Friday, 27 July 2012

24 hours!!!

It's only about 24 hours to go!!!
Who's getting excited for the opening ceremony? I certainly am!!!
We'll have to get up extremely early in the morning to watch it this time instead of staying up extremely late for Beijing. A few other good things about the Olympics this year is that the Queen will officially open the Olympics and because UK is English speaking instead of in Beijing where the Chinese have a different alphabet we'll (Australians) will be one of the first countries to come out.
I'm looking forward to watching the Volleyball, (preferably Brazil's team) Fencing, Handball, Football (I'm really disappointed that the football team from Argentina didn't qualify for this Olympics.) It was so cool to watch them win the gold medal for football vs. Nigeria. I wish they would make Karate a Olympic sport so the marital arts are a bit more interesting. I'll also be coming as Italy and everyone else has chosen to come as a country as well. e.g. Rogan is coming as someone from Mongolia which means he dresses up in the traditional dress, cheers and goes for them when they are competing against anyone else and waves the Mongolian flag.
Anyway I'm getting even more excited every hour!!! (As you can probably guess :P)

God Bless

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Curtain up. Enter Mr. Henty.

I am a book aholic so its no wonder that I post about books. Today is about a author who you might not of heard of. Mr. Henty is a great author. He wrote one-hundred and twenty-two books in all, and we them. In all of the great collection I have read maybe seven of them, or to be more precise, I have read six of them and I finished the seventh a few days ago :) Mr. Henty wrote different books set in different time periods in history.
The Henty book which I just finished reading is called the Lion of St. Mark and recounts the time when Venice was perilously close to be conquered by (I think) the combined forces of Genoa, France and Padua. And the story is told through the experiences of Francis Hammond, a young man who is following in his father's footsteps of being a successful merchant. There are consperacies, pirates, battles with Genoa, escapes and rescues all in all a wonderful book.
A Roving Comission was the Henty which first led me to watching Hornblower and reading Midshipmen Quinn by Showell Styles. It is centered during the time the Negro's rebelled against their oners and all of this is witnessed by a young Midshipmen by the name of Nathaniel Glover. The book started off right with Nathaniel telling a new Midshipmen when he calls him Nathaniel that he has gotten into various scrapes where his name has been concerned and prefers is when people call him Nat.
Winning his Spurs was the (I think) third Henty book I read. It was set in the Crusades and Saxon and Eden told me it was good. I liked it but don't remember that much about it. It had Robin Hood and his merry men in it I remeber that and also the main character got caught by Saracens and escaped and than, after saving King Richard's life he went back home to his lands and had to fight to get them back.
In Freedom's Cause I read In Freedom's Cause: A story of Wallace and Bruce a few years ago. It was the second Henty I read and I was trying to find the 'thinner' henty books because at that time I really didn't like his books. They all seemed such big books and now, I know that their size is about average. I don't remember (once again) that much about it. The made up character was one of William Wallace' and than Robert the Bruce' most trusted men. His name is Archie Forbes, a young Scottish Noblemen who helps both William Wallace and Robert the Bruce in defence of Scotland. 
The Cat of Bubastes has been on my list of favorutie books for years now. I first remember picking it because it was a small Henty and I was required to read a Henty book. I managed to finish it in about a day. It's set in Egypt and I don't remember really much at all about it except that I found it really interesting to read. My favourite character was the main guys friend. Sorry I couldn't remember any of the names, it's just been so long since I read it.
Redskin and Cowboy was a really fun Henty to read. I liked it because it was Cowboys and (of course) indians. But its not all about the battles with Indians you see, through the eyes of Hugh, a young man from England, the many going on's off a ranch. Fires, branding cows, chasing and rounding up cows and all that sort of thing. It also has gold hunting in it and was very entertaining to read.
In Rujub the Juggler the main characters name is Bathurst he has a moustache and strange as it seems, is terrified by the sound of guns. It's set in India just before and during the Sepoy uprising and although Bathurst is in it Miss Hannay is the person the book revolves more around. One day Bathurst saves a Jugglers daughter from a tiger attacking it with a whip and because of that earns the Jugglers thanks and promise that if he is in need of help he will be assisted. I really liked the Doctor, he was my favourite character I do believe as he was frank and spoke his mind and was very affectionate to both Bathurst and Miss Hannay. I also liked the Major(it was sad when he got killed) but I got really fed up with Bathurst all through the book I was thinking, 'Don't you see that you aren't a coward?' He drove me insane as you can probably imagine.

God Bless

Friday, 13 July 2012

My favourite villains.

