind you. We got it going and sped off to Aunty Judith's. (who by the way we haven't seen in years) and after staying there for 2 hours for lunch we set off on the longest stretch of travelling to the S's. Braedon left us at about half way and went to pick up Anna-Lisa who was in Bendigo and because of that Braedon took his car and the people who were in his car came into the big car where I was. :)
It was mostly us girls in that car and we took turns coloring in pictures and making them really wacky.
Arwen threw up a while later and Trahaearn was being really unsettled so we had to stop to feed him a few times finally we got to the S's at about 7:45 pm and us older kids minus Saxon who had gone to sleep stayed up with Benedict and Nellie to wait for Anna-Lisa and Braedon.
Than once they came we watched a movie and I fell asleep and went to bed and got up at Seven i the morning and went to 8:30 am mass with Nellie, Mrs. S. Mr. S, Rogan, Moran and Myffwyn which was really nice. :)
And now I'm sitting here blogging and we are going to Latin Mass tonight which I am very excited about. :D
I'd better go but just wanted to update you. :D

God Bless

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Winners of the Caption Contest!

I'm sorry everyone that I haven't annouced the winners yet but I have been really busy preparing for our trip starting on the 23rd so I have been occupied.
Anyway without further distraction the winners:
Jack and Elizabeth: Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest
For picture number one the winner is..........Laura!!! Caption Jack" Where did you get that?"
Merry and Pippin: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.
For picture number two the winner is.........Naomi!!! Caption: "Do you think this smile will impress her?"
Edith, Agnes, Margo and Gru:Despicable Me
For picture number three the winner is........Autumn!! Caption: "I should not have let you drive the car. We're going to get a speeding ticket!!"
Gideon and Milly: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
For picture number four the winner is.........JT!!!! Caption "Yes, I know that. But you still can't leave that chair until you've finished your spinach."

Qui-Gon and Obi-wan: The Phantom Menace.
For picture number five the winner is........Eden!!!!! Caption "Qui-Gon "Do I have a rip on MY cloak?" Obi-Wan "It wouldn't be accurate to say yes." Qui-Gon "What do you mean?"
"You have a clean cut on your cloak not a rip" Obi-Wan says as he starts to run away from Qui-Gon as Qui-Gon starts toward him.

Mother Gothel:Tangled 
For picture number six the winner is.......Naomi!!!! Caption "It's easy, all you have to do is smile like this."

Peter: Prince Caspian
For picture number seven the winners are.......Squires and Maids and Anonymous!!!! Anonymous caption "I SAID NO CAMERAS!!!" Squires and Maids "Grenade!!!!!"

Here's the award everyone!!
Great job :D
God Bless

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Last Tuesday (not yesterday) Saxon, Braedon, Autumn, Eden, Rogan and I all went to learn how to dance.
We are being taught by an old couple from church and yesterday we went for our 3rd lesson.
Anyway back to Tuesday. We were all very shy when we got there plus, I couldn't get the stupid waltz right and Eden just after watching Mr. C. show Autumn and Braedon how when it was her turn went quite fabulously (which I admit) I was pretty annoyed about.
We paired up into sets and started practicing the waltz. Me and Saxon together, Autumn and Braedon together and Rogan and Eden together.
We spent 2 hours there and we also started to learn the Pride of Erin and the Jive.
On Saturday morning we went back but Rogan stayed home and we found that we had improved and than on yesterday we went back and our timing was going really well!!
My favourite is the Pride of Erin because it has a lot of different sequences and is quite fun but trying to turn while waltzing makes me dizzy after a bit.
The reason we are learning how to dance is because Autumn's Deb ball is going to be here very soon and we want to dance so we need to learn and we are actually leaving about two weeks earlier before and so we need to know as many dances as possible.
Next time on Saturday we get to learn the Tango..!!!

God Bless

Saturday, 10 September 2011


I don't know what it is like in other homes or places, but I love my family!!! <3
i don't understand how some people would rather be with their friends than there own family it just seems so strange an alien to me. )
That friendly banter, that time spent together watching a movie or listening to a book or just talking about whatever you feel like talking about. Those are the memories I will cherish: the ones that really are worth remembering.
All our family is very close. I don't think I could ever want it but that way. The times that we just would plot and whisper about some really cool idea or plan that would be awesome to do if we could. That is how I see closeness. Not by simply having dinner at the table with no conversation, with no love, with no interest in what everyone is pursuing or planning on doing. That indeed would be folly.
List of Joy:
The joy of everyone's company.
The joy of having your oldest brother home.
The joy of feeling happy and content.
The joy of thanking God.
The joy of being "in" the moment instead of out.
The joy of knowing that in the worst time or places they will always be there to get you out. No matter what.
The joy of being thankful that you weren't born an only child.
The joy that you will always love you and they will always love you.

Yeah so I am in kind of a thankful mood (you can probably see that from the post) but I'm off now to read Eldest. :)

God Bless

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

To make you laugh :)

God Bless

Just for fun!!! :)

 I decided to have a Caption Contest as it would be just something fun to do.
Have fun!! :) It ends 14th of September
' 1#




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