Thursday, 18 April 2013

Different words for different things

Listening to Rangers Apprentice: Halt's Peril and loving how cool and calm Will can be and how Halt say he's a 'wonderful conversationalist.' :D
Wanting to watch Batman Begins after Saxon told me the ENTIRE story-line. And I don't mind that he did and he loved telling it too!
Reading The Shining Company by Rosemary Sutcliff and really liking it.
Walking outside in the morning on an exercise walk
Plotting out more of my Robin Hood story titled 'Outlaw'

Being reminded of Samwise the Brave's words to Frodo Baggins: "That there's some good in this world; and its worth fighting for.
Enjoying doing some embroidery which I haven't done for a while
Missing my biggest sister at College and seeing that I need to also deepen the relationships with my Dad and Mum and siblings at home as well.

Regretting the fact that I missed wishing Pope Benedict Emeritus a happy birthday on his birthday. Happy late Birthday Emeritus, we love you!!! :)
Enjoying looking up the Battle of Trafalgar for school because I am doing a study on the British Navy for History. And just seeing how awesome the Royal British Navy was. Oh, yeah, and I want to see the Victory at Portsmouth one day. :)
Being sad because I realised that there is only going to be one more Rangers Apprentice book and thinking of a tribute post which I would like to do on October 1st when it comes out.
And the humour in them is awesome :)
 Also my day dream to have John Flanagan sign my books of his which would be just awesome. Yes, and I did mention Rangers Apprentice twice in this post but hey, who's counting?
Waiting, for the Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey to be released on DVD only about two more weeks! :D
Also I love this quote. :)
Planning blog posts like the best musuicals and stuff like but also because though I mean not to be offensive,
I am so sick of people misunderstanding the Catholic Faith and what it stands for that I am going to do a blog post (or a series of blog posts) on the Catholic Faith titled "An Introduction to Catholicism'

Finding things funny. Here is a funny story about Pope Francis and the Swiss Guard that was guarding his door:

The surprising greatness of this new Pope Francis is in the small things. For example, the ability to say, “Brothers and sisters, good evening,” instead of appealing to the centuries, the Scriptures or the universe to present himself to the world. To wear an iron cross of instead of a golden one. To wash the feet of the prisoners.

Or yet, to care for the Swiss Guard who guards the door of his apartment in Casa Santa Marta every night until dawn.

A few days ago, at dawn, the time the Pope wakes up, he came out to the corridor, and he found in front of his door the sentry, a Swiss Guard standing with his halberd at attention.

He asked him: “And what are you doing here? Have you been up all night?”
"Yes," replied the guard with deference and a bit surprised.
"On your feet?"
"Your Holiness, my duty since I took over from my companion."
 "And aren’t you tired?"
"It’s my duty Your Holiness; I should watch for your safety."
Pope Francis looked at him again with kindness, went back to his suite and after a minute he came out carrying a chair:
"At least sit down and rest." The guard rolled his eyes and answered: “Santo Padre, forgive me, but I cannot! The regulations do not allow that."
"The regulations?"
"Orders from my captain, Your Holiness."
The Pope smiled, "Oh, really? Well, I'm the Pope and I order you to sit down."
So, caught between the regulations and the Pope, the Swiss Guard (so much for the halberd) chose the chair.
The Pope returned to his apartment.
After a couple of minutes, the Pope came back to the Swiss Guard, still obediently seated on the chair, carrying “panino con marmellata” (Italian bread with jam) which he had prepared.
Before the soldier could say anything, the Holy Father, exhibiting his Argentinean smile, told the Swiss Guard, “With all the hours spent standing on guard you must be a bit hungry.”
The Swiss Guard had no time to object because the Pope right away wished him a good bite: "Bon appetit, brother."

 He is just such a nice Holy Father! :D

God Bless


  1. This was great. Just random rambling of great things. How a post should be! Where did you find that story about the Pope?

  2. Thanks JT! :D It was really fun to write as well as it was not a certain topic. :)
    I found the story about the Pope on Facebook (as I am on it) and someone had shared it. I think it is a great story too! Talk about kindness and humility!

    God Bless,

  3. Dear Vellvin,
    Yep I love this style of yours, very conversational.
    Love you
    Mummy xx

  4. As you already know, Batman Begins and the other Dark Knight movies in the Dark Knight trilogy are very good movies, just not as awesome as The Avengers obviously.

    I just realized that Australians (and everyone but Americans) spell realised different. I guess us Americans are odd sometimes compared to the rest of the world in spelling. :)

    Can't wait for the Hobbit extended edition to be released! But I still cannot believe that there is more than Peter Jackson left out of the film since he split it into three movies.


  5. @Mummy, I loved doing it too! i think I may do it again sometime! :D Love you. <3
    @James, hmmmm maybe, I only really want to watch Batman Begins but after that I'm sure I'll want to watch the other movies too. Yep, that is how we spell realised. It is really annoying though when the spell-check says that it is not spelled correctly but it spelt with a 'z'!
    It will be very cool to see what added scenes there will be in the extended edition I agree.

    God Bless,


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