Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Just for fun!!! :)

 I decided to have a Caption Contest as it would be just something fun to do.
Have fun!! :) It ends 14th of September
' 1#




  1. 1: Stop........I think I hear something.

    2: Do you think that this smile will impress her??

    3: (Guy at the back) AAAAAARRRRRRRR there is a spider on the end of my nose AAAARRRR.

    4.(Girl) Do you really think that she is going to like that, I'm like UGH!

    5: I fear I'm in love my good friend, with that lady over there.

    6: It's easy, all you have to do is smile like this.

    7: It's Superman!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great pics. I'm Holding a caption contest to.

  2. #1. "Now, Jack, be a good boy and hand over the chocolate coins, or this popgun is going to, well, pop."
    #2. (sleepy voice) Well... it is tiring to gain six inches in five minutes...
    #3. Somebody stop the world! I want to get off!
    #4. Yes, I know that. But you still can't leave that chair until you'e eaten your spinach.
    #5. (Qui-gon, replying to his bluetooth device) "Yes, alright Master Yoda, I'll tell him. He's right here.' To Obi-wan "Master Yoda says 'real Jedi wear mullets. That flattop looks terrible.'
    #6. 'oh, really, Prince? Do I look like I need saving? Really?'
    #7. The Eagles are coming! The Eagles are coming!

  3. Cool! Here goes! :)

    #1 Jack: "Where did you get that?"

    #2 Pipin: "Hahahaha! Too much beer!
    Merry: "snore...."

    #3 Gru: "Maaaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaaa!!!!!!"

    #4 "Your pathetic."

    #5 "I have no idea what to do next."

    #6 "Am I right or am I right?!"

    #7 "A flying pig! OMG!!!"


  4. #1 Elizabeth: "What are you staring at Jack?" Jack: "Have you been gardening today?" E: "No, why?" J:Your nails are coated in mud"

    #2 Pippin : " I wish Merry would go to sleep more often. Ahhhhh, his Old Toby is sooooo much better than mine"

    #3Gru: "I should not have let you drive the car! We're going to get a speading ticket!!!!!"

    #4 Millie: " Is my mascara on right?" Gideon: " Are you playing dressups?" Millie: "No. Why?"
    Gideon: You look like a raccoon."

    #5 Quigon: " Why are you staring at me?" Obi " "I was wishing you'd die soon so I could get your job" Qui : "Be careful what you wish, it might come true, sometimes sooner than you think."

    #6"Really darling, whats not to like about me?"

    #7 "Aslan is back!!!"


  5. 1)No jack I DO know what a compass is and I do know which way is north"-Elizabeth. Jack grumpily "I just thought that I would tell you"

    2)PIP out loud -should I wake him or not,and if I do shall I pour this ale on him" Merry smugly And If pip pours that ale on me I shall hide all the pipe weed

    3)Gru: I'm gonna die I'm going to throw up then I'm gonna die!!!!!

    4)Milly:2x2 is...." Gideon:What???????

    5)Qhi-Gon: Obi-One, do I have a rip on MY cloak? Obi-One: It wouldn't be an accurate to say yes. Qhi-Gon: what do you mean? you have a clean cut on your cloak not a rip"Obi-One says as he starts to run away from Qhi-Gon as Qhi-Gon starts towards him

    6)Mother Gothel:how much longer until you have finished this panting imaginary person: just have to do your smile and hand and that will take me about two more weeks. Mother Gothel: speechless.

    7)I saw that! Bad form, Caspian get him for me and then come and help us with these intruders

    Thats the best that I could do, at the moment.


  6. #1 Elizabeth to Jack "I'm Ignoring You!"

    #2 Merry says ' There's no more whisky, sniff sniff!" Pippin says" I'm sure there is"

    #3 Edith "We'r going to crash" Gru " ARGGGGGGGGGGGG"

    #4 Gideaon says to Milly " So, I press F1 and enter???????"

    #5 Obi Won says to QuiGon " This place gives me the spooks"

    #6 "Now Rapunzal is gone I have the whole tower to myself...hmmmm"

    #7 "Grenade!!"

  7. #1
    Hey, that's my powder puff!

    Oh yes, those were the good old days-
    Frodo- what kind of beer IS that, anyway?

    Well, hope you didn't like that evil-doer-machine too much Dad!

    I don't like this just as much as you do, but I have to tell you- you're my cousin. (breaks down, sobbing uncontrollably.)

    no comment

    yes, these are all my paintings. I'm quite the artist, aren't I?
    And modest too.



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