Friday, 12 April 2013

My life thus far...

So I've been off blogger for a while and I know maybe its just that I don't feel the motivation to just 'go and do a blog post' as easily as I used to. Because I should've said this last Friday but I got my ears pierced!

Yep, I did. We went to the nicest Beauty Salon (yes, I know the name sounds funny but what can I say?) and it was just so nice! The lady who pierced my ears was very friendly and conversational. Not that I did much talking because I was so nervous but she did talk to Mum and Autumn and Eden.
Mum and I could have gone to get my ears pierced by myself but I wanted Autumn and Eden to be there as well. It felt nicer that way. :)
And now I've got to twist my earrings around three times a day and wash them twice with salt water. It's strange having these things in my ears but I'm sure I'll get used to them. :)
So what else has been happening?

Uh, that's right.
We went to Deacon I mean Father Brad's ordination Mass that was on the same day as when we got my ears pierced and it was just so good!
I've never been to an ordination was and though it was longer than normal masses because of the extra stuff which needs to be in there it was great. We had tons of priests and all the seminarians from Vianney College including the choir (the seminaran choir I mean) who were singing and one of them was playing the organ which was nice and loud!
And seriously they do a better job than the normal choir here. :P Just sayin'

Um, what else. We went to the special mass at Marian Hills, Tarcutta and the special procession up to the hill where the Divine Mercy picture is with a cross and an outdoor altar I think it was though I'm not sure because there was a lot of people there. Do not ask me to tell you how we FINALLY got there because you know what? Google Maps doesn't know anything! We asked for directions after Mum pestered Dad and we got good directions. Apparently it shouldn't be called the Divine Mercy Shrine Tarcutta because it ACTUALLY isn't in Tarcutta but about half way between Holbrook and Tarcutta. And if you have seen the Scarlet Pimpernel or read the book you will understand this little poem I composed

'We seek it here,
We seek it there,
Those Catholics seek it, everywhere
Is it in Holbrook or is it in Tarcutta?
That rather annoying Divine Mercy Chapel'

Not the Chapel itself or anything just the getting to where it was. The Mass was suppose to start at 12 but because there was so many people who wanted to go to confession we got there at the start of the readings!
We prayed that there would be lots of people going to confession after Anna-Lisa's (Yes, she came up for Fr. Brad's ordination) sister Chrissy sent a text or something like that saying that they might not start mass until 12:30 pm because of how many people were going to confession. Thank Goodness there were so many people!! It was an outdoor mass (well sort of) the chapel was inside and most peopel were in a covered car port but that's not important guess what else I got to do that day? I got to kiss a relic! I was so excited that I did! :D :D :D
This is his cake. Those are little easter eggs halved on the top and sprinkles
And I gave Fr. Brad the cake I made for him and Autumn helped me decorate. We were going to make him cookies but instead made him a cake. He thought it was great! :D
And happy Birthday to my littler brother Corbyn who is turning 7 today! Love you little man!
God Bless

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