After having done the post on 'people in movies who irritate me,' I thought I might do a post on my favourite villains. So here goes

In my family we have various terms for bad guy we have the 'good bad bad guys' and the 'bad bad guys'. The good bad bad guys are the villains who are good at being a bad bad guy and the bad bad guys are the villains who have got no style, no background, don't have any good lines, plus, they need to be EVIL bad guys whereas some villains seem to be just boring.

I mean seriously this guy is really bad. He lets in serveral frost giants jsut to 'spoil brother's big day' and he is such a convincing villian seeming always to be on the peacemakers side but really he's the one who gives Thor the idea to attack the Frost Giants in the first place. he's the picture of innocence and I actually feel a little sad for him in Thor. In the Avengers, however he was a bad guy...a really honest to bad, bad guy. I didn't like him as much in that, probably because he looked a little crazy with the whole 'wild hair' thing. And I don't think he was a smart or cunning.

Count Olaf:
This guy has style. Definitely. He also had some cool lines and his disguises are very nicely done. His ambition is to be the guardian of the three Baudelaire children and there of gain their extreme wealth and fortune. I like him best as Stephano but not as captain Sham. He also is one fo those villians who is extremly bad but he's also your favorutie character from 'A series of Unfortunate Events.' "Do you have a hall pass?" Too funny.

Darth Sidious
A lot of people seem to think that Darth Sidious isn't the best Sith out of the whole Star Wars saga and everyone likes Darth Vader. The thing with Darth Vader is 1. He's a minion of Sidious, 2. He's got no cool lines and he doesn't have Sith lightning. He also breathes funny. 
If there is one Sith who is really villainous: Sidious. He promises to spare Count Dooku if Anakin happens to win in the duel between them but he doesn't, he bides his time for about what, fifteen years, to finally get Anakin to be his apprentice? Which proves he's happy to be patient unlike some other villains. Sure he is a scary bad guy how he fights especially against Mace Windu with the whole 'jumping in the air screaming and freakign everyone who's watching it out of their wits' (No, not really like that)  he looks pretty hideous and no he really doesn't have any good lines but he is EVIL and he plots and waits. He also gets all the Jedi killed. 
He's not a particular favourtie villain of mine but he does deserve to be distinguished as a bad guy who's a good bad guy though not in the same way as Count Olaf, for instance.

Vizzini from the Princess Bride is a funny bad guy. He hasn't got style, but he has great lines and a sense of humor. He's favourite word is inconceivable as everyone who has watched the movie knows. He is bossy, very small and very loud. 
This is one of the best scenes before he dies (yes, he dies)  
 "You only think I guessed wrong! That's what's so funny! I switched glasses when your back was turned! Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders - The most famous of which is "never get involved in a land war in Asia" - but only slightly less well-known is this: "Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line"! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha... "
[Vizzini stops suddenly, his smile frozen on his face and falls to the ground dead
That scene is soooo funny. if you haven't seen the Princess Bride you probably should go and watch is as it is a very entertaining movie. Just if you watch the parts with Vizzini.

 Snidley Whiplash
 I have been watching Dudley Do-right for years and seriously Snidley is an awesome villian, cool lines, good style, and argues if he's wearing black. (he loves black too) He knows he's the bad guy and loves it. "I love to lurk, it's so me." One of my favourite scenes is with the Choo Choo train (pictured above) is coming and than he's just such a funny bad guy. Plus, Dudley is sooo gullible.....hunting vampires indeed. :P He has a funny voice too and a evil laugh. His dream ahs always been to be "The bad guy"! 

 Sheriff of Nottingham from the BBC Robin Hood.
Yes, he's not the classic Sheriff of Nottingham which makes him unique and he's a little smarter than average (just a tad). His favourite line is "A clue, no." He refers to the people in and around Nottingham as his 'people his dear people" although they are far from dear to him I can tell you. He can't bear to lose any money at all and as usual is always trying to catch Robin hood and his gang. He makes jokes which no one else find funny except himself and he is pretty evil. He lost his sense of humour at the start of the third season though but than, the third season isn't that great either. 

