Friday, 27 July 2012

24 hours!!!

It's only about 24 hours to go!!!
Who's getting excited for the opening ceremony? I certainly am!!!
We'll have to get up extremely early in the morning to watch it this time instead of staying up extremely late for Beijing. A few other good things about the Olympics this year is that the Queen will officially open the Olympics and because UK is English speaking instead of in Beijing where the Chinese have a different alphabet we'll (Australians) will be one of the first countries to come out.
I'm looking forward to watching the Volleyball, (preferably Brazil's team) Fencing, Handball, Football (I'm really disappointed that the football team from Argentina didn't qualify for this Olympics.) It was so cool to watch them win the gold medal for football vs. Nigeria. I wish they would make Karate a Olympic sport so the marital arts are a bit more interesting. I'll also be coming as Italy and everyone else has chosen to come as a country as well. e.g. Rogan is coming as someone from Mongolia which means he dresses up in the traditional dress, cheers and goes for them when they are competing against anyone else and waves the Mongolian flag.
Anyway I'm getting even more excited every hour!!! (As you can probably guess :P)

God Bless


  1. Well, that's getting into the spirit...:D A large family of Australians cheering on random foriegn countries! The work you put into that is probably impressive.
    I'm stuck in the U.S. with no way to see any of it and no ingenuity, so I'm stuck cheering for a country that thinks it ought to be the best at everything already. I hope the Americans have an archer, but I don't know about much else. I hope some small countries win this year.

  2. @ JT thanks for the comment. :D
    We haven't watched very much at all as its a real hassle for us to watch any of it.
    We did watch the opening ceremony which I thought was boring though.
    @Autumn I noticed!


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