Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sixteen minutes ago one year ago this day...

In exactly sixteen minutes one year ago my little baby brother Trahaearn was born.
He was an over due baby and I remember that day well. It was a bleak day (much the same as today) we had watched Tangled like we are doing so again and were in an agony of waiting. I had flicked through the RA series had been increasingly annyoed at the phone calls that kept coming which weren't from Dad and had just gotten permission to play a computer game on Braedon's computer when the phone rang.
That was also when I rushed down stairs It was Dad it had to be Dad. And it was Dad on the phone.
We tried to get so Kynan who was away at college could also hear Dad's announcement but he wasn't able to but we still waited until everyone was quiet and than Dad he started talking he said  we had a new baby brother. His name was Trahaearn Archer Wulfran (insert last name) that he had been born precisely at 3:00pm a Divine Mercy Baby, Mum was fine and we could go and see them at six o'clock.
Trahaearn a little while after being born 23rd of may 2011
Now, we place bets whenever Mum is expecting a baby wether it is a boy or a girl and most of us had thought that this new baby would be a girl on our official piece of paper. But I was pretty sure in the last few days before he was born he was a boy. Also none of us kids ever know what the baby is going to be called and Mum and Dad never tell us and always keep it a secret until Dad rings on the phone.
I didn't want to wait that long to see my baby brother but we did.
We got ready and than we all got into the cars and drove to the hospital.

Unlike last time Mum wasn't in her own room but in a large room which was curtained off into people's area's Mum was near the windows of the hospital and I remember seeing
Trahaearn asleep and Mum looked happy but tired. I asked Braedon the baby's name because I couldn't remember it and Braedon told me I always have trouble remembering the little baby's name in the first few days.
Trahaearn in April 2012. Isn't he cute?
We all got a turn to hold you Trahaearn and I remember holding you, seeing you asleep and you were so cute how I wasn't even looking at the camera but looking at you for the first camera. You were just so cute. Of course the inevitable leaving Mummy adn Trahaearn came round and out in the parking lot we said goodbye to Bernadette a dear friend of ours who had stayed the whole day with us.
And I feel asleep that night knowing that I had a new sibling to cherish and that we were no longer the 11 O kids but the 12 O kids.

Happy Birthday Trahaearn you are a special little man even though we aren't celebrating your birthday I am saying it "Happy Birthday"
Love your big, sister and on of your Godmothers,
God Bless


  1. Happy birthday Baby Bro! You chubby , sweet thing you. :]


  2. Happy Birthday Trahaearn! I remember the day you posted that he was born. Geesh that sounds like a long time ago.

    The Pimpernel

  3. @Autumn he is so chubby isn't he? And adorable :)
    @Thanks Daniel. Yeah, it does seem like a long time ago in some ways and in others it doesn't seem as if any time at all has passed.

  4. Dear Vellvin,
    What a lovely reminder for your sweet brother.
    How blessed we are to have such a happy and lovable little guy.
    Thank you for being there for him
    Love Mummy


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