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We saw it!

This post was published on Monday but somehow or other it got mucked up and stopped being published thanks to my awesome Mum who fixed it it is fine now. :)

WARNING: This post will contain spoilers

We saw the Avengers yesterday at 4:00 pm in the afternoon. Eden, Rogan, Saxon, Mum and I went to see it. And to anyone wondering why  didn't post yesterday after we got back it is simple enough to explain: Other people had the computers also the fact that I have a bed-time. Anyway back to the story:
We arrived there at about 3:00 pm and walked very fast or more like we ran to the front doors of the cinema and walked inside and...there was a line up. Yes, that's right a line up I was starting to get a little 'ah they might be here for the Avengers too!' kind of thing and because the best seats are at the back of the cinema and we always tried to get them we tried to hurry as much as we could. we got two jumbo popcorn's and we had brought our own fizzy drink (or soda whichever you like) and some chips in bags.

We got a tickets and rushed up the stairs (yes, it was a day for rushing) and found that the cinema room for the Avengers wasn't even opened and that we were the first in line to it. ;)
We waited there until about fifteen minutes before the movie was about to start and then we were allowed in. We ran to out back seats (yes, ran AGAIN) because there was the biggest line-up of people there we had ever seen. And more people came later the cinema was packed! 
And than the movie started.
Loki, see what I mean? Just look at his eyes. 

Loki was a little creepy (okay more than a little) but he was good as a bad guy he's not one of those bad guys who I'd say have really style like Barbossa from POTC or maybe it just was the fact that he didn't have very many cool/funny lines. His little 'magic wand' thingie was sort of like when he is controlling Hawkeye and the other guys it is sort of 'okay creepy and strange' sort of thing.


Hawkeye. I'm pretty sure that this was the first movie from Marvel which had him in it, but hey, I might be wrong. I thought he was cool when he was fighting and I liked it how he told Thor to 'get in line' fro revenge on Loki but he didn't (I think) have real depth to him, conviction like Captain America has for an example or maybe it was just because he was under Loki's control until Black Widow hit him hard on the head literally. :)

Iron Man was better than I expected he had some really funny lines and yes, he was fine. He was the same kind of 'hero' I would call some of the other guys in the film, he just seems alright. After the movie Mum said he was much better in the avengers than in Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Did anyone else like he he flies in to help Captain America and he has his own music? I did.
The Hulk. He was fine as a human he seemed interesting and nice, but his transformation into the Hulk was a little strange and after that he wasn't as interesting.
Black Widow

Black Widow. She was pretty cool her fighting style was awesome and at the start where she says she's 'working' and than how Coulson is just waiting on the phone while she dispatches these guys was funny and cool all at the same time.


Although Coulson isn't a super hero or anything I think he should go on this list anyway. It was so sad when he died in the Avengers *sniff* you really get to like him more in the Avengers and him being a big Captain America fan was nice as well.
And of course we should mention Nick Fury what'd I think of him? Well, he wasn't very main and well, frankly I didn't think he was awesome AT ALL. Nuff said.

Thor wasn't very main at all which I was very disappointed about he had an cool line but you know he takes a while to come in and than he runs away with Loki. It was nice to see that he still cared about Loki yes, that was nice and he was still as cool as ever with his hammer. I just wish he'd of had a little more screen time was all. :(

Captain America

Captain America. He was my favourite character from the Avengers by far. I think in his own movie you don't get much of a depth of him but in the Avengers you understand him and probably get to know him better. The only problem with him is his dorky helmet and that's it. I liked it how at the action near the end he was the one who was in charge he sent the other Avengers to do stuff and he tries to break conflict wherever including with Iron man and Thor fighting each other. I think my favourite quote was the one he said "There's only one God; and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that.

It went for over two and a half hours but it was worth it and I really wasn't paying much attention to  the time The Avengers was one of those movies that took your breath away made you feel like you were in the movie and kept you spell bound there were hardly any boring scenes and for a action movie it had a nice lot of good lines including the one above said by Captain America and....:

Thor: He's my brother
Natasha Romanoff: He killed 80 people in 2 days
Thor: ...He's adopted

Thor: Listen well, brother -
[Iron Man flies pass them both and snatches Thor]
Loki: [Leans close to where Thor was] I'm listening.

Steve Rogers: What's the matter, scared of a little lightning?
Loki: I'm not overly fond of what follows.

Thor: We on Asgard pretend that we are more advanced, but we, we come here battling like Bilchsteim.
Agent Phil Coulson: Like what?
Thor: The Bilchsteim, you know; huge, scaly, big antlers. You don't have those?
Agent Phil Coulson: Don't think so.

And now I must be off and by the way if your wondering what my absolute opinion of the Avengers is it takes one word to say it: AWESOME!!

God Bless


  1. I am in perfect agreement. Avengers is awesome. One of my brothers and I went to see it today and honestly there was only about ten people all up in the cinema.

    As to Hawkeye, he appears in Thor as the guy who's going to shoot Thor when Thor's trying to get to his hammer as a human. It's the only place outside of Avengers that I've seen him

  2. I saw the movie at ten o'clock at night. And my friends and I were at the BACK of the very long line.
    I thought the balancing of the screen time between the heroes was done very well.
    I won't elaborate here, but I'm afraid my opinions of most the heroes conflict with yours.( mine are more positive)
    Some lines I remember best are:
    Thor: I have no quarrel with you, metal man! (;D)
    Tony Stark: That guy's playing Galaga! and "Finally, someone who speaks English!
    Nick Fury: Until such time as the world ends, we shall act as if it intends to continue turning. (I just like that line)
    And the way Hulk dealt with Loki in the end was totally unexpected and downright hilarious...

  3. @Imogen, yes Avengers is awesome! Yeah, I knew about Hawkeye in Thor but besides that I don't think he's in any other movie.
    @JT Yes, the screen time with the heroes WAS balanced very well. Sadly there wasn't more Thor :(
    How Hulk dealed with Loki was hysterical

  4. I just watched Avengers yesterday, and I agree, it was awesome.
    My favorite character was Tony Stark, and here are a few of my favorite lines.
    Stark: (flying toward huge flying whale-serpent thingy) Jarvis, have you ever heard the story of Jonah?
    Jarvis: I wouldn't call him a role model.
    and another
    Stark: Loki won't just kill us. He wants everyone to know about it. He wants it to be all over the news; he wants everyone to see it. He wants a huge sign in the sky with his name lit up in huge letters-
    (camera zooms in on Stark Towers)

  5. absulutly the best action moive of the year i loved it

  6. @Hey MAS, yeah, that quote about the towers is really funny.
    @Daniel I don't know...the Hobbit will probably be better. :P

  7. probably. but peter jackson is shooting it in 48 frames per second witch will do away with the cinamatic look i hope he knows what he is thee way about the avengers there is talk of a seqel and somthing about agent coulson not dying at all


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