Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dear Mr. Flanagan

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Dear Mr. Flanagan I can't believe that today the final book in your Ranger's Apprentice series is being released.
Dear Mr. Flanagan, have I told you how I hate book series ending?
Dear Mr. Flanagan, The Royal Ranger had better be good otherwise I shall be very disappointed
Dear Mr. Flanagan, Everyone knows RA is better than Brotherband,
Dear Mr. Flanagan, Did I mention I might eventually get my books signed by you? Because that would be awesome
Dear Mr. Flanagan, Do you know how many times I've laughed out loud when reading funny bits out of RA? Like this for instance:

Dear Mr. Flanagan, Did you know that I tried to read The Ruins of Gorlan two or three times before I could actually as I was just learning to read bigger books?
Dear Mr. Flanagan, bows are the best,
Dear Mr. Flanagan, that movie is sure taking a long time to be made,
Dear. Mr. Flanagan, where on earth can I get a grey and green mottled cloak?
Dear Mr. Flanagan, your books are one of the first I recommend for people to read
Dear Mr. Flanagan, the Ranger's Apprentice series is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
It will not end pleasantly for you. :)

Today is the day that the FINAL book in the Ranger's Apprentice series is being released. There are now twelve books in all. Twelve is a good solid number. It's good to have such a nice collection of stories about characters that you can relate to, feel for, and care for.
Dear Mr. Flanagan I just thought I'd let you know that after finishing the Royal Ranger I'll probably feel really, really unhappy. I lost my heart to Will Treaty at the age of nine.
“You've known him how long?" Malcolm asked.
"Since he was a small boy. I first noticed him when he slipped into Master Chubb's kitchen to steal some pies.
"So, what did you have to say to Will when you caught him stealing these pies?
"Oh, I didn't let on I was there. We rangers can be very unobtrusive when we choose. I remained out of sight and watched him. I thought he might have potential to be a ranger." Halt said.
Horace joined in "Why?"
Halt answered carefully. "Because he was excellent at moving from cover to cover. Chubb entered three times and never noticed him. So I thought that if he could achieve that with no training, he would make a good ranger."
"No" Horace spoke. "That's not what I meant. Why were you hiding in the kitchen in the first place?"
"I told you. I was watching Will to see if he had the potential to be a ranger."
"That's not what you said. You said that was the first time you noticed Will." "
"Does it matter?"
"Not really. Were you hiding from Chubb yourself and Will just turned up by coincidence?"
"And why would I be hiding from master Chubb in his own kitchen?"
"Well, there were freshly made pies on the windowsill, and you like pies, don't you?"
"Are you accusing me of trying to steal those pies?!?!"
"No, of course not. I just thought I'd give you the opportunity to confess."
After a pause, Halt continued. "You know, Horace, you used to be a most agreeable young man. Whatever happened to you?"
"I've spent to much time around you, I suppose."
-Macolm, Halt and Horace, Book Nine: Halt's Peril

The fact that you managed to blend humour, action, things like good always triumphing over evil. That's good. You are one of the best writers out there, and maybe just maybe, someday I'll get you to sign all of my Ranger's Apprentice books. I'll say how awesome they are. I'll tell you that your writing style is the one that I tried to emulate in my Robin Hood story. I'll tell you that your books were amazing, that they'll become classics. Then I'll ask if it was all really a story or if it had just one small grain of truth in it....And I'll wonder.
Close to. :)
Because if you've read Ranger's Apprentice you've tried to walk as quietly and silently as possible, you've tried to have the same quick sharp wit that the characters have, you've gone and watched while other people are beating carpets and you've shouted continually 'Put some energy into it, boy!' or 'You missed a bit on the left side'. You'll use the term 'form of highway robbery' whenever you get the chance. You'll laugh outloud and people will ask you what you are laughing about, and you'll just say something like. "Halt said something funny." Or "Will was being impulsive, as usual." Or "Halt was breaking rules, and doing as he pleases."
You'll want a mottled grey and green cloak, but most of all, you'll want a silver oakleaf to go around you neck, to prove that you are what you say you are: A Royal Ranger.
And Mr. Flanagan, please do not disappoint me. I've been a fan of your books for the past six years or so. I am expecting nothing but the best......and well, I'm not going to be happy how it ends, good or not. Because its the end of something that I've loved for more than half my life. It's part of me. It's a series to go back to time and time again and realise how much you love them every single time.

God Bless

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