Saturday, 10 September 2011


I don't know what it is like in other homes or places, but I love my family!!! <3
i don't understand how some people would rather be with their friends than there own family it just seems so strange an alien to me. )
That friendly banter, that time spent together watching a movie or listening to a book or just talking about whatever you feel like talking about. Those are the memories I will cherish: the ones that really are worth remembering.
All our family is very close. I don't think I could ever want it but that way. The times that we just would plot and whisper about some really cool idea or plan that would be awesome to do if we could. That is how I see closeness. Not by simply having dinner at the table with no conversation, with no love, with no interest in what everyone is pursuing or planning on doing. That indeed would be folly.
List of Joy:
The joy of everyone's company.
The joy of having your oldest brother home.
The joy of feeling happy and content.
The joy of thanking God.
The joy of being "in" the moment instead of out.
The joy of knowing that in the worst time or places they will always be there to get you out. No matter what.
The joy of being thankful that you weren't born an only child.
The joy that you will always love you and they will always love you.

Yeah so I am in kind of a thankful mood (you can probably see that from the post) but I'm off now to read Eldest. :)

God Bless

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  1. Its great having a close family isn't it.



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