Sunday, 12 April 2015

Little Letters....Maze-Runner Style.

NOTE: Do not read if you want spoilers. Because you don't.

Dear Thomas....Thank you for being such an awesome, relatable character. You stand up for what you believe in, you're kind and forgive even though the person might have done something like kill one of your best friends. You know it wasn't his fault.You are my second favourite after all. Thank you.

Dear Teresa......I don't understand you that much at all, to be honest. I think I liked you best in the first book. After that I began to feel a little like Thomas, resentful towards you. What you did however in the end showed that no matter how strange a character you might have seemed, you still possessed the knack to be a hero.

Dear Minho...seriously you made me laugh sometimes! Your sarcastic snarky comments would probably in real life make me find you more than a little irritating. You are a product of your background, and being stuck in the Glade for an extended period of time certainly can make you like that. Thanks for sticking up for Thomas. Oh! And what you did to Jorge in Scorch Trials? I totally loved that. :D

Dear Brenda.....I liked you a lot. Thank you for not disappointing me in book three when I was confused about your intentions. Your relationship with Jorge I really enjoyed also. Oh, and Thomas totally deserved you. :)

Dear Chuck.....Oh my gosh, Chuck, you are so adorable!!! Thank you for being there when Thomas didn't seem to have any friends whatsoever. Thank you for helping him along, and being his friend. Thank you for being just so adorable and cute, even when you're trying to act tough. Thanks for playing that trick on Gally.

Dear Newt....Okay,,,,,I'm already feeling a little melancholy. Seriously Newt, you are my all-time favourite out of the entire trilogy. I loved it how you were the only one who called Thomas 'Tommy'. Though pretty much every sentence you said I had to edit out a word as I went along, I still loved you. I loved the fact that you were the glue, it made so much sense. I loved it how you, Thomas and Minho were together at the start of book three taking a stand, you guys had me laughing. :) I really hate the Flare just in case you were wondering! I guess I should have seen the signs, you're my favourite character, your're blonde, and that usually means for guy characters that I like, that you die. You did not disappoint on that score.

Dear Aris, as a secondary character I liked you, but then you teamed up with Teresa and I didn't like you that much. It would have been nice if there had been more of you in book three.

Dear Gally...Honestly in the first book I didn't like you one little bit, but when we met you again in the third book and when you decided to go with Thomas and save the other Immunes I liked you a lot more. You aren't by far a favorite of mine, but I'm glad you ended up on the good side.

To Ava Paige...At the end I liked you. Still the end does not justify the means.

To Rat Man....I hate you. 'Nuff said.

As you can see I've just finished reading the Maze-Runner trilogy. They were really good books! I enjoyed them, although I did find them a bit depressing. If you've seen the movie, read the books! As always the books are better, I hope you'll agree. :)

God Bless

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