Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Last Tuesday (not yesterday) Saxon, Braedon, Autumn, Eden, Rogan and I all went to learn how to dance.
We are being taught by an old couple from church and yesterday we went for our 3rd lesson.
Anyway back to Tuesday. We were all very shy when we got there plus, I couldn't get the stupid waltz right and Eden just after watching Mr. C. show Autumn and Braedon how when it was her turn went quite fabulously (which I admit) I was pretty annoyed about.
We paired up into sets and started practicing the waltz. Me and Saxon together, Autumn and Braedon together and Rogan and Eden together.
We spent 2 hours there and we also started to learn the Pride of Erin and the Jive.
On Saturday morning we went back but Rogan stayed home and we found that we had improved and than on yesterday we went back and our timing was going really well!!
My favourite is the Pride of Erin because it has a lot of different sequences and is quite fun but trying to turn while waltzing makes me dizzy after a bit.
The reason we are learning how to dance is because Autumn's Deb ball is going to be here very soon and we want to dance so we need to learn and we are actually leaving about two weeks earlier before and so we need to know as many dances as possible.
Next time on Saturday we get to learn the Tango..!!!

God Bless

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  1. How fun! I love big group dances that the church girls will do; The Triplet and the Virginia Reel. :) I'd love to learn pair dancing, though. :)

    ~Jamie Joyce


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