Thursday, 14 June 2012

I have succeeded!

Yes, I did it! I finally did it! Veni,Vidi, Vici in the words of Julius Caesar.
I finished reading Pride and Prejudice on Tuesday night and I was very pleased with myself. :) It was a good book.
I had had it in my book basket where I keep all my books I am reading at the time for a while and had been reading it and than hadn't and than finally had and finished it.
A little of the time I couldn't work out what they were saying don't get me wrong Jane Austen was a great author but at one point where I thought Bingley had left the room and he was still there I was surprised.
At other intervals I just continued down the page and worked out what was going on.
It was a great book although if you go reading it all in one hit you'll get pretty bored of it and have the reaction of 'read it, it was boring, don't remember anything about it really.' I understand how it got to be a classic and though there are other Austen novels out there I think that P&P will always remain my favorite if ever I read any of her other novels.

It was fun to say 'I'm going to go and read this book from my dear cousin' just before I was about to sit down and read P&P because actually I am distantly related on my paternal side to Jane Austen. ;) Really.
Yeah, so that was fun to say. Would you believe I really didn't mind Lady Catherine De Bourgh the first time Lizzy meets her? No, I didn't mind her at all but when she came and told Lizzy off at almost the end of the book I was thinking 'mind your own business.' kind of thing. You get the idea.

The first proposal was so nice and yet so heartbreaking and when Lizzy was reading the letter from Mr. Darcy  and than it was lights out for me and I was really annoyed because it was one of the best parts.
Mrs. Bennet was just as she was in the BBC version, several of her lines and things she said made me laugh out loud. Lydia was just as stupid and loud-mouthed as she was in BBC and I think that she was as usual the Lydia I have always known. She deserved Wickham. I liked it how it says at the end of the book that Kitty, who was no longer under Lydia's influence became a very nice person.

Jane is just the same as in BBC sweet, gentle, always thinking the best of everyone and most of all loving Bingley.
Mr. Bingley has always been a favourite of mine in BBC and I wasn't disappointed in the book either he was still the same lovable character I had always know him to be.
I don't know if it was that Lizzy and Mr. Darcy were different in the books or what, but they WERE great and it was so awesome with how Darcy came to hold his pride in check and Lizzy her prejudice.
I was disappointed that Georgiana was only mentioned or actually in the book a few times because I really like her in BBC 'cause she's so nice!

And of course because I just finished reading P&P guess what we are watching us three eldest girls and Saxon when he wants to pop in? You guessed it P&P '95 the 'good version' as we call it. What can I say that has been the P&P which has always been around for all of us in my family and frankly in my opinion even if I watch all the other P&P adaptation's I think it will still be my favourite because honestly can any other P&P compete with it?
No, honestly none can. Me and Autumn were even blowing kisses at Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy, doing double thumbs up when we saw Lizzy and/or Jane we also gave Mrs. Bennet one thumb up 'cause she is rather amusing and Mrs. Hurst got a wave which means she's alright. WE clapped for Miss Bingley once when she warns Lizzy about Wickham and his so called story and gave Wickham double thumbs down and Lydia one thumbs down. So that is what I have been doing. We plan to get the 2005 P&P out from the library and than just be able to say how

terrible it is though we have seen it once a few years back. All I can remember is that Mr. Bennet was described by all of us as a guy who looked like a drunk. :P

God Bless


  1. Our dear cousin was most clever. Mr. Darcy forever!!!!


  2. Yes, she was indeed! Mr. Darcy forever and ever. :D


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