Monday, 23 January 2012

This and that.

 Hey everyone,
I haven't been posting much as you can see because I have been enjoying holidays before we start our new year of school which starts next Monday.
I have been doing lots of different things such as: playing board games, watching movies, writing a new story idea of mine, bouncing on our trampoline we got for Christmas from our Grandparents (well they actually sent the money and we bought it) reading lots of new and different books and just having fun talking and not having to get up early.
We had a great Christmas and this year instead of leaving my homemade Christmas presents until about September I have already started. Yes, called me obsessed if you want but I don't want to be like I was a few days before Christmas where I was knitting and making stuff. One of my new year resolutions is to have all my Christmas presents made before my birthday which is 16th of November. I want to try and finish them before the start of November because I have been contemplating thoughts on doing NaNoWriMo this year although I don't want to do the set 50,000 words. I am not sure if I could manage that, but I like the idea of doing the young writers program and trying for 25,000 which is still a big lot for me.
 My two oldest brothers are leaving home on Friday night and we are all getting a little sad about it will be interesting to be one of the older kids I'll be the 4th biggest kid at home.
Today is Arwen's 3rd birthday ("HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARWEN!!) and Mum is getting a little sad that Arwen is getting so big and she is. Her words aren't so much like a little toddlers and she is being a responsible big sister to Trahaearn
It seems that Trahaearn is going to be a bottom scooter instead of a crawling baby. I was actually hoping he would crawl or commando crawl like I did. :D
So I think that's a pretty big update on things unless you want a list of all the books I've been reading and how super cool and awesome they are which I might do in another post.
And here's a funny video for you guys.
Have fun watching it.
So you think you know Homeschoolers? Think again. and I f you are a homeschooler this should be even funnier. :D :D

God Bless


  1. Yes, I am homeschooled. Yes, yes, yes, it was FUNNY! I could not see parts of it from having eyes closed and being doubled up with laughter. Isn't it true, though, "A world without Lady Gaga... that sounds like heaven."

  2. Yes, indeed MAS it sounds like a great world!!
    I know what you mean by laughing I found it histerical!!! :D


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