Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Video Game that is fun.

So, I wanted something to post about and I asked my brother Saxon for suggestions and he said "Do a blog post on Assassins Creed." So here I am writing this post.
You might wonder what Assassins Creed is well first of its a video game. Yes, that's right a video game....but a fun video game.

We first started to play this one day during holidays in January on our big brother Braedon's computer.
Saxon had been playing it for a little while and the day that the older kids convienitly went down to Hobart to visit some friends was the opitune moment to start playing this game. It is addictive. That much is certain the the first day we played it we stayed most of the time where we were playing it.
After that, we didn't play it as much and than Braedon left and took his computer and Assassins Creed with him.
There are four of them so far and we own the first two which we got about two weeks ago in a double pack. We have a computer which can run them now which is really awesome though we sent the second one to Braedon to check out as you never know if computer games are dodgy or not.
It's rated MA for violence you are in fact, an assassin and kill some people and yeah some of the graphics like shoving your into some guys ribs is a little graphic but yeah. You better check it out yourself, though we don't let the little kids watch it Rogan and up are fine to watch it.:)  Yes, that does sound rather extreme and not to nice but the story is that you and two other of the young assassins were reckless resulting in one of the two being killed and the other injured you are depremoted and have to do a series of quest you might call it to get back to the rank of Assasin that you were before. You also have to work out who let the templars in and yeah, this is all suppose to be memorys by the way, just thought I'd let you know. :) You can read more about it here
There are several cut scenes which are just full of talking which you CAN'T skip which is irritating but you can do some things.
Like save citizens.
Saving Citizens is one of my favourtie things to do when palying this; except in Acre of course, where it is pretty much you get killed trying to save citizens. Saxon always tells me how I'm not very reckless when it comes to playing this game like, for instance I won't usally walk up ton a guard amnd simp[ly slash him. Saving Citizens is very fun and you actually get to fight the guards because I usually like to be the person who is very inconspicuous. ;)

Another cool thing is to go and ride horses and yes, go to eagle points to unlock other palces in the city  which is really cool 'cause you an dive back down into a haystack which looks REALLY cool, trust me. :)

Templar's are the most nasty thing to fight absolutely because /I don't play it as much I don't kill them as much but one of the easiest ways to get rid of them is knock them off the rooftops or throw your throwing knives at them. 

The weapons you get in Assassin's Creed are a sword, your fists, throwing knives and two small knives which when you walk up to someone you can stab with, yeah,

bloodthirsty, I know.

And so that pretty much wraps up this post. 
God Bless


  1. Cool, I really need to buy this game sometime soon. :) The new Assassin's Creed game is coming out later this year and it is set during the Revolutionary War.


  2. We have this game on our iPod Touch's and we love it. It's a lot of fun.

  3. I LOVE that Game.I like saving Citizens and than killing them ☺

  4. Saxon has convinced me that the game is great, so i am now going to buy 1 and 2 :D

    You didn't mention the little part about you killing the people you save!! :P


  5. @James yeah, Saxon told me about the new one being in the Revolutionary War. Apparently the have to hunt to stay alive as well and have a lot of different weapons.
    @Grace, totally agree!! It's so fun to play! :)
    @Rogan yes, I know you love palying it. Possibly why you are on it a lot? :P
    @Legolas, Yes, it it awesome. Killing people we save? What's this?
    Oh, you mean the poor unworthy slobs we kill well, I don't kill them all the time and besides you lose some of your life each time you do. It's actually fun to do sometimes though.

    Thanks for the comments guys! Really made my day. :D


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