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A new Author

So recently I found this new author over at Mirriam from Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden book reviewing blog called "The Book Fae"  which I go on quite frequently to find new books which are actually nice to read and I found this book:
Princess of the Midnight Ball. It sounded cool the cover looked cool, and, when I looked on the library site THEY HAD IT!!! I was super excited because it was a retelling of the "Twelve Dancing Princess's" I also ordered all of her other books which they had.
The author's name was Jessica Day George.
And she's now one of my all time favourite author's along with Christopher Paolini, John Flanagan, Shannon Hale, Gerald Morris, C. S. Lewis, Regina Doman, Cornelia Funke and all those other author's who's books I love. (You can probably tell I read a lot of fiction, don't worry, it's not all I read) ;)
I actually read the sequel to Princess of the Midnight Ball first which is called "Princess of Glass" A retelling of Cinderella. It came first from the library and Autumn my older sister was busy previewing another of J. D. George's books called Dragon Slippers.
Princess of Glass was rather good except I didn't like the hero very much. He was a bit um, shall we say blonde and dense? (Meaning no offence to anyone who is blonde). But I liked it well enough and it had good characters and the story line was very good too. It always kept you guessing as to what is going to happen. I think I've had that in pretty much every book I've read which she wrote besides Dragon Slippers and Dragon Flight.. The next one of her books I read was called "Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow" a retelling of the fairy-tale "East of the Sun, West of the Moon." It was totally awesome and interesting at the same time although the hero in it wasn't that main either except I liked him wayyyyyyyyyyy better than Christian from "Princess of Glass" like totally. It had that amount of creepiness in it and I loved it how Han's Peter knew something about the Isbojorn and I love Tova as well as the Lass.

The next of her books which I read was "Dragon Slipper's" and unlike the other two book's which I had read before it wasn't like the other two books where they were fairy tale retellings. And it's also told in first person instead of third.
Dragon Slippers was a little slow to get into but I quickly fell in love with the story and everything in it. Except Amelia.....I don't like one bit. :P  There was a lot of funny moments, a lot of ahhh! whats going to happen bits and Oh no you horrid person blah, blah. It was entertaining and had an extremely good plot-line and Luka......Luka and Creel were totally awesome. And the funny part where Feinul wants Shardas to tell of his biggest dog was (I thought) hysterical. Feinul is also one of my favourite characters and Shardas.:D Who wouldn't like them? Oh, yeah and Tobin and um, oh, I forgot her name but I like her lots too.

Dragon Flight wasn't as good as Dragon Slippers it is probably my least favourite of these books but I liked it anyway and it was good. Luka was back and so was Tobin. Creel was good and the baddie guy Grrr!!! I hate him. I'm glad Shardas didn't die and I was totally annoyed that the library didn't have the last book in the series.
Dragon Spear. Dragon Flight was sort of an AHHH!!! Ending and I seriously will have to wait until my birthday I think to ask for it and see if I get it.

 Princess of the Midnight Ball I finished only the other day and I totally loved it. I kind of knew what happened because I had read Princess of Glass before hand but that didn't stop me from reading it as fast as I could. Galen was really smart with trying to figure out their secret and I totally loved his um, well, I don't want to spoil it for you so I'll just say I loved his thing and his knitting was quite cool.
Pansy was absolutely cute and I hated Under Stone because he made them dance each night.
Walter was a nice character and King Gregor was from what I could say, was a caring Father. Mister Orm was like getting on my nerves alot but not Tante Liesel she was great.

Well, I am now waiting for J.D. Georges next books which I can't get right now, or haven't been published yet. i.e.
"Tuesdays at the Castle", "Princess of the Silver Wood", and Dragon Spear.
Oh, yeah and you really need to read these, like seriously.....they're awesome.

God Bless


  1. Vellvin
    Thank you for the reviews:) have just read through them all. Wow you write so well I really want to read these books, alas my library does not have all your recommended authors:( still have reserved a couple.
    a teensy request, when you write your next review would you mind adding a note whether you would recommend for a girl or boy or either. just I was looking for my boys and thinking some of them looked more girly but wasn't 100% sure.
    Mrs H.

  2. Hey, I didn't know you read my blog!! ^.^ I'm so glad you liked those books - Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow was AMAZING. One of the best fairy-tale rewrites EVER. You HAVE to read 'Entwined' by Heather Dixon - another take on the twelve dancing princesses, but it's the best one I've ever read. =)
    ~ Mirriam

  3. Hi! I tagged you at my blog. :)



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