Wednesday, 1 February 2012

If I had to choose

If I could go and see a movie at the cinemas this year it would be:
The Hobbit part one. and if I could see two movies it would be "The Avengers" second although there is no possible way I am NOT going to see The Hobbit.  Look on the bright side only....317 days to go!!!
If I could travel to any country in the world I'd go to: The British isles and Ireland closely followed by Italy and Spain.
If I could go to any planet I would go to: Jupiter
If I could get any book I wanted right now I'd get:
Dagon Spear by Jessica Day George
If I had to choose between my birthday and Christmas I'd choose Christmas.
If I had a choice of listening to audio books on my I-pod or music I'd choose audio books.
If I had a choice of pens or pencils I'd choose pens.
If  had a choice hobbies i.e. drawing vs. writing stories I'd choose writing stories.
If I had a choice of going back to some time in history I'd go to: Medieval times

If I had a choice of a lightsaber vs. a sword I'd choose um.......BOTH!!! (They are both awesome anyway. :P)
If I had a choice of going to one religious location besides the Vatican city,
I'd go to the Holy Land.
If I had a choice between Robin Hood and King Arthur ( as in legends and stories) I'd choose Robin Hood.
If I had a choice of inland or cooastal to live I'd choose coastal. (I'm a nut for the sea)
If I had to choose a favourite book in the Bible I'd choose: Mathew and in the old testament? Hmmmm, maybe Genisis or Esther
If I had a choice of hils and forests or plains and flat ground I'd choose hills and forests.
If I had a choice of Blogger or Facebook I'd go Blogger.
If I had a choice of riding scooters or riding bikes I'd choose scooters.
If I had a choice of a song artist to go see who's actually been to Australia I'd choose: Taylor Swift ( I mean seriously Taylor is AWESOME!!!) :D
If I had a choice of movies or books I'd choose books.
If I had a choice of Seasons I'd choose Winter and Spring

Hey Everyone here's a list of just If I'd's which I'd thought I'd post.
Oh, and totally off the subject but I twisted my ankle yesterday, and its rather painful.
And a Happy Feast of St. Brigid to you as well!!! :D 

God Bless


  1. If I had to choose two movies to see in the theaters it would be The Hobbit first and The Avengers second. And if I could go to one more it would be The Amazing Spider-Man. :)


  2. Dear Vellvin,
    Great list, but no surprises for me. I love your choices and may do this too
    Love you

  3. @James and Jacob yes those are my two tops as well.
    @Mummy its fun! Do it!
    @ Grace no its not.


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