Friday, 4 September 2009

The Start of my Violet Trivila Story

This is a story about my Violet doll and how she got sent to the wrong place, and the Adventures she had.

Once upon time in an American factory there was a Lovely Doll. The dolls name was Violet. She was a pretty little doll. She had a beautiful blue dress with a lovely pink ribbon and little white socks with Pink shoes. Violet was very excited she was the one of all the dolls. That was going to a very special little girl in Australia the little girl lived in a very big house with 10 brothers and sisters
The very excirting part was she was going all the way to.......Tasmania in Australia.

But she did have some news that there would be some more dolls but she didn’t mind because she still would be there before they would so she didn’t care she was put in a box that had picture’s of her yesterday sum people had taken sum picture’s of her so she was put in the box and put on a plane the plane with some lovely cloths
Such as a night gown and cap and other cool things Violet coughed it was getting stuffy in the box with the clothes so she thought she might hop out of the box and have a breath of air.
So she got out of the box (which was quite easy because humans never think to tie them really hard.)

And she turned around to admire her lovely stamp but when she did she was horrified
On the box didn’t say sending to Australia it said sending to Austria.
Violet was appalled those silly people at the factory she want back in to her box felling miserable and she fell asleep thinking of the ghastly mistake.
God Bless


  1. Dear Vellvin,
    This is a very well written story. I can't wait for the next chapter. I think you are very clever
    Love you

  2. This is a lovely story Vellvin. You have reminded me to write some more of mine!
    thank you for sharing and God Bless,

  3. thank you Mummy Autumn and Ophelia.


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