Thursday, 29 July 2010

Let you all know.

That my guessing contest has been extended to the sixth of August.

God Bless

Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Blue Award

Thanks so much Grace for tagging me.

Alright, let's get started.

Now here are Grace's questions

1.Would you rather swim at a beach or in a pool?
In a pool.

2.What colour is your hair?
Dark brown

3.What is your favourite book?
Huh? Favorite book you must be joking?!?! I could never choose!

4.Have you flown in a plane before?
Yep once when I was a little baby

5.What is your favourite colour?

6.Adventure or Romance?

7.Laptop or a desk computer?

8.What is your talent?
Writing stories

9.What colour are your eyes?

10.What do you love doing most?
A lot of things.

Here are my questions:

1# Books vs. Movies?
Both of course.

2#If you had a choice to read the 10th Rangers Apprentice book or the 4th book of the inheritance cycle which would you read?
4th inheritance cycle book.

3# How late is the latest you've ever slept in for?
almost to eleven. What? it was only for one night.

4# Fantasy or science fiction?

5# Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?
Star Wars.

6# You are?

7# Person in the room with you?

8# Favorite time of day?
The morning.

9# A thing your going to do after you've finished this?
Have breakfast.

10# A special thing you did last night?
Got confirmed. I am now a young soldier of Christ!

Well there you go.

Thanks again for tagging me Grace!! It was heaps of fun!

God Bless

Friday, 23 July 2010

Come on guess!

This is going to be fun! This contest is sorta like a movie quote quiz except I have the start of a song on my blog and you have to tell me what the song is and who the artist is A.K.A. who it's by. You can ask immediate family(siblings, parents, guardians etc,) Here is a blog that did this sort of contest. The rules: No cheating (obviously) No looking up these songs. The contest will end on the 30th of July. And the person who wins will get an award. But everyone who enters will get a participating award. All of them are from Cd's NOT from movies, although you might have heard them from movies. so here I go:
1# "You don't run with the crowd. You go your own way.
2# "Called you for the first time yesterday. Finally found the missing part of me."
3# "Grew up in a small town. And when the rain would fall down.
4# "Shot through the heart and you're to blame. Darlin' you give love a bad name.
5# "Ohh wooaah You know you love me, I know you care Just shout whenever, And I'll be there
6# "You would not believe your eyes. If ten million fireflies. Lit up the world as I fell asleep
7# "I will sing to the Lord and I will lift my voice. For you have heard my cry."
8# "Come to the table and savor the sight. The wine and the bread which was broken."
9# "I'm here with the others. Who saw the heavens testify. Now I hang back in the shadows. I wanna come close, I wanna know."
10# "One day when I came home at lunch time I heard a funny noise. Went out to the backyard to find out if it was one of those rowdy boys

God Bless
These are some wikipedias which are dedicated to certain things like Narnia, Lord of the rings, The inheritance cycle, Ranger Apprentice, Star wars, anyway here are the links to each of them:

Tolkien Wiki,


Rangers Apprentice wiki,

The Chronicles's of Narnia wiki

Their all pretty good and give you a lot of information on someone you want to look up. I hope you like them.

God Bless

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

WHOA!!!!!!!!! I haven't posted in TWO whole weeks! Well anyway the reason for that is mainly confirmation. I have two chapter books to finish reading before Saturday! Though I have a wonderful brother who has helped me make a schedule so I won't be late and finish them. Besides those books I have two other little chapter books and a couple of Fr. Lovasik books besides! Plus all of the memorising of which I have almost completed! And on Friday me and Saxon are gonna party we're going to party someone rub the lamp someone rub the lamp! Quoting Genie from the 3 Aladdin. Did I mention that I'm getting confirmed at night! Saturday night! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT MY CONFIRMATION ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!

But nooooooooooooooo that not going to have it on Sunday at our lady of Lourdes nooooooooooooooo my love their having it at ulverstone. The good thing is though that we get reserved seats!!!!!!


No one can steal our seats no one can steal our seats. Saxon is having Kynan as his sponsor, Eden is having Mrs.Hasset and I am having Mr. S. Mr. S. Is coming tomorrow with two of his daughters and one of his sons. I got a mole removed from my back on Monday so now I have stitching's in my back and I can't do any stretching or lifting anything like Corbyn and Arwen! Not to mention it makes me feel frustrated to know that I can't help like I usually do. Also me and Saxon have been discussing things and we have decided that we would like to get the Clone Wars series and check them out. I get my stitches out on Wednesday. Oh! The doctor I had was a real nice Lady! Very gentle and kind and all. Hopefully we'll get everything we need done before confirmation (prayers would be appreciated) Gotta go now. I'm enjoying reading about Jacen Solo bye and g'night,

P.s. Ever had you're ring tone changed because Mummy did you hear a Lady's voice saying:*whistle* "Taxi." Also Happy Birthday to my big sister Eden. Hey Eden maybe Mummy will let you read Waking Rose now!

God Bless

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Dear Autumn,
Happy 17th birthday!
I love you very much!
I hope you have a awesome birthday. With you're puppy.
I love it when you are
funny and your the best big sister i could ever have!
Love your second little sister out of five,
God Bless

Friday, 2 July 2010

Why is the Rum Gone?

Hey guys watch this you like it. Trust me.

God Bless


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