Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Jack Jumpers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever got bitten by a jack jumper? I have twice!!!!!!!!! I'm obviously not allergic but let me tell you how it happened. Well yesterday I was sitting on the hill in front of the rabbit hutch holding Nutmeg (Rogan's bunny). And stroking her. Well anyway I felt this pinch and presto! A Jack Jumper was digging it's fangs into my leg. Anyway I flicked it of, put the bunny back in the hutch and went back to the house. Dad was walking down the stairs at that very moment and I said quiet calmly:"I've been bitten by a Jack Jumper." Then I went and told Mummy and after looking at my kneecap (Where I was bitten). Discovered that not one but 3 jack jumper bites were on my leg. But wait there's more. This morning seeing as Rogan was sick (and still is).I went up to feed the Bunny's with Arwen and pull the bunny hutch to a grassy place. So then I feel this prick and find YET! Another Jack jumper! Rogan's allergic to Jack jumpers and every day he walks up to the Bunny's and feeds them. So he would've died! We are going to move the bunny hutch now though seeing as that whole place is covered in Jack Jumpers. Thank you God for not making me allergic. Here's a picture for you.

 Oh also my brother Braedon is now in Victoria staying with friends. He went early this morning and is now almost at their place.

God Bless


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