Tuesday, 14 July 2015

On Love...

...let the little children come unto Me.♥

Sometimes I find it depressing going out to town to shop and things. It might sound strange but I do.
Why do I though? Why would I? Because I look at people while I'm out.

 An old couple taking their grandchildren shopping because there parents are working or too busy to look after them. A person who looks like the world is going to end or like they don't have a purpose in life.
 Just the other day when I was out shopping a young family was shopping for clothes in K-Mart. They were a sad family. Not because they themselves seemed down in the dumps, exactly. But because they didn't seem to actually BE happy. The mother swore at one of her children and then said to that child they weren't having lunch and she then proceeded to tell her husband that she was done and she just wanted to go. The children were tired. The little boy was hungry. Sure sometimes kids are naughty in shops. But this is usually because they are hungry or tired or just plain bored.
I felt emotionally sorry for the children and for the parents.
A little while later we went to a different part of the shop and from there you are very near the check-out. This same family was at the check-out and the little boy was hanging off the side of it. I think he was still saying he was hungry. They paid for their things and left. A little while later a little boy in K-Mart was calling for his Dad who he had seemed to have lost in the shop. A K-Mart person was noted and I hope they found his father for him.

These two most encounters made me so sad. I forgot about it but then was reminded of them again, later when we were at Aldi's. There was a mother and her twelve or so year old boys. She was looking at something and one of the boys was trying to touch whatever she had. She told them in an irritated voice to stop that. However, when one of the boys said. "We're just trying to help." Her reply was "I know but you aren't really." It was the way she said it!!! She said it with gentleness and kindness. How a mother SHOULD talk to her children. I had been rather unhappy earlier hearing the other family in K-Mart but this exchange lifted my spirits a lot. Can you guess what the difference was?

It was love. Love is the most powerful and wonderful thing in the universe. Maybe that first mother hadn't been shown any love or proper substantial kindness in her life, maybe she was only doing as she had been taught growing up. If so it was a very poor upbringing.

Food for thought. 
In today's society we will find many people who are selfish or are very-short tempered. Even to their own children. This is NOT how children should be treated. I don't know about you, but I've always wanted to adopt all of the unloved children in the world. It might sound like a totally absurd and strange thing to think but the truth is that a lot of people aren't loved at all in their lives. And that is a tragedy. Children deserve love and kindness. If they don't have them growing up, they won't be able to show this as adults.

So to all those people who look after children, who talk to the children with love. I thank you. Love is a free gift yet for some, it's seem like the most expensive and hard to give gift in the world. NEVER FORGET TO LOVE!!!

God Bless


  1. What a beautiful post, Vellvin! I particularly loved the quote from St. John Bosco. Thank you for writing about such an important topic! Hope you're well :-)

    1. Thank you Mary-Faustina! I know it's so nice ins't it? I'm very well thank you. :) Blogging has just been a bit of a slow thing for me recently. :)

  2. What a beautiful read! May God bless you, Vellvin :)


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