Saturday, 29 August 2009

Happy Birthday My Biggest Brother Kynan !!!!!!!!!

Dear Kynan Happy 20th Birthday
I love you very much
I hope you have a Great Day Love
God Bless

The Squires Tales

The squires tales are great books to read (even though I have only read some of them.)
It is set in Medieval times when King Arther was around. The one I have read is about a girl whose name is Shara. She comes upon a Knight and a lady.
The knight discovers Shara trying to steal the sword the Knight had gotten for his son. Then the Knight asks what does she what the sword for. She does not tell him how she wants to kill the Knight of the Red Fires.
The Knight asks is it for a good thing and Shara says yes. He then gives the sword to her (with the lady having a storm of Protest; saying not to let a girl have a sword).
Then the Knight gives Shara the sword and starts to teach her how to draw her sword, while the lady sits and watches. After a while the lady decides to get lunch. Shara is hungry so she finishes her lunch and drinks all the water then says that she will get some more water.
When she comes back she hears the Knight and lady talking. She stops and listens.

Then a knight comes and charges the other knight( Sir Kai). Sir Kai does not have a horse so he gets caught and so does the lady. Then Shara finds out from from her hiding place that the lady is actually the Queen of England and King Arther's wife, and that the knight is kidnapping her. Sir Kai is a prisoner too but he is smart and he tells the other Knight where Camalot is. But he actually is telling Shara where the castle is so that she could go and tell King Arther what had happend.

Here is the list ******

The Squire's Tale (1998)
The Squire, His Knight, and His Lady (1999)
The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf (2000)
Parsifal's Page (2001)
The Ballad of Sir Dinadan (2003)
The Princess, the Crone, and the Dung Cart Knight (2004)
The Lioness and Her Knight (2005)
The Quest of the Fair Unknown (2006)
The Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great (2008)
The Adventures of Sir Givret the Short (2008)
The Squire's Quest (2009)

God Bless

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Our Animal Familes,

All of us (I mean Rogan Moran Myffwyn and Cobyn and I)have what we call our families. They are "Sylvanian" animal's which are dressed up in clothes.
There are lots of differnt animals We have thes ones: Raccoons, Cats, Dogs, Polar Bears, Rabbits, Squirrel's, Sheep and Badgers.
Rogan got a Tree house Dollhouse for one of his Birthdays and Eden has a normal doll's house and she has some good furniture that she lets us use.

There are a lot more of them to collect.

God Bless

Hogan Heroes

We love to watch Hogans Heroes. It is an old TV show about Prisoners in a German POW prison camp. The prisoners blow up all the things which the Germans make. They have tunnels and things like listening device's which they put in the very gullible commandant's office.
The colonel (who is the commandant) always seems to get very important German officers (including Gestapo) coming to visit the camp.

The sergeant of the camp is a man who likes duty but never tells anyone about the things the prisoners do because he never wants to be taken to the Russian front.
When there is trouble for the allies Hogans Heroes get the missions to defeat the Germans.
Sometimes they dress up as German officers or gestapo but they all ways get through.
We think it is a great movie.
God Bless

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Eragon Review

How they ruined Eragon.
We do own the Eragon books and we have watched the movie and we think that theydid ruined it. Here are some things which they did wrong.

They had Saphira tell Eragon her name but Eragon is supposed to name her. Roran is going to go away because he wants to marry, not because he does not want to go in the army. Whan Eragon flies with Sahira you see three Raz-ac but in the book only their are only two. In Teirm they do not go to Jeod in the book they do. They do not go to Dras-Leona in the movie and they do not get caught by the Raz-ac. In the movie Murtaugh does not rescue them, all of that was kicked out.
In the movie Brom is not killed by the Raz-ac in the movie he gets killed by a shade.
In the book, when Eragon fights Durza in Farthen Dur, they do not fly, in the book they fight in Trojhime.
In the battle of farthen Dur in the movie, Galbatorix's soldiers are not meant to come, only the Kull. The sword Brom gives Eragon, Zar'roc-, in the book it is red NOT blue as in the movie. When Eragon goes to Gil'ead he, is meant to be meeting a man called Dornad not to rescue Ariya and Brom is already dead. Eragon does not find out Ariya is a princess till the 2nd book, which is after the battle and not in the movie. In the book Saphira breaks the Dwarves jewel Isidar Mithrin.
In our opinion all these things make the movie very different from the book and makes the movie not as good.
God Bless

Book's Rogan and I have made.

The Rabbits and the Robber by Vellvin
The Mermaids meal by Rogan
Death to the pirates by Vellvin
The Freaky pirates by Rogan
The Family at Easter by Vellvin
The Robins by Rogan
The Grand Prize by Vellvin and Rogan
The Cats and The Rats by Rogan
A Camp with Freinds by Vellvin and Rogan
The Freaky Pirates 2 Invade on China by Rogan
The Best Christmas Ever by Vellvin

A Happy Birthday to Three Little Dogies by Vellvin
My ABC Book by Vellvin
The Lumpyes by Rogan
The Chickens Eggs by Rogan
The Chickens Eggs 2 Escape From Jail

The Chickens Eggs 3 The Banished Rooster by Rogan

God Bless

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Daddy Birthday

Happy birthday Daddy we love you very very much
we hope you have a lovely day full of feasting
suprises fun HAPPINES and cakewe love your gentle face
your smile and the way you laught happy birthday DADDYlove from some of your children
Corbyn Myffwyn Moran Rogan and Vellvin
God Bless


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