About me and provisos

Hey, I'm Vellvin. I'm a sixteen year old girl living in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.

I am a proudly home schooled Catholic. I've always been home schooled and will home-school my children one day, God willing. :) I am a Catholic convert. On the third Sunday in Advent, 2006, myself  and my family all became Catholic. Before that we were Anglican. But to tell you the truth I am so thankful we converted!

My hope and prayer is that someday soon (not too soon though) I'll meet my husband and be married. I want to have a big family but of course that's up to God! Smaller dreams include travelling to Europe and America and seeing places and meeting people I've only met on the internet. And maybe go to the Vatican and have an audience with the pope! Oh, yeah, now that would be awesome!

My hobbies and interests are varied. I'm an avid bookworm. I am a tea drinker. Coffee is disgusting and Chai tea is the best! I love to write stories and to talk. I could probably talk all day as long as I had an interesting topic. I like animals and windy days and embroidery and sewing and secrets and chocolate. Watching and quoting movies. Going to Mass and receiving Jesus. Knitting, praying, dreaming. Wearing everyday, classy clothes. Babies, flowers and audio-books. Siblings, family, life, and standing up for what I believe in.

I have six brothers and five sisters on earth. I also have two siblings waiting in heaven, a big brother and a little sister. :) My second eldest brother is married to Anna-Lisa who is our dear sister-in-law but who I would term just a sister. They have been blessed with a gorgous little boy called Balian who is my Godson. :)

I started this blog over four years ago, and in that time a lot of things have changed around blogger. I've met a lot of people on here who I've gotten to know and respect through their own blogs as well. If you want, drop me a comment and a link to your blog. I always like meeting new people. :)

I am a Catholic girl and my opinions are therefore those of Jesus Christ, my Saviour and of the Church he founded. So that means:
I'm pro life
I'm pro marriage
I'm religious
Contraception is wrong
Euthanasia is wrong
Human life is sacred
I'm hoping that one day I'll become a saint
I believe that the Pope is the head of the Church on earth.
I believe that we are all sinners
And I believe that one day, hopefully, we'll all be together in heaven.

If you do not agree with what I believe and you find that it would be distressing to read on my blog, I ask you to not stay on here. I do at times like to express my opinion on some of the things I've mentioned above. I am not trying to force anyone to believe stuff that they do not. I am however allowed to write whatever I like on my blog. It's my site and my right.

God Bless and have a lovely day! :D


  1. Go, Vellvin! Awesome! I hope and pray that your blog will inspire many hearts, like it has mine :-D


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