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Let's Talk About Some Glass Slippers....

Hi everyone. How have you all been? Today I am finally getting around to reviewing Disney's live-action version of Cinderella. I am so glad I got to see it at the movies! :D
Scroll down to the end if you don't want spoilers.

So where do I begin? I really really wanted to see this at the movies. Seriously I watched the trailer about a million times and got really hyped because of it. But I wanted to wait for Autumn and Eden to come home from college to watch it with them. Also, it was getting close to the end of lent.
Anyway, as it turned out, we all ended up going to see it! Including Mummy and Daddy and Braedon and Anna-Lisa and Balian! His first movie at the movies I think. :D
It was so much fun!

Okay, just so everyone knows, I think that Cinderella is way better than the new adaptation of both Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Both of those are a lot darker and I enjoyed Cinderella's story and characters much more. Because of how both Snow White and Maleficent had been so different from their originals I had also expected Cinderella to be so. So I was a little disappointed in that area. But honestly guys, it was also such a great movie!

It follows the animated Disney very closely but also it added other things in like Ella's mother (who was awesome!) and lots of Kit hem Prince Charming!

'Have courage and be kind' This was such a wonderful quote from Ella's mother and also something that can be used in the every day. And Ella truly does live it. She was a warm-hearted, loving character. Even though the mice in the movie didn't actually talk I loved it how she set them up a table for them to eat on. She was very courageous, always remembering what her Mother told her. I was actually a little surprised when her fairy Godmother showed up and she said that there was no such thing, or something along those lines! After all her mother talked to her about all of that before she died, and I thought that she believed that too. 
 She had some beautiful clothes. I mean I would honestly love to own all of her dresses. Even her every day one! Although I didn't her original dress for the ball. Her ball dress was fantastic!!! But I think that out of them all I loved her wedding dress the best. I know it sounds weird, right?  
I really liked it how she was miffed at Kit when she worked out that he was actually the Prince. Because he HAD told her the truth. :P The part where they went to the garden and there was the swing was lovely! And then when she is found at almost at the end, singing up in her attic, that was nice, too.

Kit was my favourite character. He was a strong character and it was really awesome how he actually respected his father. And he talked! Prince Charming talks? Never! I loved it how he used Ella's words when he is speaking to the Grand Duke. 'Just because it's done doesn't mean it's what should be done.' And then he does this little grin thing. :D I think that my favourite bit with Kit was when his father was dying, and you see that deep down inside he really is just a boy compared to his father, and he just lies down beside his father as he is dying. That honestly I have to say, was very emotional for me, :) It was my favourite bit out of the entire movie. :) I also enjoyed how he became the King because usually, in fairy tales, he's only a Prince. Being King seemed really something more mature and I liked that. Oh! And he totally liked Ella from the moment he met her. Just saying! 
I was really glad that he didn't actually stay behind at the castle when the Grand Duke went about on his quest with the glass slipper. I asked my six-year-old sister Arwen what her favourite bit was and she said. 'When he was disguised!' I liked that he went out and found Ella himself. Kit was awesome. I had expected more of him, but I must say that he did do a very good job anyway. :)

It doesn't exactly say carriage...

The Fairy Godmother was funny! The day after we went and saw it Rogan and Autumn were making me laugh saying. 'I'm your Hairy Dogfather.' Although to be truthful, Rogan was laughing about it first and he made me laugh, too. That line was pretty funny! If I had to use only a few words to describe the fairy Godmother I would use 'eccentric' and 'kind' because she was both in bucketfuls! She also was very amusing. It was nice how she still kept Ella's original dress, but put her own twist on it. And her dialogue when finding to find something that really said 'carriage' was also quite funny.

Madam will do! 
I suppose I should also mention the Stepmother. She was a good bad guy, but I do think that she could have been a little bit better. I think I was expecting a bit more of a back-story as to why she was like how she was. That probably would not have worked, however, because the focus would have been taken off Ella and her story. She was funny though, with how she basically forced two gentleman to dance with her daughters. And how she was mouthing at them from across the dance floor to 'project'. 

The stepsisters. I honestly didn't think that much more their performance. They were there because they were part of the story, but I didn't think they were fantastic.

Negativities: Okay so I'm just going to spell out a few things I would have liked better/wished they would have done. 
1. Had a bit more on Kit. I know the story is about Ella but anyway. :P
2. A litte more of a back story on the stepmother
3. Perhaps a little bit more different from the scource material.

I just don't want anyone to think that I thought this was the best movie ever, but neither do I want it to sound like I didn't like it at all. I want to be as honest as possible. :)

So to end this post: I really enjoyed Cinderella. It was a visually stunning movie, with great effects (like the lizards and goose) good characters and I'm sure I will like it even more when I watch it again. True, it did leave me wanting a little more in the story, just a bit, but it was really good! 
Well done Disney!!! 

God Bless


  1. Yes, yes, yes!! I'm not the only one going on and on about Cinderella to anyone who will here me! :P

    I went to see it twice in the cinema, once with a group of close friends (whom I classify as sisters since I have none myself) and then with my family! Even the most hardest of my brothers to please liked it although he only says 'It's alright' like he does to everything! :P

    Happy Easter, Vellvin! May God bless you and your beautiful family! :)


    1. :D Apparently not, Anonymous! :D
      Saxon my brother really quite liked it, and he's not exactly into fairy tales. :)
      Happy Easter to you too, Anonymous! Christ is Risen!

  2. I am glad you liked this movie. Perhaps I will have to consider seeing it. It is still not quite my genre of
    choice but I am very very glad that they gave the prince a NAME this time. I recently realized that three princes in animated disney movies had NO NAME. In Beauty and the Beast what is the princes name. . . Uh, Beast? And the original Snow White has no name and maybye three spoken lines. And the original Cinderella makes the same mistake. Great post. I like your blog setup, it is easy to read everything.

    1. Okay, you have to watch it! Then tell me via Eden if you liked it. It might just surprise you. :)
      Names are most important I agree. I once looked up the names for all the classic Disney princes. Apparently the Beast's name is actually Adam! And Snow White's prince is actually called Prince Charming as well as Cinderella's.
      Thanks, I have to agree, I'm very glad now that I changed it as I was finding it hard to read myself. :)


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