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Guest Post! Kat on How to get your blog out there!


Hi everyone how have you been? So yeah I've been AWHOL a bit but I'm here today to share a guest post that the lovely Kat over at Almost Completely Mad wrote for me. Thank you Kat! :)This is my first ever guest-poster and I'm very excited! 
Hi readers of Vellvin’s blog! I’d firstly like to thank Vellvin for letting me guest post here on her awesome blog.
Now, onto what I have to say! I thought that I might write about some of the best things you can do to get your blog OUT THERE!
One. My biggest tip is to visit other people’s blogs! I know this seems like a no brainer, but really it helps a lot. If people see your nice comment on someone’s blogs, they’re likely to go and click onto your blog and visit. Remember to leave a comment though, just following doesn’t do much help unless the author of the blog is always looking at they’re follower’s bar!
Two. Leave a link to your blog in your comments. It doesn't matter if you’ve visited that blog before or if you don’t want to push your blog in people’s faces, leaving a link in a comment is a great way to get people to pop over to your blog. Just seeing your name might not be enough! If you want to learn how to leave a link in a comment, feel free to pop on over to my post over at my own blog, (Almost) Completely Mad.
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Three. Write often and with good content. Let’s just say that people don’t want to read a blog if they’re nothing to read. But that doesn’t mean you should write three times and days and extremely long posts! It just means make sure you write regularly, at least three times a week, and that you take some thought over what you write. Ask yourself if you’d read it or if this is the best way to write your post. It’s all about how it’s written.
Four. Have good post titles. A post title is the first thing a person sees of your post, make sure it’s good. I’ve clicked on posts simply for the title before! But if someone just writes ‘untitled’ or leaves the space clear, then I don’t feel like reading so much!
If you’re writing say a fashion post or a lifestyle, something catchy like, ‘Where I Blow Up My Mum’s Hairdryer’ is intriguing, but if you’re writing a tutorial post or a list like this, just write what it is, like, ‘Five Ways to Make Time to Reply to Comments’. That way people know what the post is and they’re sure you are actually talking about that!
Five. Reply to your comments. People are less likely to stop by on a blog whose blogger doesn’t reply to comments. They feel you don’t care if they read or not. By replying to those comments you sound friendly and they want to know you better.
Six. Don’t go overboard on social media. I know everyone says social media is important to blogging, and it is to some extent, but don’t do what I did. I joined everything and couldn’t keep up with it all. Instead, just join a few things and be active on them.
Seven. Show good spirit. Sounding friendly and interested is the best way to get people to like you! Trust me. Everyone wants to know the person who leaves jokes and comments on your blog sounding like they care about what you’ve written, but no one wants to know the person who moans and laughs at what you say. Remember that!
Eight. Be yourself. Enjoy blogging and what you write. Don’t copy, write your own things. You’re unique and so act it!
I hope this helps you get your blog out there!
If you’re interested, you can find me over at my blog, (Almost) Completely Mad, or twitter where I’m normally writing really random things that have nothing to do with anything!

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Thanks so much for guest-posting Kat! I really need to work on five. I'm pretty bad when it comes to that. :) Oh and I love eight! :D
Kat is the lovely writer of 'Almost Completely Mad'. Where she blogs about anything under the sun. She loves Dr. Who, (Why when Sherlock is better. :P ) is a bit of a geek and a voracious readed. She is a catholic convert just like me! She also lives in Australia which is a big plus. :) 

God Bless


  1. Lovely guest post! I agree with almost all of them, especially "be yourself" "reply to comments" and "write often", which I've slacked on, lol. The only thing I would not recommend is leaving your blog link at the bottom of your comments. Honestly, no matter how genuine-sounding the rest of the comment might be, a link below it always makes it look spam-y and off putting. :)


    1. :D 'reply to comments and 'write often' are ones I have difficulty with, too, :)
      I never considered it that way. Food for thought. :)


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