Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Beauty In My Week

These are my pictures for this weeks "Beauty in My Week". I like the first one 'cause it looks like my little sister staring at her fish in its bowl.And also 'cause its Gorgeous!
And I like this one 'cause its cute angels.
God Bless

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Some More Of My Violet Story

Chapter 2

Violet woke with a start. Then the surprise and unhappiness which she remembered from last night came back to her. Then she began to cry "why this does happen to me happen to me." she thought. Then she heard a noise it was the announcer of the plane and it said coming in to England.

Violet held her breath, if the plane stopped then maybe, she could get some help from someone to get to Australia. Then the plane stopped it was so sudden that Violet was pulled forward , she gasped there was a hole in her box and she could see the inside of the plane and the people.

She got out of her box and looked around carefully. As started to look around she saw a brown mouse in a cage and the mouse said “Hey you, do you think that you could let me out of here for a minute so I can get some air?” Now Violet who was still a bit upset was still a nice doll and so she climbed down to where the mouse was and asked "How do you get a breath of air if you are on a plane?" "Well said the mouse you must be new around here because it is a great Adventure to go for a breath of air. By the way I’m Roger and I know all about planes because I go on them a lot, because I am owned by a little girl who is always going on planes, so that is how I now so much about planes."

Violet asked "Do you think there is any one who can help me get to Australia and not Austria." Roger then asked Violet "Why do you want to not go to Austria. I mean don’t you now that Australia is a desert and it is so hot."

"Oh no, you have got it quite wrong it is desert only at the top." Said Violet. The reason Violet new this was because she had read a lot of books on Australia ever since she knew that she was going to Australia. "Please can’t you take me out?" Asked Violet. Then Roger said "I don’t know, you see London can be dangerous." "But it’s not fair. You see," said Violet "those silly people at the factory where suppose to send me on the 14th of November."

Violet continued, "Because this little girls birthday is on the 16th of that month and they sent me on the 16th and actually it would have been the 17th, for that little girl seeing as she is in the southern hemisphere, and she must have been so unhappy." Then Violet stopped as she saw a gleam come into Rogers eyes. "What is it?" asked Violet.

"The mistress has just gone to a snack bar she usually spends fifteen minutes there and I do believe that I could take you to a friend of mine who might be able to help you quickly come with me." said Roger quickly and Violet followed most happily.

I hope you have enjoyed this next installment of my story.
God Bless

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Beauty In My Week

Beauty in My week is hosted by Lady Ophelia from The Flower Picker

The reason I like this first picture is because the two little girls in the picture, have lovely long hair with nice hair ribbons and the dresses are lovely.And they are playing on the Piano.

The second picture I like because the girl is wearing a lovely dress which is pink and white with puff sleeves, and she is out side with flowers.
God Bless

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Beauty in My Week.

The reason I like this first picture is because it shows a girl enjoying the day out side by reading and sitting on the grass.

The second picture just reminds me of two of my Little sisters.
I love the pretty dresses and the little girls outside with the colourful flowers.

God Bless

Friday, 4 September 2009

The Start of my Violet Trivila Story

This is a story about my Violet doll and how she got sent to the wrong place, and the Adventures she had.

Once upon time in an American factory there was a Lovely Doll. The dolls name was Violet. She was a pretty little doll. She had a beautiful blue dress with a lovely pink ribbon and little white socks with Pink shoes. Violet was very excited she was the one of all the dolls. That was going to a very special little girl in Australia the little girl lived in a very big house with 10 brothers and sisters
The very excirting part was she was going all the way to.......Tasmania in Australia.

But she did have some news that there would be some more dolls but she didn’t mind because she still would be there before they would so she didn’t care she was put in a box that had picture’s of her yesterday sum people had taken sum picture’s of her so she was put in the box and put on a plane the plane with some lovely cloths
Such as a night gown and cap and other cool things Violet coughed it was getting stuffy in the box with the clothes so she thought she might hop out of the box and have a breath of air.
So she got out of the box (which was quite easy because humans never think to tie them really hard.)

And she turned around to admire her lovely stamp but when she did she was horrified
On the box didn’t say sending to Australia it said sending to Austria.
Violet was appalled those silly people at the factory she want back in to her box felling miserable and she fell asleep thinking of the ghastly mistake.
God Bless


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