Saturday, 22 August 2009

Eragon Review

How they ruined Eragon.
We do own the Eragon books and we have watched the movie and we think that theydid ruined it. Here are some things which they did wrong.

They had Saphira tell Eragon her name but Eragon is supposed to name her. Roran is going to go away because he wants to marry, not because he does not want to go in the army. Whan Eragon flies with Sahira you see three Raz-ac but in the book only their are only two. In Teirm they do not go to Jeod in the book they do. They do not go to Dras-Leona in the movie and they do not get caught by the Raz-ac. In the movie Murtaugh does not rescue them, all of that was kicked out.
In the movie Brom is not killed by the Raz-ac in the movie he gets killed by a shade.
In the book, when Eragon fights Durza in Farthen Dur, they do not fly, in the book they fight in Trojhime.
In the battle of farthen Dur in the movie, Galbatorix's soldiers are not meant to come, only the Kull. The sword Brom gives Eragon, Zar'roc-, in the book it is red NOT blue as in the movie. When Eragon goes to Gil'ead he, is meant to be meeting a man called Dornad not to rescue Ariya and Brom is already dead. Eragon does not find out Ariya is a princess till the 2nd book, which is after the battle and not in the movie. In the book Saphira breaks the Dwarves jewel Isidar Mithrin.
In our opinion all these things make the movie very different from the book and makes the movie not as good.
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  1. Totally, totally, TOTALLY agree! :)


  2. I have read the books, but I didn't like Brisinger or Eldest as much as the first book.


  3. Dear Monica,
    Yes I agree about Eldest. I think it was the most boring out of the lot. however I like Brisigr a lot. Do you have a favorite character?

  4. Totally true. When I first saw the movie I haven't read the books. And I liked it. And now I am *** Angry! Why make a movie if you take everything out!


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