Monday, 26 December 2011

A lovely obssesion

First off I'd like to wish you all a very late

"Merry Christmas" and I hope that you have had just as awesome/great/magical/exciting/tiring ect....... day as I did, and secondly I'd like to introduce to you a new favourite band of mine:

One Direction: a band of  five Irish-British boys who released their first album on the 25 of November this year.
My obsession (if you'd like to call it that) started on the Saturday of last week when playing with Anna-Lisa's phone after being to confession and going to get ingredients for Christmas cookies and our Christmas pork and chicken and all of that sort of stuff and I was looking at all her apps she had on her phone and one of them was music anyway she said "Here have a look at this and tapped the music app and then gave the phone back to me.

I started scrolling through her phone I turned on the Good Charlotte song "1979" because I really like it, and than a couple of minutes later, Anna-Lisa got a song for me called "You don't know you're beautiful" I liked it, and than today guess what we got under the tree, from Braedon and Anna-Lisa? One Direction's first album "Up All night" and I was so totally excited because we had got it and I asked Saxon to put it on Mum's I-pod as soon as possible except, one problem, we didn't know where Mum's I-pod was and (thankfully)  than we found it and put it on and started to listen to it, and than it was lunch time and we didn't listen to it any more until at dinner time when Me, Rogan and Moran were attempting as in dancing and trying to pack up the dinner stuff at the same time. :D Me and Moran actually kept getting the same song over and over again and Rogan got really grumpy about it but than he had his own choice so he coped.
Out of the band members Eden really likes Liam
 And Autumn really likes Zayn

And me? Well, I like this guy

Harry :)

Plus, he has a great singing voice. :D
Anyway I really like this band: One Direction.
Oh, and here's the music video for "You don't know you're beautiful"

God Bless

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