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Curtain up. Enter Mr. Henty.

I am a book aholic so its no wonder that I post about books. Today is about a author who you might not of heard of. Mr. Henty is a great author. He wrote one-hundred and twenty-two books in all, and we them. In all of the great collection I have read maybe seven of them, or to be more precise, I have read six of them and I finished the seventh a few days ago :) Mr. Henty wrote different books set in different time periods in history.
The Henty book which I just finished reading is called the Lion of St. Mark and recounts the time when Venice was perilously close to be conquered by (I think) the combined forces of Genoa, France and Padua. And the story is told through the experiences of Francis Hammond, a young man who is following in his father's footsteps of being a successful merchant. There are consperacies, pirates, battles with Genoa, escapes and rescues all in all a wonderful book.
A Roving Comission was the Henty which first led me to watching Hornblower and reading Midshipmen Quinn by Showell Styles. It is centered during the time the Negro's rebelled against their oners and all of this is witnessed by a young Midshipmen by the name of Nathaniel Glover. The book started off right with Nathaniel telling a new Midshipmen when he calls him Nathaniel that he has gotten into various scrapes where his name has been concerned and prefers is when people call him Nat.
Winning his Spurs was the (I think) third Henty book I read. It was set in the Crusades and Saxon and Eden told me it was good. I liked it but don't remember that much about it. It had Robin Hood and his merry men in it I remeber that and also the main character got caught by Saracens and escaped and than, after saving King Richard's life he went back home to his lands and had to fight to get them back.
In Freedom's Cause I read In Freedom's Cause: A story of Wallace and Bruce a few years ago. It was the second Henty I read and I was trying to find the 'thinner' henty books because at that time I really didn't like his books. They all seemed such big books and now, I know that their size is about average. I don't remember (once again) that much about it. The made up character was one of William Wallace' and than Robert the Bruce' most trusted men. His name is Archie Forbes, a young Scottish Noblemen who helps both William Wallace and Robert the Bruce in defence of Scotland. 
The Cat of Bubastes has been on my list of favorutie books for years now. I first remember picking it because it was a small Henty and I was required to read a Henty book. I managed to finish it in about a day. It's set in Egypt and I don't remember really much at all about it except that I found it really interesting to read. My favourite character was the main guys friend. Sorry I couldn't remember any of the names, it's just been so long since I read it.
Redskin and Cowboy was a really fun Henty to read. I liked it because it was Cowboys and (of course) indians. But its not all about the battles with Indians you see, through the eyes of Hugh, a young man from England, the many going on's off a ranch. Fires, branding cows, chasing and rounding up cows and all that sort of thing. It also has gold hunting in it and was very entertaining to read.
In Rujub the Juggler the main characters name is Bathurst he has a moustache and strange as it seems, is terrified by the sound of guns. It's set in India just before and during the Sepoy uprising and although Bathurst is in it Miss Hannay is the person the book revolves more around. One day Bathurst saves a Jugglers daughter from a tiger attacking it with a whip and because of that earns the Jugglers thanks and promise that if he is in need of help he will be assisted. I really liked the Doctor, he was my favourite character I do believe as he was frank and spoke his mind and was very affectionate to both Bathurst and Miss Hannay. I also liked the Major(it was sad when he got killed) but I got really fed up with Bathurst all through the book I was thinking, 'Don't you see that you aren't a coward?' He drove me insane as you can probably imagine.

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  1. Thanks for posting about G A Henty. I love Henty's books. He is one of my favourite authors, if not the favourite. I have read all of his books that I can get my hands on. Over a hundred I think. For anyone out there who hasn't read his books I highly recomend them. Some are better then others (as with all authors) so if you don't like the first one you read try again.

  2. @ You are welcome Anna Maria. :)
    I think he has become one of my favourite authors although I do have lots of favourite authors.:)

  3. Hmm it's been a while since I was over here and actually commented! Bad me. I love this post on G.A. Henty one of the best authors EVER! Thanks for posting this, now I want to go read one of his books.


  4. Your comments always make my day Jessica! As do all comments :P
    Yes, he's books are great!


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