Barbossa is soooo funny. He's a much better villain than Davy Jones. He loves green apples and you can just see how irritated he is when he see's Jack eating the apple right in front of his nose whereas he can't taste it at all. It kind of makes me sad when Jack kills him at the end of the first movie because as he falls you see an apple roll onto the ground beside him.  He has some cool lines such as "Why, thankee Jack." (Jack) "Your Welcome." "Oh, no we named the monkey Jack." See what I mean oh and yes he loves his monkey and his hat. "I'll buy you a hat.....a really big one." (Jack Sparrow) He caused mutiny on the Black Pearl and Jack and him have this thing with "My ship."
You only see him at the end of the second but you do see that he's eating an apple. I remember going to see at the cinemas and seeing Barbossa at the end and being so excited because he was back. "I assure you our intentions are strictly honourable." swords are thrown up between the floorboards and Elizabeth and Barbossa grab them.
(Jack Sparrow) Good man. 'Weigh anchor all hands. Prepare to make sail. 
[takes out compass
(Barbossa) [pats the charts in his hands] Jack... Which way ya goin', Jack?"

He's clever, crafty and he has a great skill with the cutlass. He had great lines (examples above)  He wasn't great in the fourth movie though first, because he lost the Pearl, and secondly he has a peg leg which is sooo not Barbossa. 
He probably doesn't count as a villain in the third movie but he does in the first and though he's still a good guy, he's a pirate and is always looking out for his own interests. He has wonderful minions though i.e. Ragetti and Pintel

Hope you enjoyed this guys! :) I certainly did.

God Bless

Saturday, 7 July 2012

So apparently...

So apparently today 'Period Movies' on Facebook said that today is 'international kissing day'
And so I have added all the people they had in an album who i have seen in movies and loved. BTW.  This is also just a great reason to share cool pictures and talk about cool people.
I haven't seen North and South shocking I know for some people but my Mum loves it and she says that Thornton is better than Darcy. Never!
Ever After
Henry and Danielle are beautiful together and yes, they are a great couple. Also their story is so cool as well and than what Henry says to Danielle "I kneel before you not as a prince, but as a man in love... But I would feel like a king if you, Danielle De Barbarac, would be my wife. " 
Pride and Prejudice
Lets just say that Elizabeth and Darcy or Liz and Fitz (as my sister Autumn dubbed) them are one of the most beautiful couples EVER! And that one kiss at the end just seems to say "Happily ever after" all over oh and of course that's the scene where they have four very cool horses, and Darcy is smiling.
Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story
Anne and Gilbert are awesome together and in the continuing story its very heartbreaking and than you get to the end and than 'It's all better now, Gilbert's back." sort of thing. They are so great together and even though the third one isn't true to the book its still awesome and has LOADS more Gilbert in it! 
The Young Victoria
Albert and Victoria are so great together. I love the whole "Good morning, wife." thing that Albert says and than when he gets shot and you are like "Is he gonna survive?"
And especially the proposal scene 
 "I just got your note. I was riding.
"Sit, please." 
 "The park is marveleous" 
"I'm so pleased you like it. I do want you to feel quite at home... I'm sure you're aware why I wished you to come here. Because it would make me happier than anything, too happy really, if you would agree to what I wish. "
"And stay with you?" 
"And stay with me."
"And marry you?" 
"And marry me!"
For the record however they probably could've left out some of the kissing. :P
The Princess Bride
Westley and there anything else to say? Oh, yeah, there is beside the fact that they are great together and the scene where Westley rolls down the hill and shouts "As you wish" and than she goes right down after him. It's one of the best bits :) Also what I like to call their theme music is awesome and I always think "That's the Princess Bride music"
Maria and the Captain 
I actually haven't seen the Sound of Music in ages but Maria and the Captain are really a nice couple. Especially the wedding scene. 

Now i don't know if LOTR should be counted as a 'Period Movie' as it is actually a fantasy film and frankly I'm more impressed with Eowyn and Faramir as a couple instead. Maybe it was just because they had wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much kissing the the movies and it made you sick. Well it made me sick anyway :P
Road to Avonlea
Felicity and Gus
I sooo want to get more of the "Road to Avonlea" series as we only have the first season but until than I'll just have to be content to moan and groan how we DON'T have them.
Sense and Sensibility
Haven't actually seen this one all the way through. This picture is really pretty however.

One couple they didn't add but should have even is that many people don't think its that great. 
The Scarlet Pimpernel

Percy and Marguerite are awesome (yes, I love that word if you're wondering) and the start with their courtship and marriage and than the climax is awesome. (in Gollum's voice) We hates Chauvelin don't we precious? Yes, we do my love.
I am a Leaguette although I haven't been one fore that long and I have converted two of my younger sisters to downright die hard Scarlet Pimpernel fans as well, though we usually just call the movie 'Percy' instead. Sink me, but that's a little off the subject :P If you haven't seen it than you should.  Yes, Percy DOES love Marguerite in the middle of the movie he just doesn't show it. :P

Anyway this post had been awesome to do adding all these cool pictures as well, really makes my day. God Bless


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