Sunday, 4 January 2015

Person of Interest....Our current obsession.

Hello guys how have you all been? I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and new year. :) I did.
Anyway, I don't know how many of you remember but a while back I did a blog post on the Disney themed birthday party I went to, it was my friend Mabel's actually. And I've been at her house the past few days doing stuff together because it's holiday. :) And that has included watching 'Person of Interest' which we have both decided is awesome. I introduced it to Mabel and she likes a lot.
Mabel is blue I'm red.

Say hi Mabel! :) 

Hi everyone :)

So today we're talking about Person of interest which I think is probably my favourite tv show after Sherlock. And yeah, that's what we're doing. 
And yeah lots of spoilers btw. 

So far we've only watched 8 episodes, but they've been amazing!!! 

Two words. Jonathan. Nolan. Basically the guy who absolutely adores putting twists in everything. True story. :)

It's basically about a ex army/special forces guy, named John Reese (and he's supposed to be dead).

And his association with a guy by the name of Harold Finch. (Don't tell him I told you that he's a very private person. :P ) (And he's supposed to be dead too. 

So, Mr. Finch built a machine that would find potential terrorist attacks so that they could stop them before they happened. But it started picking up not only on terrorist attacks that would happen but also anyone involved or about to be involved in situations that would threaten someones life. Finch separated the names into two different lists. Relevant and irrelevant.

So the relevant list was only for potential terrorist attacks but the irrelevant list was for anyone involved in criminal intent, perpetrator or victim.

And the authorities don't do anything about the irrelevant list, in fact they don't even know that Finch still has access to it, but seeing as he built it he made himself a back door. And the irrelevant list haunts him, because he can't do anything about it by himself.

So Finch finds Reese and hires him (after freaking him out a bit). to save the people on the irrelevant list. Finch also helps Reese with info on people and hacks places for the information they need at the time

Anway, in the first episode just before Reese meets Finch he ends up at the police station in trouble for bashing up some guys who were being really rude and irritating :) And he's marked a duhduhlah! Person of Interest. :) 

Which sets Detective Carter on his trail. Now, Carter becomes totally obsessed with finding this vigilante (in a suit) who tends to interfere (help) with some of her cases. She's a by the books person too, but still a good character. 

Meanwhile Reese gets an inside man, Detective Lionel Fusco. Who Reese blackmailed into giving him info on police reports and anything else he can think of, and keeping an eye on Carter for him.
Lionel Fusco was a crooked cop, he worked for and with fellow crooked cops in drug dealing, lying in court, ect. he's weak and easily manipulated, although we believe that under it all he has a good heart (as he shows in episode 5) 

A new gang comes to town and nobody knows what the leader looks like, all they know is that his name is Elias. We do now! Mindblown! :D

Each episode there's new characters, which keeps it fresh, and interesting. :) 

Basically if you haven't watched this T.V. show your missing out on soooooooo much! I'm already starting to obsess over it and I've only watched eight episodes so far. 
What do you think, Mabel?

Well you know how quickly I start to obsess, but this is quick, even for me!! 

And there is four seasons 'hint hint nudge nudge kick kick shove shove' 

Yay, something for me to watch while I wait for Sherlock season 4! 

Totally agree. :) Okay, bye guys! and remeber what we said, watch it. ITSSSSSSS GOOD!! :)


God Bless,
Vellvin and Mabel


  1. O.K. O.K. I'LL check it out. It looks interesting and original. Have a good holiday.

    1. :D I think we've convinced you. :P It is, and as you can tell we love it lots. :) Thanks!

      God Bless,

  2. Hhhm, I may have to watch it now, you girls have convinced me :-P

    1. Yes!!! You must! I insist! Hehe, we are good at convincing. :)

  3. Dear Vellvin and Mabel,
    Great post together and if I wasn't already hooked along with you guys I would definitely have to watch it
    Love Mummy (Aunty Gae)

    1. Thanks Mummy! :) It was fun doing it together! Hopefully we can do another one on something else. :)
      Love you! <3


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