Saturday, 22 August 2009

Book's Rogan and I have made.

The Rabbits and the Robber by Vellvin
The Mermaids meal by Rogan
Death to the pirates by Vellvin
The Freaky pirates by Rogan
The Family at Easter by Vellvin
The Robins by Rogan
The Grand Prize by Vellvin and Rogan
The Cats and The Rats by Rogan
A Camp with Freinds by Vellvin and Rogan
The Freaky Pirates 2 Invade on China by Rogan
The Best Christmas Ever by Vellvin

A Happy Birthday to Three Little Dogies by Vellvin
My ABC Book by Vellvin
The Lumpyes by Rogan
The Chickens Eggs by Rogan
The Chickens Eggs 2 Escape From Jail

The Chickens Eggs 3 The Banished Rooster by Rogan

God Bless

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